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How does the IPISC's Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) policy add value to a company's intellectual property rights?

The IPISC's Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) policy adds significant value to a company's intellectual property rights by ensuring their value for a specific period, typically up to three years. This policy, along with the original intellectual property, are both considered financial assets that can aid in securing a loan by serving as collateral. This unique feature of the CPI policy allows companies to obtain funding without having to give up equity. Instead, they can leverage the extra interest on the loan through the CPI premiums and fees. Intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, and patents, are not just policies that a company holds and may never need. They hold potential for future monetization, which can significantly contribute to a company's growth. The CPI policy of IPISC ensures this value, providing a financial safety net for the company. Moreover, the CPI policy offers both offensive and defensive protection, covering costs if a company has to pursue another entity for infringing on a patent, and providing protection when the company has to defend itself against a claim. This dual protection offers companies the best possible safeguard for their intellectual property rights.
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