SCREAM QUEENS European Union Trademark Information

On Thursday, March 05, 2015, an european community trademark registration was filed for SCREAM QUEENS by TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORPORATION . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 013797444. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The correspondent listed for SCREAM QUEENS is ALLEN & OVERY LLP   of   One Bishops Square, London, GB E1 6AD . The SCREAM QUEENS trademark is filed in the category of Jewelry Products , Paper Goods and Printed Material , Leather Products (not including clothing) , Furniture Products , Houseware and Glass Products , Clothing Products , Toys and Sporting Goods Products , Education and Entertainment Services , Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products .
Status Date:
Wednesday, August 05, 2015
Application Number: 013797444
Filing Date: Thursday, March 05, 2015
Registration Date: Monday, August 03, 2015
Type of Mark: Word
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: Yes
Filing Language: Not Available
Secondary Language: France
Last Applicant/Owner:
One Bishops Square

Classification Information

Class Code: 014
Class Description: Jewelry Products
Goods & Services: Jewellery and imitation jewellery; watches and clocks; watch bands and straps; ornamental pins.
Class Code: 016
Class Description: Paper Goods and Printed Material
Goods & Services: Paper; cardboard; printed matter; bookbinding material; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists' materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); printers' type; printing blocks; stationery and educational supplies; writing and stamping implements; correcting and erasing implements; stationery; calendars; stickers; bookmarks; greeting cards; posters; postcards; pens and pencils; temporary tattoos; blank journals; notebooks; address books; date books; photographs; photo albums; paper folders; paper doorknob hangers; table cloths made of paper, paper napkins made of paper; lunch bags made of paper; wrapping paper; paper gift bags; comic books; trading cards; game books, namely, party game books, game books featuring paper games, activity game books; series of fiction books; children's books; children's activity books; coloring books; free-standing pictorial representations made of cardboard; art prints.
Class Code: 018
Class Description: Leather Products (not including clothing)
Goods & Services: Leather and imitations of leather; animal skins, hides; trunks and travelling bags; umbrellas and parasols; walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; alpenstocks; attaché cases; backpacks; bags; bags for campers; bags for climbers; bags for sports; bandoliers; beach bags; bits for animals [harness]; blinders [harness]; boxes of leather or leather board; boxes of vulcanised fibre; bridles [harness]; bridoons; briefcases; butts [parts of hides]; canes; card cases [notecases]; cases, of leather or leatherboard; casings, of leather, for springs; cat o' nine tails; cattle skins; chain mesh purses; chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes; chin straps, of leather; clothing for pets; collars for animals; coverings of skins [furs]; covers for horse-saddles; curried skins; fastenings for saddles; frames for umbrellas or parasols; fur; furniture coverings of leather; game bags [hunting accessories]; garment bags for travel; girths of leather; goldbeaters' skin; gut for making sausages; halters; handbag frames; handbags; harness fittings; harness for animals; harness straps; hat boxes of leather; haversacks; horse blankets; horse collars; horseshoes; imitation leather; key cases; kid; knee-pads for horses; leather laces; leather leads; leather straps; leather trimmings for furniture; leather twist; leather, unworked or semi-worked; leatherboard; moleskin [imitation of leather]; music cases; muzzles; net bags for shopping; nose bags [feed bags]; pads for horse saddles; parasols; parts of rubber for stirrups; pelts; pocket wallets; pouch baby carriers; pouches, of leather, for packaging; purses; reins; riding saddles; saddle trees; saddlery; school bags; shopping bags; sling bags for carrying infants; slings for carrying infants; stirrup leathers; stirrups; straps for skates; straps for soldiers' equipment; straps of leather [saddlery]; suitcase handles; suitcases; tool bags of leather, empty; traces [harness]; travelling bags; travelling sets [leatherware]; travelling trunks; trunks [luggage]; umbrella covers; umbrella handles; umbrella or parasol ribs; umbrella rings; umbrella sticks; valises; valves of leather; vanity cases, not fitted; walking cane handles; walking stick seats; wheeled shopping bags; whips; toiletry bags sold empty; purses; wallets; umbrellas; knapsacks and backpacks; tote bags; book bags; school bags; overnight bags; beach bags; fanny packs; handbags; sports bags; travel bags; luggage; briefcases; clothing for animals; key cases of leather or imitation leather.
Class Code: 020
Class Description: Furniture Products
Goods & Services: Non-metallic hardware; mooring buoys, non-metallic; locks and keys, non-metallic; door, gate and window fittings, non-metallic; valves, non-metallic; fasteners, non-metallic; statues, figurines, works of art and ornaments and decorations, made of materials such as wood, wax, plaster or plastic, included in the class; furnishings; beds, bedding, pillows; frames; mirrors (silvered glass); blinds, and fittings for curtains and blinds; clothes hangers and clothes hooks; animal housing and beds; unprocessed and semi-processed materials included in the class, not specified for use; containers, and closures and holders therefor, non-metallic; baskets, non-metallic; barrels and casks, non-metallic; crates and pallets, non-metallic; ladders and movable steps, non-metallic; displays, stands and signage, non-metallic; mannequins and tailors' dummies; cushions; figurines and statuettes made of plaster, plastic, wax or wood; flagpoles; furniture; gift package decorations made of plastic; non-electric fans for personal use; plastic key chains and plastic key chain tags; plastic name badges; mattresses; mirrors; party ornaments of plastic; picture frames; pillows; plastic flags; plastic cake decorations; plastic boxes; plastic novelty license plates; plastic pennants; sleeping bags; wind chimes; window blinds; toy boxes and chests; book rests; book stands; novelty items in the nature of life-size three-dimensional replicas of motion picture film and television program characters, made of plastic, latex and polyurethane foam.
Class Code: 021
Class Description: Houseware and Glass Products
Goods & Services: Household or kitchen utensils and containers; Combs and sponges; Brushes (except paint brushes); Brush-making materials; Articles for cleaning purposes; Steelwool; Unworked or semi-worked glass (except glass used in building); Glassware, porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes; Abrasive pads for kitchen purposes; Abrasive sponges for scrubbing the skin; Aerosol dispensers, not for medical purposes; Animal bristles [brushware]; Apparatus for wax-polishing, non-electric; Aquarium hoods; Autoclaves [pressure cookers], non-electric; Baby baths, portable; Baking mats; Basins [bowls]; Basins [receptacles]; Baskets for domestic use; Basting spoons, for kitchen use; Beaters, non-electric; Beer mugs; Bird baths; Birdcages; Blenders, non-electric, for household purposes; Boot jacks; Boot trees [stretchers]; Bottle gourds; Bottles; Boxes for dispensing paper towels; Boxes of glass; Bread baskets, domestic; Bread bins; Bread boards; Brooms; Brush goods; Brushes; Brushes for cleaning tanks and containers; Brushes for footwear; Buckets made of woven fabrics; Buckskin for cleaning; Busts of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; Butter-dish covers; Butter dishes; Buttonhooks; Cabarets [trays]; Cages for household pets; Cake molds [moulds]; Candle extinguishers; Candle rings; Candlesticks; Candy boxes; Carboys; Carpet beaters, not being machines; Carpet sweepers; Cauldrons; Ceramics for household purposes; Chamber pots; Cheese-dish covers; China ornaments; Chopsticks; Cinder sifters [household utensils]; Cleaning instruments, hand-operated; Cleaning tow; Closures for pot lids; Cloth for washing floors; Clothes-pegs; Clothes racks, for drying; Clothing stretchers; Coasters, not of paper and other than table linen; Cocktail stirrers; Coffee filters, non-electric; Coffee grinders, hand-operated; Coffee percolators, non-electric; Coffee services [tableware]; Coffeepots, non-electric; Comb cases; Combs; Combs for animals; Confectioners' decorating bags [pastry bags]; Containers for household or kitchen use; Cookery molds [moulds]; Cookie [biscuit] cutters; Cooking pins of metal; Cooking pot sets; Cooking pots; Cooking utensils, non-electric; Corkscrews; Cosmetic utensils; Cotton waste for cleaning; Crockery; Cruet sets for oil and vinegar; Cruets; Crumb trays; Crystal [glassware]; Cups; Cups of paper or plastic; Currycombs; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Decanters; Deep fryers, non-electric; Deodorising apparatus for personal use; Dish covers; Dishes; Dishwashing brushes; Disposable table plates; Drinking glasses; Drinking horns; Drinking straws; Drinking troughs; Drinking vessels; Drying racks for washing; Dustbins; Dusting apparatus, non-electric; Dusting cloths [rags]; Earthenware saucepans; Egg cups; Electric brushes, except parts of machines; Electric combs; Electric devices for attracting and killing insects; Enamelled glass; Epergnes; Eyebrow brushes; Feather-dusters; Feeding troughs; Fiberglass other than for insulation or textile use; Fiberglass thread, not for textile use; Fitted picnic baskets, including dishes; Flasks; Flat-iron stands; Floss for dental purposes; Flower-pot covers, not of paper; Flower pots; Fly swatters; Food cooling devices, containing heat exchange fluids, for household purposes; Fruit cups; Fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; Frying pans; Funnels; Furniture dusters; Fused silica [semi-worked product], other than for building; Gardening gloves; Garlic presses [kitchen utensils]; Glass bowls; Glass bulbs [receptacles]; Glass caps; Glass flasks [containers]; Glass for vehicle windows [semi-finished product]; Glass incorporating fine electrical conductors; Glass jars [carboys]; Glass [receptacles]; Glass, unworked or semi-worked, except building glass; Glass wool other than for insulation; Glove stretchers; Gloves for household purposes; Glue-pots; Graters [household utensils]; Grill supports; Grills [cooking utensils]; Hair for brushes; Heat-insulated containers; Heat insulated containers for beverages; Heaters for feeding bottles, non-electric; Holders for flowers and plants [flower arranging]; Horse brushes; Hot pots, not electrically heated; Ice cube molds; Ice pails; Indoor aquaria; Indoor terrariums [plant cultivation]; Indoor terrariums [vivariums]; Insect traps; Ironing board covers, shaped; Ironing boards; Isothermic bags; Jugs; Kettles, non-electric; Kitchen containers; Kitchen mixers, non-electric; Kitchen utensils; Knife rests for the table; Lamp-glass brushes; Large-toothed combs for the hair; Lazy susans; Liqueur sets; Litter trays for pets; Majolica; Make-up removing appliances; Mangers for animals; Material for brush-making; Menu card holders; Mess-tins; Mills for domestic purposes, hand-operated; Mixing spoons [kitchen utensils]; Molds [kitchen utensils]; Mop wringers; Mops; Mosaics of glass, not for building; Mouse traps; Mugs; Nail brushes; Napkin holders; Napkin rings; Nest eggs, artificial; Non-electric portable coldboxes; Noodle machines, hand-operated; Nozzles for sprinkler hose; Opal glass; Opaline glass; Pails; Painted glassware; Paper plates; Pastry cutters; Pepper mills, hand-operated; Pepper pots; Perfume burners; Perfume sprayers; Pie servers; Pig bristles; Piggy banks; Plate glass [raw material]; Plates to prevent milk boiling over; Plungers for clearing blocked drains; Polishing apparatus and machines, for household purposes, non-electric; Polishing gloves; Polishing leather; Polishing materials for making shiny, except preparations, paper and stone; Porcelain ware; Pot lids; Pots; Pottery; Poultry rings; Powder compacts; Powder puffs; Powdered glass for decoration; Rags for cleaning; Rat traps; Refrigerating bottles; Rings for birds; Rolling pins, domestic; Roses for watering cans; Salad bowls; Salt cellars; Saucepan scourers of metal; Saucers; Scoops [tableware]; Scouring pads; Scrubbing brushes; Services [dishes]; Shakers; Shaving brush stands; Shaving brushes; Shoe horns; Shoe trees [stretchers]; Sieves [household utensils]; Sifters [household utensils]; Signboards of porcelain or glass; Siphons for carbonated water; Smoke absorbers for household purposes; Soap boxes; Soap dispensers; Soap holders; Soup bowls; Spatulas [kitchen utensils]; Spice sets; Sponge holders; Sponges for household purposes; Spouts; Sprinklers; Statues of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; Statuettes of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; Steel wool for cleaning; Stew-pans; Strainers; Strainers for household purposes; Sugar bowls; Syringes for watering flowers and plants; Table plates; Tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons; Tankards; Tar-brushes, long handled; Tea balls; Tea caddies; Tea cosies; Tea services [tableware]; Tea strainers; Teapots; Thermally insulated containers for food; Tie presses; Toilet brushes; Toilet cases; Toilet paper dispensers; Toilet paper holders; Toilet sponges; Toilet utensils; Toothbrushes; Toothbrushes, electric; Toothpick holders; Toothpicks; Towel rails and rings; Trays for domestic purposes; Trays for domestic purposes, of paper; Trivets [table utensils]; Trouser presses; Urns; Utensils for household purposes; Vacuum bottles; Vases; Vegetable dishes; Vessels of metal for making ices and iced drinks; Vitreous silica fibers [fibres], not for textile use; Waffle irons, non-electric; Washing boards; Washtubs; Waste paper baskets; Water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums; Watering cans; Watering devices; Wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes; Whisks, non-electric, for household purposes; Window-boxes; Wine tasters [siphons]; Wool waste for cleaning; Works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; Beverage glassware, cups, mugs, drinking glasses, and bottles sold empty; bottle openers; dinnerware, namely, plates, cups, bowls and saucers; plastic coasters; thermal insulated wrap for cans to keep the contents cold or hot; plastic plates and plastic cups; paper plates and paper cups; cookie jars; lunch boxes; salt and pepper shakers; lunch bags made of textiles.
Class Code: 025
Class Description: Clothing Products
Goods & Services: Clothing; footwear; headgear; shirts; pants; shorts; underwear; boxer shorts; hats; caps; sweatshirts; sweaters; skirts; gloves; socks; shoes; boots; coats; jackets; swimwear; belts; scarves; pajamas; slippers; infant wear; hosiery; Halloween and masquerade costumes; ties.
Class Code: 028
Class Description: Toys and Sporting Goods Products
Goods & Services: Games and playthings; Gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; Decorations for Christmas trees; Air pistols [toys]; Amusement machines, automatic and coin-operated; Apparatus for games; Appliances for gymnastics; Arcade video game machines; Archery implements; Artificial fishing bait; Artificial snow for Christmas trees; Ascenders [mountaineering equipment]; Backgammon games; Bags especially designed for skis and surfboards; Balls for games; Bar-bells; Baseball gloves; Batting gloves [accessories for games]; Bells for Christmas trees; Billiard balls; Billiard cue tips; Billiard cues; Billiard markers; Billiard table cushions; Billiard tables; Bingo cards; Bite indicators [fishing tackle]; Bite sensors [fishing tackle]; Bladders of balls for games; Board games; Bob-sleighs; Body boards; Body-building apparatus; Bowling apparatus and machinery; Bows for archery; Boxing gloves; Building blocks [toys]; Building games; Butterfly nets; Camouflage screens [sports articles]; Candle holders for Christmas trees; Caps for pistols [toys]; Chalk for billiard cues; Checkerboards; Checkers [games]; Chess games; Chessboards; Chips for gambling; Christmas tree stands; Christmas trees of synthetic material; Clay pigeon traps; Clay pigeons [targets]; Climbers' harness; Coin-operated billiard tables; Confetti; Conjuring apparatus; Controllers for game consoles; Cosaques [toy fireworks]; Counters [discs] for games; Creels [fishing traps]; Cricket bags; Cups for dice; Darts; Detonating caps [toys]; Dice; Discuses for sports; Divot repair tools [golf accessories]; Dolls; Dolls' beds; Dolls' clothes; Dolls' feeding bottles; Dolls' houses; Dolls' rooms; Dominoes; Edges of skis; Elbow guards [sports articles]; Electronic targets; Exercisers [expanders]; Fairground ride apparatus; Fencing gloves; Fencing masks; Fencing weapons; Fish hooks; Fishing tackle; Flippers for swimming; Floats for fishing; Flying discs [toys]; Games; Gaming machines for gambling; Gloves for games; Golf bags, with or without wheels; Golf clubs; Golf gloves; Gut for fishing; Gut for rackets; Hang gliders; Harness for sailboards; Harpoon guns [sports articles]; Hockey sticks; Horseshoe games; Hunting game calls; Ice skates; In-line roller skates; Jigsaw puzzles; Kaleidoscopes; Kite reels; Kites; Knee guards [sports articles]; Landing nets for anglers; Lines for fishing; Lures for hunting or fishing; Machines for physical exercises; Mah-jong; Marbles for games; Masts for sailboards; Men's athletic supporters [sports articles]; Mobiles [toys]; Nets for sports; Ninepins; Novelties for parties, dances [party favors, favours]; Ornaments for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery; Pachinkos; Paintball guns [sports apparatus]; Paintballs [ammunition for paintball guns] [sports apparatus]; Paper party hats; Paragliders; Parlor games; Piñatas; Play balloons; Playing balls; Playing cards; Plush toys; Poles for pole vaulting; Portable games with liquid crystal displays; Practical jokes [novelties]; Protective paddings [parts of sports suits]; Punching bags; Puppets; Quoits; Rackets; Radio-controlled toy vehicles; Rattles [playthings]; Reels for fishing; Ring games; Rocking horses; Rods for fishing; Roller skates; Rollers for stationary exercise bicycles; Rosin used by athletes; Roulette wheels; Sailboards; Scale model kits [toys]; Scale model vehicles; Scent lures for hunting or fishing; Scooters [toys]; Scrapers for skis; Scratch cards for playing lottery games; Seal skins [coverings for skis]; Shin guards [sports articles]; Shuttlecocks; Skateboards; Skating boots with skates attached; Ski bindings; Skis; Skittles; Sleighs [sports articles]; Slides [playthings]; Sling shots [sports articles]; Slot machines [gaming machines]; Snow globes; Snowboards; Snowshoes; Soap bubbles [toys]; Sole coverings for skis; Spinning tops [toys]; Spring boards [sports articles]; Starting blocks for sports; Stationary exercise bicycles; Strings for rackets; Stuffed toys; Surf boards; Surf skis; Surfboard leashes; Swimming belts; Swimming jackets; Swimming kick boards; Swimming pools [play articles]; Swings; Tables for indoor football; Tables for table tennis; Targets; Teddy bears; Tennis ball throwing apparatus; Tennis nets; Theatrical masks; Toy masks; Toy pistols; Toy vehicles; Toys; Toys for domestic pets; Trampolines; Twirling batons; Video game machines; Water wings; Waterskis; Wax for skis; Weight lifting belts [sports articles]; Christmas tree decorations; Christmas tree ornaments; hand held units for playing electronic games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; dolls and doll clothing; toy figures; plush toys; bathtub toys; rubber character toys; bendable toys; wind-up toys; toy building blocks; jigsaw and manipulative puzzles; toy action figures and accessories therefor; action figure play environments; party games; parlor games; role playing games; board games; action skill games; card games; playing cards; flying discs; toy jewelry; toy watches; dart boards; toy vehicles and accessories therefor; sit-in and ride-on toy vehicles; indoor play tents; hand held puppets; toy banks; water squirting toys; toy pistols; pinball and arcade game machines; balls for games; balls for sports; tennis rackets; skateboards; balloons; hobby craft kits comprised of toy figure plastic molds, fasteners for attaching toy figure molds, and decorative accessories for molded toy figures; flotation devices for recreational use, namely, inflatable balls and water wings swim aids for recreational use; costume masks; hand-held units for playing electronic games for use with external display screen or monitor; party favors made of paper; Halloween and masquerade masks.
Class Code: 041
Class Description: Education and Entertainment Services
Goods & Services: Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; audio and video production and photography; television production; television entertainment; television, radio and film production; production of videos; publishing and reporting; publication of journals; on-line publication of electronic books and journals; production and distribution of motion picture films and audio visual entertainment; entertainment services in the nature of audio visual entertainment; providing on-line information in the field of motion picture film and video entertainment via the Internet; providing motion picture film and audio visual entertainment via wireless communication devices; entertainment services in the nature of non-downloadable videos and images featuring motion pictures and audio visual content transmitted via the Internet and wireless communication networks; entertainment services, namely, providing on-line computer games; on-line journals, namely, blogs featuring personal information and opinions; organizing entertainment and cultural events; entertainment in the nature of contests, competitions and games; Entertainment services in the nature of a television series featuring comedy and horror; providing on-line information in the field of television and video entertainment featuring comedy and horror via the Internet; entertainment services in the nature of non-downloadable videos and images featuring television shows about comedy and horror transmitted via the Internet and wireless communication networks; on-line journals, namely, blogs featuring personal opinions in the field of general interest, comedy and horror; entertainment amusement park and theme park services; entertainment services in the nature of live musical, comedy and dramatic performances; entertainment services, namely, providing a website for on-line gambling; providing non-downloadable casino games and video games via the Internet and wireless communication networks.
Class Code: 009
Class Description: Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products
Goods & Services: Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers; computer software; fire-extinguishing apparatus; data storage devices; DVDs; compact discs; media content; audio-visual recordings; recorded content; games software; series of motion picture films; pre-recorded DVDs; pre-recorded CDs; downloadable audio and video recordings; downloadable motion pictures, television shows and video recordings; downloadable mobile software applications for mobile communication devices; pre-recorded DVDs featuring comedy and horror; pre-recorded CDs featuring comedy, horror and musical performances; downloadable audio and video recordings featuring comedy and horror; downloadable television shows and video recordings featuring comedy and horror; downloadable ring tones, graphics, computer desktop wallpaper, games and music via a global computer network and wireless devices; computer screen saver software; computer game and video game software; mousepads; decorative magnets; eye glasses; downloadable mobile software applications for mobile communication devices for use in distribution of digital video, video files, video games, and multimedia content; downloadable gambling software applications.

Trademark Record History

Status Date: Record Status Description
12/20/2016 Representative - Replacement of representative - Notified

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