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How can one reserve an LLC name in Oregon and what is the associated fee?

Reserving an LLC name in Oregon involves a few steps. Firstly, you need to conduct an Oregon LLC search to ensure the name you want for your LLC is unique and available. This can be done by visiting the Oregon Business Registry website and choosing the option for Business Name Availability Check. Submit the name of your LLC and use the “Search Methods” tool to search for business names. Run two searches, one with “Exact words in any order” and another using the “Extended search” option. If your search results show that your chosen name is completely unique, you can proceed to reserve it. However, if the name is identical or confusingly similar to an existing business, the State of Oregon will reject your application. In such a case, you will be given a 45-day period to create a new LLC name and resubmit your application. To reserve your LLC name, you need to file an application for name reservation. This can be done either by mail or online. The associated fee for reserving an LLC name in Oregon is $100, which is nonrefundable.
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