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How can I ensure that my LLC name is original and distinguishable from other businesses?

Ensuring that your LLC name is original and distinguishable from other businesses involves several key steps. Firstly, it's crucial to ensure that your LLC name adheres to legal standards. This means it should be the same legal name filed on your Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization, include terms like Limited Liability Company, LLC, or Ltd. Liability Co., and not include restricted words such as bank, insurance, corporation, or incorporated. Secondly, your LLC name should be memorable and meaningful. It should be easy for clients to remember and should represent the products or services your company offers. Using alliteration, making it a play on words, keeping it simple and short, and ensuring it has a positive connotation can help make your business name more memorable. Thirdly, your LLC name should be original and distinguishable from other businesses in your state. To ensure this, you can perform a search of your state's business entity database. If your chosen name is available, it's advisable to file your Articles of Organization as soon as possible or reserve the name with the state to prevent others from choosing the same name.

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