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Can you provide examples of products made by contract manufacturers?

Contract manufacturers are responsible for creating a wide range of products for various businesses. They work closely with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to produce items in large quantities. For instance, in the electronics industry, contract manufacturers produce thousands of products, including computers and other electronic devices. One of the most notable examples of a product made by a contract manufacturer is the Xbox from Microsoft. This popular gaming console is actually manufactured by Flex. Ltd., a large contract manufacturing firm with factories worldwide. In addition to the Xbox, Flex also manufactures cell phones for Ericsson, printers for HP, and routers for Cisco. Other prominent contract manufacturers include Sanmina Corporation and Celestica. These companies, like Flex, produce a variety of products for different businesses. They work with the designs and intellectual property provided by their clients to manufacture the desired products. It's important to note that contract manufacturers don't just produce products; they also assist with design and often refer to themselves as electronics manufacturing services (EMS) or contract electronics manufacturing services (CEMS).
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