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Are you the United States Trademark Office?

No, we are not the government (United States Trademark Office). We are a search engine for publicly available legal information. In fact, we are trying to help you know of your legal rights by sharinginformation that is relevant to you, with you. The government record does not show that you responded to the very last issue that they raised. You may have even talked with an Examiner at the United States Trademark Office over thephone. However, no written response was likely received to their last inquiry.
Before you get upset, you should first determine whether this trademark is valuable to your business. Do customers remember you by this name or logo? Would you be upset if another business was started by someone else with the same or similar name? If not, then you can ignore this notice. If you would be upset, youshould consider re-filing it with an attorney with whom you have a prior relationship. As long as nobody filed it in the interim, you may still be able to get your trademark re-registered. You can also request a re-filing through an attorney in the Trademarkia network for $99 + filing fee ($275 per class).
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