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How does employee engagement impact the productivity and profits of an organization?

Employee engagement is a critical factor that directly impacts the productivity and profits of an organization. The concept of measuring employee engagement through surveys was pioneered by Gallup over 30 years ago, but its roots trace back to the 1800s when industrial engineer Fredrick Taylor demonstrated how employee attitudes affected productivity. Engagement surveys help managers understand their team's perception of their jobs and the company as a whole. They measure job satisfaction, engagement, happiness, wellness, and relationships at work. Research has shown that employees who are more engaged with their work are more likely to stay motivated and feel job fulfillment. This motivation, in turn, leads to higher levels of productivity, which results in increased profits for the organization. However, the effectiveness of these surveys depends on asking the right questions and timing. Many companies conduct their surveys during the summer months when employees are happiest, which may not provide an accurate measure of engagement throughout the year. Moreover, companies undergoing leadership changes, those with high workloads, lack of investment in talent development, non-inclusive culture, or old-fashioned work methods may face challenges in administering effective engagement surveys.
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