RHEOLOGY European Union Trademark Information

On Thursday, February 12, 2015, an european community trademark registration was filed for RHEOLOGY by ITP S.A. . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 013736517. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The correspondent listed for RHEOLOGY is JARZYNKA I WSPÓLNICY KANCELARIA PRAWNO-PATENTOWA   of   ul. Słomińskiego 19/522, Warszawa, PL 00-195 . The RHEOLOGY trademark is filed in the category of Medical Instrument Products , Cosmetics and Cleaning Products , Education and Entertainment Services , Medical, Beauty & Agricultural Services , Pharmaceutical Products .
Status Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 2015
Application Number: 013736517
Filing Date: Thursday, February 12, 2015
Registration Date: Monday, August 3, 2015
Type of Mark: Word
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: Yes
Filing Language: Poland
Secondary Language: Not Available
Last Applicant/Owner:
ul. Słomińskiego 19/522
PL 00-195

Classification Information

Class Code: 010
Class Description: Medical Instrument Products
Goods & Services: Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; Orthopedic articles; Suture materials; Electric acupuncture instruments; Apparatus for use in medical analysis; Blood testing apparatus; Anaesthetic apparatus; Microdermabrasion apparatus; Vibromassage apparatus; Balling guns; Bandages, elastic; Cupping glasses; Basins for medical purposes; Bed pans; Boots for medical purposes; Dropper bottles for medical purposes; Babies' bottles; Obstetric apparatus for cattle; Urethral probes; Catheters; Surgical apparatus and instruments; Surgical staples; Appliances for washing body cavities; Sphygmomanometers; Defibrillators; Dental apparatus, electric; Dental apparatus and instruments; Dentists' armchairs; Diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes; Dialyzers; Drainage tubes for medical purposes; Radiology screens for medical purposes; Electrodes for medical use; Electrocardiographs; Heating pads, electric, for medical purposes; Filters for ultraviolet rays, for medical purposes; Physiotherapy apparatus; Armchairs for medical or dental purposes; Sponges (Surgical -); Galvanic therapeutic appliances; Gastroscopes; Apparatus for the treatment of deafness; Abdominal corsets; Corsets for curative purposes; Teething rings; Love dolls [sex dolls]; Hematimeters; Acupuncture needles; Needles for medical purposes; Breast implants; Surgical implants [artificial materials]; Inhalers; Incubators for babies; Incubators for medical purposes; Enema apparatus for medical purposes; Syringes for injections; Strait jackets; Cannulae; Catgut; Castrating pincers; Forceps; Blankets, electric, for medical purposes; Radium tubes for medical purposes; Compressors [surgical]; Thermo-electric compresses [surgery]; Tips for crutches for invalids; Esthetic massage apparatus; Dropper bottles for medical purposes; Commode chairs; Crutches; Lamps for medical purposes; Quartz lamps for medical purposes; Ultraviolet ray lamps for medical purposes; Lancets; Lasers for medical purposes; Ear picks; Water beds for medical purposes; Beds, specially made for medical purposes; Splints, surgical; Mirrors for dentists; Mirrors for surgeons; Spoons for administering medicine; Massage apparatus; Anaesthetic masks; Masks for use by medical personnel; Childbirth mattresses; Furniture especially made for medical purposes; Medical apparatus and instruments; Traction apparatus for medical purposes; Air mattresses, for medical purposes; Air cushions for medical purposes; Temperature indicator labels for medical purposes; Knee bandages, orthopedic; Thread, surgical; Ambulance stretchers; Stretchers, wheeled; Knives for surgical purposes; Scissors for surgery; Corn knives; Orthopedic footwear; Arch supports for footwear; Finger guards for medical purposes; Apparatus for artificial respiration; Fumigation apparatus for medical purposes; Clothing especially for operating rooms; Ophthalmometers; Opthalmoscopes; Plaster bandages for orthopedic purposes; Suspensory bandages; Supportive bandages; Orthodontic appliances; Orthopedic articles; Orthopedic belts; Orthopedic soles; Maternity belts; Belts for medical purposes; Belts, electric, for medical purposes; Galvanic belts for medical purposes; Abdominal belts; Hypogastric belts; Hernia bandages; Umbilical belts; Pessaries; Saws for surgical purposes; Supports for flat feet; Abdominal pads; Sores (Pads [pouches] for preventing pressure -) on patient bodies; Thermal packs for first aid purposes; Cushions for medical purposes; Air pillows for medical purposes; Soporific pillows for insomnia; Receptacles for applying medicines; Containers especially made for medical waste; Obstetric apparatus; Pumps for medical purposes; Elastic stockings for surgical purposes; Stockings for varices; Hot air therapeutic apparatus; Condoms; Apparatus and installations for the production of X-rays, for medical purposes; X-ray apparatus for medical purposes; Artificial limbs; Intraocular prostheses [lenses] for surgical implantation; Medical guidewires; Surgical drapes; Incontinence sheets; Draw-sheets for sick beds; Sterile sheets, surgical; Instrument cases for use by doctors; Cases fitted for medical instruments; Cutlery [surgical]; Physical exercise apparatus, for medical purposes; Invalids' hoists; Insufflators; Pulse meters; Radiological apparatus for medical purposes; Radiotherapy apparatus; Resuscitation apparatus; Body rehabilitation apparatus for medical purposes; Gloves for medical purposes; Gloves for massage; X-ray photographs for medical purposes; X-ray tubes for medical purposes; Respirators for artificial respiration; Aerosol dispensers for medical purposes; Sprayers for medical purposes; Scalpels; Artificial skin for surgical purposes; Hearing protectors; Hearing aids for the deaf; Dummies for babies; Feeding bottle teats; Bougies [surgery]; Probes for medical purposes; Spirometers [medical apparatus]; Spittoons for medical purposes; Contraceptives, non-chemical; Stents; Stethoscopes; Operating tables; Injectors for medical purposes; Urethral syringes; Syringes for medical purposes; Uterine syringes; Vaginal syringes; Hypodermic syringes; Heart pacemakers; Artificial jaws; Tongue scrapers; Brushes for cleaning body cavities; Artificial eyes; Dentures; Artificial teeth; Pins for artificial teeth; Slings [supporting bandages]; Thermometers for medical purposes; Ear trumpets; Trocars; Urological apparatus and instruments; Urinals [vessels]; Nursing appliances; Breast pumps; Protection devices against X-rays, for medical purposes; Veterinary apparatus and instruments; Bed vibrators; Hot air vibrators for medical purposes; Burs (Dental -); Hair prostheses; Water bags for medical purposes; Ice bags for medical purposes; Feeding bottle valves; Plugs (Ear -) [ear protection devices]; Douche bags; Suture needles; Suture materials.
Class Code: 003
Class Description: Cosmetics and Cleaning Products
Goods & Services: Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; Cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; Soaps; Perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions; Dentifrices; Ammonia [volatile alkali] [detergent]; Aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes; Alum stones [astringents]; Shaving stones [astringents]; Antiperspirants [toiletries]; Non-slipping liquids for floors; Non-slipping wax for floors; Antistatic preparations for household purposes; Badian essence; Cake flavourings [essential oils]; Flavourings for beverages [essential oils]; Aromatics [essential oils]; Balms other than for medical purposes; Colorants for toilet purposes; Dyes (Cosmetic -); Bergamot oil; Laundry soaking preparations; Lip gloss; Beard dyes; Eyebrow cosmetics; Amber [perfume]; Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; Polishing preparations; Make-up removing preparations; Depilatories; Detergents other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes; Deodorants for human beings or for animals; Deodorants for pets; Scented wood; Essential oils of cedarwood; Extracts of flowers [perfumes]; Ethereal essences; Ethereal oils; Hair dyes; Paint stripping preparations; Geraniol; Shaving soap; Shaving preparations; Heliotropine; Henna [cosmetic dye]; Jasmine oil; Ionone [perfumery]; Polishing rouge; Incense; Incense; Decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes; Scale removing preparations for household purposes; Polishing stones; Cosmetic preparations for baths; Adhesives for affixing false hair; Color-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry]; Leather preservatives [polishes]; Corundum [abrasive]; Cosmetics; Cosmetics for animals; Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes; Make-up; Cleaning chalk; Whiting; Boot cream; Creams (Cosmetic -); Skin whitening creams; Laundry starch; Smoothing preparations [starching]; Silicon carbide [abrasive]; Bases for flower perfumes; Nail polish; Lacquer-removing preparations; Lotions for cosmetic purposes; Tripoli stone for polishing; Make-up preparations; Beauty masks; Abrasives; Abrasive paper; Potpourris [fragrances]; Mint for perfumery; Mint essence [essential oil]; Cleansing milk for toilet purposes; Almond milk for cosmetic purposes; Cakes of soap; Soaps; Deodorant soap; Disinfectant soap; Soap for brightening textile; Medicated soap; Almond soap; Antiperspirant soap; Soap for foot perspiration; Quillaia bark for washing; Nail art stickers; Neutralizers for permanent waving; Color-removing preparations; Breath freshening sprays; Degreasers other than for use in manufacturing processes; Fumigation preparations [perfumes]; Oils for cleaning purposes; Lavender oil; Almond oil; Rose oil; Oil of turpentine for degreasing; Oils for cosmetic purposes; Oils for perfumes and scents; Essential oils of citron; Essential oils of lemon; Oils for toilet purposes; Eyebrow pencils; Cosmetic pencils; Grinding preparations; Sandpaper; Wallpaper cleaning preparations; Pastes for razor strops; Breath freshening strips; Shoe polish; Polish for furniture and flooring; Nail care preparations; Perfumery; Perfumes; Musk [perfumery]; Sandcloth; Glass cloth; Hair lotions; Aftershave; Javelle water; Polishing stones; Polishing creams; Polishing paper; Furbishing preparations; Denture polishes; Polishing preparations; Shining preparations [polish]; Pomades for cosmetic purposes; Volcanic ash for cleaning; Canned pressurized air for cleaning and dusting purposes; Laundry glaze; Dry-cleaning preparations; Laundry preparations; Plants (Preparations to make shiny the leaves of -); Sunscreen preparations; Sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]; Douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries]; Preparations for cleaning dentures; Adhesives for cosmetic purposes; Powder for make-up; Pumice stone; Rust removers; Cosmetic preparations for eyelashes; Eyelashes (False -); Adhesives for affixing false eyelashes; Safrol; Sachets for perfuming linen; Cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; Leather bleaching preparations; Cosmetic preparations for skin care; Starch glaze for laundry purposes; Washing soda, for cleaning; Bleaching soda; Soda lye; Bath salts, not for medical purposes; Bleaching salts; Windscreen cleaning liquids; Dentifrices; Scouring solutions; Air fragrancing preparations; Drying agents for dishwashing machines; Laundry blue; Dry shampoos; Shampoo; Shampoos for pets; Shoemakers' wax; Emery; Emery paper; Emery cloth; Lipsticks; Floor wax removers [scouring preparations]; False nails; Talcum powder, for toilet use; Turpentine, for degreasing; Terpenes [essential oils]; Diamantine [abrasive]; Greases for cosmetic purposes; Toiletries; Astringents for cosmetic purposes; Mascara; Preparations for unblocking drain pipes; Mouth washes, not for medical purposes; Cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; Cotton wool for cosmetic purposes; Petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes; Carbides of metal [abrasives]; Gaultheria oil; Hair spray; Hair waving preparations; Eau de Cologne; Lavender water; Toilet water; Hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes; Scented water; Shoe wax; Wax (Depilatory -); Floor wax; Waxes for leather; Moustache wax; Tailors' wax; Polishing wax; Laundry wax; Shoemakers' wax; Bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes; Laundry bleach; Stain removers; Massage gels other than for medical purposes; Dental bleaching gels; Cosmetic kits; Fabric softeners for laundry use; Nail polish remover.
Class Code: 041
Class Description: Education and Entertainment Services
Goods & Services: Education; Providing of training; Entertainment; Sporting and cultural activities; Entertainer services; Timing of sports events; Circuses; Vocational guidance [education or training advice]; Tuition; Photography; Photographic reporting; Gymnastic instruction; Gambling; Game services provided on-line from a computer network; Education information; Entertainment information; Recreation information; Providing karaoke services; Providing casino facilities [gambling]; Club services [entertainment or education]; Health club services [health and fitness training]; Music composition services; Electronic desktop publishing; Training (Practical -) [demonstration]; Physical education; Amusement parks; Videotape editing; Providing museum facilities [presentation, exhibitions]; Videotaping; Correspondence courses; Religious education; Night clubs; Holiday camp services [entertainment]; Providing golf facilities; Cinema presentations; Providing amusement arcade services; Zoological garden services; Organization of balls; Arranging and conducting of concerts; Arranging and conducting of conferences; Arranging and conducting of congresses; Arranging and conducting of workshops [training]; Arranging and conducting of seminars; Arranging and conducting of symposiums; Arranging and conducting of colloquiums; Competitions (Organization of -) [education or entertainment]; Arranging of beauty contests; Operating of lotteries; Sport camp services; Party planning [entertainment]; Organization of shows [impresario services]; Organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Organization of sports competitions; Orchestra services; Scriptwriting services; Writing of texts, other than publicity texts; Organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposes; Dubbing; Modelling for artists; Production of music; Film production, other than advertising films; Videotape film production; Microfilming; Production of television and radio programs; Conducting fitness classes; Theatre productions; Nursery schools; Publication of electronic books and journals on-line; Providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; Publication of books; Publication of texts, other than publicity texts; Radio entertainment; Production of shows; Booking of seats for shows; Entertainment; Music-halls; Presentation of live performances; Subtitling; Educational examination; Movie studios; Recording studio services; Boarding schools; Television entertainment; Translation and interpretation; Sign language interpretation; Animal training; Providing recreation facilities; Providing sports facilities; Mobile library services; Ticket agency services [entertainment]; Calligraphy services; Disc jockey services; Layout services, other than for advertising purposes; Vocational retraining; News reporters services; Services of schools [education]; Language interpreter services; Personal trainer services [fitness training]; Coaching [training]; Discotheque services; Rental of tennis courts; Rental of sports grounds; Rental of stadium facilities; Rental of movie projectors and accessories; Rental of radio and television sets; Rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or television studios; Rental of stage scenery; Rental of stage scenery; Rental of motion pictures; Rental of video cameras; Rental of videotapes; Rental of books; Rental of video cassette recorders; Rental of sound recordings; Rental of audio equipment; Rental of skin diving equipment; Games equipment rental; Rental of sports equipment, except vehicles; Rental of toys; Academies [education].
Class Code: 044
Class Description: Medical, Beauty & Agricultural Services
Goods & Services: Medical services; Veterinary services; Hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; Agriculture, horticulture and forestry services; Aquaculture services; Aromatherapy services; Blood bank services; Chiropractics; Tree surgery; Plastic surgery; Weed killing; Dentistry; Physical therapy; Farming (animals); Hospices; Hair implantation; Flower arranging; Public baths for hygiene purposes; Turkish baths; Manicuring; Massage; Landscape gardening; Gardening; Nursing, medical; Health care; Opticians' services; Health centers; Nursing homes; Rest homes; Medical assistance; Veterinary assistance; Pharmaceutical consultation; Landscape design; Services of a psychologist; Rehabilitation for substance abuse patients; Aerial and surface spreading of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals; Tree planting for carbon offsetting purposes; Hairdressing salons; Beauty salons; Sanatoriums; Plant nurseries; Hospitals; Artificial insemination services; Tattooing; Vermin exterminating for agriculture, horticulture and forestry; Therapy services; Lawn care; Health counseling; Pharmacists' services to make up prescriptions; Medical clinic services; Health spa services; Speech therapy services; Alternative medicine services; Midwife services; Telemedicine services; Sauna services; Solarium services; Visagists' services; Wreath making; Medical equipment rental; Farming equipment rental; Rental of sanitation facilities; Animal grooming; Pet grooming; In vitro fertilization services.
Class Code: 005
Class Description: Pharmaceutical Products
Goods & Services: Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; Sanitary preparations for medical purposes; Dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use, food for babies; Dietary supplements for humans and animals; Plasters, materials for dressings; Material for stopping teeth, dental wax; Disinfectants; Preparations for destroying vermin; Fungicides, herbicides; Cooling sprays for medical purposes; Aconitine; Formic aldehyde for pharmaceutical purposes; Aldehydes for pharmaceutical purposes; Algicides; Alginates for pharmaceutical purposes; Alginate dietary supplements; Alkaline iodides for pharmaceutical purposes; Alkaloids for medical purposes; Alcohol for pharmaceutical purposes; Medicinal alcohol; Aloe vera preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Dental amalgams; Amino acids for medical purposes; Amino acids for veterinary purposes; Anaesthetics; Angostura bark for medical purposes; Antibiotics; Chemical contraceptives; Antiseptic cotton; Antiseptics; Appetite suppressants for medical purposes; Appetite suppressant pills; First-aid boxes, filled; Medicine cases, portable, filled; Aseptic cotton; Asthmatic tea; Germicides; Bacteriological preparations for medical and veterinary use; Bacterial preparations for medical and veterinary use; Bacterial poisons; Balsamic preparations for medical purposes; Balms for medical purposes; Bandages for dressings; Stick liquorice for pharmaceutical purposes; Albuminous foodstuffs for medical purposes; Albuminous preparations for medical purposes; Protein dietary supplements; Albumin dietary supplements; Protein supplements for animals; Biocides; Biological tissue cultures for medical purposes; Biological tissue cultures for veterinary purposes; Biological preparations for medical purposes; Biological preparations for veterinary purposes; Bismuth subnitrate for pharmaceutical purposes; Bismuth preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Fibre (Dietary -); Mud for baths; Mud (Medicinal -); Bracelets for medical purposes; Wart pencils; Bromine for pharmaceutical purposes; Cattle washes; Cedar wood for use as an insect repellent; Cellulose esters for pharmaceutical purposes; Cellulose ethers for pharmaceutical purposes; Chemical preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Chemical preparations for medical purposes; Chemical preparations for veterinary purposes; Chemico-pharmaceutical preparations; Quinquina for medical purposes; Chinoline for medical purposes; Cinchona for medical purposes; Surgical dressings; Diabetic bread adapted for medical use; Chloroform; Extracts of hops for pharmaceutical purposes; Tissues impregnated with pharmaceutical lotions; Chemical preparations for the diagnosis of pregnancy; Sugar for medical purposes; Candy, medicated; Suppositories; Dental cements; Dental impression materials; Dental abrasives; Detergents for medical purposes; Deodorants, other than for human beings or for animals; Disinfectants for hygiene purposes; Disinfectants for chemical toilets; Diagnostic preparations for medical purposes; Diastase for medical purposes; Dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes; Dietetic substances adapted for medical use; Digitalin; Yeast for pharmaceutical purposes; Yeast dietary supplements; Elixirs [pharmaceutical preparations]; Enzyme preparations for medical purposes; Enzyme preparations for veterinary purposes; Ferments for pharmaceutical purposes; Enzymes for medical purposes; Enzymes for veterinary purposes; Milk ferments for pharmaceutical purposes; Enzyme dietary supplements; Esters for pharmaceutical purposes; Ethers for pharmaceutical purposes; Eucalyptol for pharmaceutical purposes; Eucalyptus for pharmaceutical purposes; Pharmaceutical preparations; Phenol for pharmaceutical purposes; Chemical preparations for treating phylloxera; Phosphates for pharmaceutical purposes; Fungicides; Vulnerary sponges; Gallic acid for pharmaceutical purposes; Gauze for dressings; Gases for medical purposes; Gentian for pharmaceutical purposes; Soil-sterilising preparations; Glycerophosphates; Glycerine for medical purposes; Aluminium acetate for pharmaceutical purposes; Glucose for medical purposes; Glucose dietary supplements; Febrifuges; Mustard for pharmaceutical purposes; Mustard oil for medical purposes; Preparations for destroying dry rot fungus; Gum for medical purposes; Chewing gum for medical purposes; Gamboge for medical purposes; Gurjun [gurjon, gurjan] balsam for medical purposes; Guaiacol for pharmaceutical purposes; Haematogen; Haemoglobin; Hemorrhoid preparations; Hemostatic pencils; Medicinal tea; Herbal teas for medicinal purposes; Herbicides; Absorbent cotton; Hormones for medical purposes; Hydrastine; Hydrastinine; Surgical implants [living tissues]; Insecticides; Personal sexual lubricants; Douching preparations for medical purposes; Isotopes for medical purposes; Jalap; Iodine for pharmaceutical purposes; Iodides for pharmaceutical purposes; Iodoform; Tincture of iodine; Jujube, medicated; Insect repellent incense; Calomel; Camphor for medical purposes; Camphor oil for medical purposes; Cream of tartar for pharmaceutical purposes; Candy for medical purposes; Bath salts for medical purposes; Bath preparations, medicated; Therapeutic preparations for the bath; Oxygen baths; Cachets for pharmaceutical purposes; Capsules for medicines; Carbolineum [parasiticide]; Cachou for pharmaceutical purposes; Rubber for dental purposes; Caustic pencils; Casein dietary supplements; Wheat germ dietary supplements; Adhesives for dentures; Cocaine; Sarsaparilla for medical purposes; Collodion for pharmaceutical purposes; Stem cells for medical purposes; Stem cells for veterinary purposes; Compresses; Condurango bark for medical purposes; Dill oil for medical purposes; Fennel for medical purposes; Barks for pharmaceutical purposes; Medicinal roots; Bone cement for surgical and orthopaedic purposes; Creosote for pharmaceutical purposes; Blood for medical purposes; Croton bark; Styptic preparations; Cultures of microorganisms for medical and veterinary use; Curare; Quassia for medical purposes; Acids for pharmaceutical purposes; Quebracho for medical purposes; Flowers of sulfur for pharmaceutical purposes; Dental lacquer; Lactose for pharmaceutical purposes; Larvae exterminating preparations; Sulphur sticks [disinfectants]; Lecithin for medical purposes; Lecithin dietary supplements; Medicinal infusions; Medicines for human purposes; Medicines for dental purposes; Medicines for veterinary purposes; Collyrium; Adjuvants for medical purposes; Fly catching adhesives; Lotions for pharmaceutical purposes; Lotions for veterinary purposes; Lupulin for pharmaceutical purposes; Liquorice for pharmaceutical purposes; Pharmaceutical preparations for treating dandruff; Fish meal for pharmaceutical purposes; Chemical preparations to treat mildew; Magnesia for pharmaceutical purposes; Pants (Sanitary -); Pants, absorbent, for incontinents; Panty liners [sanitary]; Flour for pharmaceutical purposes; Mangrove bark for pharmaceutical purposes; Ointments for pharmaceutical purposes; Dental mastics; Liniments; Irish moss for medical purposes; Melissa water for pharmaceutical purposes; Menthol; Mint for pharmaceutical purposes; Headache pencils; Articles for headache; Preparations of trace elements for human and animal use; Nutritive substances for microorganisms; Mineral food supplements; Royal jelly for pharmaceutical purposes; Royal jelly dietary supplements; Milk of almonds for pharmaceutical purposes; Lacteal flour for babies; Anti-uric preparations; Mothproofing preparations; Moleskin for medical purposes; Fly catching paper; Fly destroying preparations; Powder of cantharides; Myrobalan bark for pharmaceutical purposes; Preparations for destroying mice; Tinctures for medical purposes; Medicinal drinks; Narcotics; Drugs for medical purposes; Soporifics; Nervines; Anti-rheumatism rings; Antiparasitic collars for animals; Acetates for pharmaceutical purposes; Collyrium; Eyepatches for medical purposes; Depuratives; Medical preparations for slimming purposes; Slimming pills; Corn remedies; Corn rings for the feet; Chemical reagents for medical or veterinary purposes; Frostbite salve for pharmaceutical purposes; Chilblain preparations; Deodorants for clothing and textiles; Fumigation preparations for medical purposes; Nutritional supplements; Poultices; Mustard poultices; Linseed oil dietary supplements; Medicinal oils; Oil of turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes; Lead water; Tanning pills; Preparations for the treatment of burns; Scapulars for surgical purposes; Sanitary towels; Dressings, medical; Opiates; Opium; Opodeldoc; Opotherapy preparations; Bronchodilating preparations; Blood plasma; Insect repellents; Paper for mustard poultices; Reagent paper for medical or veterinary purposes; Paper (Mothproof -); Tobacco-free cigarettes for medical purposes; Parasiticides; Lozenges for pharmaceutical purposes; Vesicants; Pectin for pharmaceutical purposes; Pepsins for pharmaceutical purposes; Peptones for pharmaceutical purposes; Pyrethrum powder; Pesticides; Babies' diaper-pants; Napkins for incontinents; Diapers for pets; Babies' napkins [diapers]; Leeches for medical purposes; Mouthwashes for medical purposes; Remedies for perspiration; Vaginal washes; Bunion pads; Mediums (Bacteriological culture -); Sanitary pads; Breast-nursing pads; Pomades for medical purposes; Preparations for reducing sexual activity; Porcelain for dental prostheses; Potassium salts for medical purposes; Air deodorising preparations; Air purifying preparations; Preparations for destroying noxious animals; By-products of the processing of cereals for dietetic or medical purposes; Propolis for pharmaceutical purposes; Propolis dietary supplements; Pearl powder for medical purposes; Analgesics; Antiparasitic preparations; Anti-rheumatism bracelets; Evacuants; Evacuants; Chemical conductors for electrocardiograph electrodes; Adhesive plasters; Dog lotions; Dog washes; Repellents for dogs; Pollen dietary supplements; Rhubarb roots for pharmaceutical purposes; Radium for medical purposes; Radioactive substances for medical purposes; Radiological contrast substances for medical purposes; Solvents for removing adhesive plasters; Acaricides; Solutions for contact lenses; Mercurial ointments; Castor oil for medical purposes; Serotherapeutic medicines; Flaxseed for pharmaceutical purposes; Linseed meal for pharmaceutical purposes; Linseed dietary supplements; Pharmaceutical preparations for skin care; Starch for dietetic or pharmaceutical purposes; Anticryptogamic preparations; Slug exterminating preparations; Malt for pharmaceutical purposes; Malted milk beverages for medical purposes; Sunburn ointments; Sunburn preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Chemical preparations to treat wheat smut; Sodium salts for medical purposes; Salts for medical purposes; Salts for mineral water baths; Mineral water salts; Semen for artificial insemination; Cement for animal hooves; Ergot for pharmaceutical purposes; Vermifuges; Steroids; Sterilising preparations; Alloys of precious metals for dental purposes; Remedies for foot perspiration; Strychnine; Sulfonamides [medicines]; Dietary supplements for animals; Serums; Siccatives [drying agents] for medical purposes; Syrups for pharmaceutical purposes; Lint for medical purposes; Vaccines; Rat poison; Contact lens cleaning preparations; Vermin destroying preparations; Antioxidant pills; Sanitary tampons; Belts for sanitary napkins [towels]; Adhesive bands for medical purposes; Thermal water; Turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes; Surgical tissues; Oxygen for medical purposes; Milking grease; Greases for medical purposes; Greases for veterinary purposes; Cod liver oil; Digestives for pharmaceutical purposes; Fumigating pastilles; Poisons; Smelling salts; Thymol for pharmaceutical purposes; Tobacco extracts [insecticides]; Sedatives; Preparations of lime for pharmaceutical purposes; Wadding for medical purposes; Cotton for medical purposes; Petroleum jelly for medical purposes; Charcoal for pharmaceutical purposes; Veterinary preparations; Tartar for pharmaceutical purposes; Vine disease treating chemicals; Vitamin preparations; Medicinal hair growth preparations; Sea water for medicinal bathing; Hydrogen peroxide for medical purposes; Bicarbonate of soda for pharmaceutical purposes; Mineral waters for medical purposes; Hydrated chloral for pharmaceutical purposes; Moulding wax for dentists; Decoctions for pharmaceutical purposes; Tonics [medicines]; Preparations to facilitate teething; Medicines for alleviating constipation; Teeth filling material; Gelatine for medical purposes; Smoking herbs for medical purposes; Medicinal herbs; Dental amalgams of gold; Caustics for pharmaceutical purposes; Preparations for callouses; Animal washes; Dietetic foods adapted for medical purposes; Food for babies.

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