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I don't understand what this means!

This means that that the trademark application you filedwith the federal government (the United States Trademark Office, specifically)has gone abandoned because of a failure to submit a document, fee, or responseto questions. This may have beenintentional, or accidental. Howdo we know this? The federaltrademark record for your trademark indicates its current status is abandoned. You can view official documents with theUSPTO by clicking the link "View Documents" on the right hand column of a trademark details page indicated in the email we sent you.
Don't worry however!You should consider re-filing it with an attorney with whom you have aprior relationship. As long as nobodyfiled it in the interim, you may still be able to get your trademarkre-registered. You can also request are-filing through an attorney in the Trademarkianetwork for $99 + filing fee ($275 per class).
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