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How are royalties determined and paid according to the Royalties Clause and the Statements and Payments Clause in a merchandise license contract?

In a merchandise license contract, the determination and payment of royalties are governed by two key clauses: The Royalties Clause and the Statements and Payments Clause.
The Royalties Clause outlines the percentage of royalties to be received for the licensing of the intellectual property (IP). This percentage can vary, typically ranging from 2% to 20%. The base to which this percentage will be applied is usually calculated by multiplying the royalty rate with the net sales.
This clause essentially determines the financial compensation the copyright holder will receive in exchange for allowing their copyrighted material to be used for commercial purposes.
On the other hand, the Statements and Payments Clause defines the schedule for royalty payments. Typically, these payments are made quarterly, within 30 days of the end of each quarter. This schedule is usually consistent for all licensees of the licensor. This clause ensures that the copyright holder receives their due compensation in a timely and organized manner.
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