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Can you be your own registered agent for an LLC?

Yes, you can be your own registered agent for an LLC. A registered agent is a designated third-party that resides in the state where the business LLC formation is being filed. They are responsible for receiving all correspondence and notices such as process notices, Secretary of State correspondence, and government notifications on behalf of the limited liability corporation. Most states require a registered agent to complete the formation of an LLC, but even in states that don't, it is a recommended step. The agent can be anyone including an owner, an employee, or an outside service hired primarily for that role. Being your own registered agent can be beneficial as it allows you to maintain direct control over your business affairs. However, there are also advantages to hiring a professional registered agent service. These include creating a legal separation between the business and the owner, accepting physical documents so you can use a P.O. box for your business address, and providing services such as reminding you when annual reports and other operations are required to help your business maintain compliance.
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