MDV MARIANO DI VAIO European Union Trademark Information

On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, an european community trademark registration was filed for MDV MARIANO DI VAIO by MDV&CO S.R.L. Unipersonale . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 013767942. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The correspondent listed for MDV MARIANO DI VAIO is Filippo Garbagnati   of   Via Cherubini 6, Milano, IT 20145 . The MDV MARIANO DI VAIO trademark is filed in the category of Jewelry Products , Leather Products (not including clothing) , Clothing Products , Cosmetics and Cleaning Products , Advertising, Business & Retail Services , Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products .
Status Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Application Number: 013767942
Filing Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Registration Date: Friday, September 30, 2016
Type of Mark: Figurative
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: Yes
Filing Language: Not Available
Secondary Language: Italy
Last Applicant/Owner:
Via Cherubini 6
IT 20145
Logo Design Information
Design Feature:
(1) One polygon
(2) Polygons containing one or more circles or ellipses (specify the content)
(3) Polygons containing one or more letters
(4) Letter “D”
(5) Letter “M”
(6) Letter “V”

Classification Information

Class Code: 014
Class Description: Jewelry Products
Goods & Services: Gemstones, pearls and precious metals, and imitations thereof; Jewellery; Jewellery boxes and watch boxes; Time instruments; Clocks and watches; Mechanical watches; Watch cases; Women's watches; Wristwatches; Watches made of precious metals; Watches incorporating a telecommunication function; Watches incorporating a memory function; Watches for outdoor use; Watches made of gold; Watches made of plated gold; Watches made of precious metals or coated therewith; Watches for nurses; Watches containing an electronic game function; Watches containing a game function; Watches bearing insignia; Watchbands that communicate data to smartphones; Watch straps of synthetic material; Watch straps of polyvinyl chloride; Watch straps of plastic; Watch straps of nylon; Watch straps made of metal or leather or plastic; Watch straps; Watch springs; Watch pouches; Watch glasses; Watch crowns; Amulets; Ankle bracelets; Articles of jewellery coated with precious metals; Articles of jewellery made from rope chain; Articles of jewellery made of precious metal alloys; Articles of jewellery with ornamental stones; Bracelets; Bracelets and watches combined; Bracelets of precious metal; Chains [jewellery, jewelry (Am)]; Charity bracelets; Earrings; Gold rings; Imitation jewellery ornaments; Jade [jewellery]; Jewellery, including imitation jewellery and plastic jewellery; Jewellery rope chain for bracelets; Jewellery ornaments; Jewellery made of semi-precious materials; Jewellery made of precious stones; Jewellery made of precious metals; Jewellery made of plastics; Jewellery made of glass; Jewellery made of crystal coated with precious metals; Jewellery made of crystal; Jewellery made of bronze; Jewellery made from silver; Jewellery incorporating precious stones; Jewellery incorporating diamonds; Jewellery in the form of beads; Jewellery for personal adornment; Jewellery fashioned of semi-precious stones; Jewellery fashioned of cultured pearls; Jewellery fashioned from non-precious metals; Jewellery containing gold; Jewellery coated with precious metal alloys; Jewellery chain of precious metal for necklaces; Jewellery chain of precious metal for bracelets; Jewellery chain of precious metal for anklets; Jewellery being articles of precious metals; Personal jewellery; Necklaces [jewellery, jewelry (Am)]; Medals; Medallions; Lapel pins [jewellery]; Women's jewelry; Rings [jewellery, jewelry (Am)]; Rings [jewellery] made of non-precious metal; Rings [jewellery] made of precious metal; Rings coated with precious metals; Rope chain [jewellery] made of common metal.
Class Code: 018
Class Description: Leather Products (not including clothing)
Goods & Services: Boxes made of leather; Butts [parts of hides]; Cases, of leather or leatherboard; Casings, of leather, for springs; Cattle skins; Chin straps, of leather; Coverings of skins [furs]; Curried skins; Furniture coverings of leather; Hides; Imitation leather; Kid; Laces (Leather -); Leather and imitation leather; Leather cloth; Leather for furniture; Leather for shoes; Leather shoulder belts; Leather thongs; Leather thread; Leather, unworked or semi-worked; Leatherboard; Moleskin [imitation of leather]; Polyurethane leather; Sheets of imitation leather for use in manufacture; Worked or semi-worked hides and other leather; Valves of leather; Trimmings of leather for furniture; Studs of leather; Straps made of imitation leather; Straps for soldiers' equipment; Straps for skates; Straps (Leather -); Skins of chamois, other than for cleaning purposes; Skin (Goldbeaters' -); Shoulder straps; Shoulder belts; Sheets of leather for use in manufacture; Luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers; Saddlery, whips and animal apparel; Umbrellas and parasols.
Class Code: 025
Class Description: Clothing Products
Goods & Services: Headgear; Footwear; Clothing; Boys' clothing; Chefs' whites; Chemise tops; Chemises; Chemisettes; Christening robes; Cloaks; Clothing for children; Cloth bibs; Burnouses; Bushjackets; Bustle holder bands for obi (obiage); Bustles for obi-knots (obiage-shin); Button down shirts; Caftans; Camiknickers; Camisoles; Capes; Car coats; Cardigans; Cashmere scarves; Casual shirts; Casual trousers; Casualwear; Chaps (clothing); Chasubles; Womens' outerclothing; Women's suits; Uniforms for commercial use; Uniforms; Underwear; Twin sets; Tunics; Trousers for children; Trousers of leather; Trousers shorts; Suits; Sportswear; Shorts; Skirts; Clothing for gymnastics; Costumes; Gloves; Jackets and socks; Leisurewear; Men's and women's jackets, coats, trousers, vests; Loungewear; Lingerie; Outerclothing; Nightwear; Pullovers; School uniforms; Shirts; Boots; Sandals; Sports shoes.
Class Code: 003
Class Description: Cosmetics and Cleaning Products
Goods & Services: Air fragrancing preparations; Aromatherapy pillows comprising potpourri in fabric containers; Carpet freshening preparations; Cushions filled with fragrant substances; Cushions filled with perfumed substances; Cushions impregnated with fragrant substances; Cushions impregnated with perfumed substances; Extracts of flowers; Fragrance emitting wicks for room fragrance; Incense; Incense cones; Incense spray; Joss sticks; Pet odor removers; Pomanders [aromatic substances]; Pot-pourri; Room fragrancing preparations; Room perfumes in spray form; Room scenting sprays; Sachets for perfuming linen; Scented ceramic stones; Scented linen sprays; Scented pine cones; Scented sachets; Scented wood; Anti-static dryer sheets; Biological laundry detergents; Bleaching salts; Bleaching soda; Chemical laundry preparations; Colour-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry]; Commercial laundry detergents; Dry-cleaning preparations; Fabric brighteners; Fabric conditioning preparations; Fabric softeners for laundry use; Laundry bleach; Laundry blue; Laundry detergents for household cleaning use; Laundry glaze; Laundry liquids; Laundry sizing; Laundry soaking preparations; Laundry soaps; Laundry wax; Natural starches for laundry purposes; Quillaia bark for washing; Rinsing aids for use when washing clothes; Smoothing preparations [starching]; Bleaching preparations; Detergent compositions for cleaning golf clubs; Detergents; Eyeglass lens cleaning solutions; Glass cleaning preparations; Perfumes for cardboard; Perfumes for ceramics; Almond oil; Aromatherapy preparations; Aromatics [essential oils]; Badian essence; Bergamot oil; Blended essential oils; Cake flavorings [essential oils]; Cedarwood (Essential oils of -); Distilled oils for beauty care; Emulsified essential oils; Essential oils; Essential oils for personal use; Essential oils for the care of the skin; Essential oils for use foods; Essential oils for use in air fresheners; Ethereal essences; Flavour enhancers for food [essential oils]; Food flavoring, being essential oils; Flavourings for beverages [essential oils]; Food flavorings prepared from essential oils; Gaultheria oil; Geraniol; Jasmine oil; Lavender oil; Lemon [Essential oils of -]; Mineral oils [cosmetic]; Mint essence [essential oil]; Natural oils for cleaning purposes; Natural oils for cosmetic purposes; Non-medicated oils; Oils for cosmetic purposes; Oils for perfumes and scents; Oils for the body [cosmetics]; Oils for toilet purposes; Peppermint crude oil; Pine oil; Safrol; Rose oil; Scented oils used to produce aromas when heated; Skin care oils [non-medicated]; Terpenes [essential oils]; Tea-tree oil; Amber [perfume]; Aromatics for fragrances; Aromatics for perfumes; Body sprays [non-medicated]; Cologne impregnated disposable wipes; Eau de Cologne; Extracts of flowers [perfumes]; Extracts of perfumes; Flower perfumes (Bases for -); Fragrance preparations; Fumigation preparations [perfumes]; Fragrances for personal use; Heliotropine; Ionone [perfumery]; Lavender water; Mint for perfumery; Musk [perfumery]; Natural oils for perfumes; Peppermint oil [perfumery]; Perfume water; Perfumed powder; Perfumed tissues; Perfumed toilet waters; Perfumery; Pomanders; Breath fresheners; Breath freshening sprays; Breath freshening strips; Dental bleaching gels; Dental rinses, non medicated; Dentifrices; Denture polishes; Dentures (Preparations for cleaning -); Disclosing tablets for personal use in indicating tartar on the teeth; Medical toothpastes; Mouth [breath] fresheners, not for medical use; Mouthwash; Non-medicated dentifrices; Non-medicated mouth sprays; Tooth care preparations; Tooth polish; Bath preparations; Deodorants and antiperspirants; Hair preparations and treatments; Hair removal and shaving preparations; Make-up; Skin care preparations; Soaps and gels; Body cleansing foams; Cleaning masks for the face; Cleaning preparations for personal use; Collagen preparations for cosmetic application; Colour cosmetics for the skin; Cosmetics for use on the skin; Cosmetics in the form of creams; Cosmetics in the form of powders; Douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries]; Dyes (Cosmetic -); Facial wipes impregnated with cosmetics; Foams for use in the shower; Glitter in spray form for use as a cosmetics; Hand cleansers; Hand washes; Henna for cosmetic purposes; Impregnated tissues for cleaning [non-medicated, for use on the person]; Colouring preparations for cosmetic purposes; Soaps for body care; Soap solutions; Soap; Perfumed soaps; Hand soaps; Deodorant soap; Body shampoos; Anti-bacterial soap.
Class Code: 035
Class Description: Advertising, Business & Retail Services
Goods & Services: Retail Services of clothing, eyeware, perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery; Commercial trading and consumer information services; Business assistance, management and administrative services; Business analysis, research and information services; Advertising, marketing and promotional services; Operation of commercial businesses [for others]; Operation of businesses [for others]; Organisation for a third party of telephone welcoming services and of telephone receptionist services; Operational business assistance to enterprises; Outsourcing services [business assistance]; Planning concerning business management, namely, searching for partners for amalgamations and business take-overs as well as for business establishments; Preparation of annual returns for business undertakings; Preparation of audio and/or visual displays for businesses; Preparation of corporate literature; Preparation of documents relating to business; Preparation of economic reports; Preparation of project studies relating to business matters; Provision of assistance [business] in the establishment of franchises; Provision of assistance [business] in the operation of franchises; Restaurant management for others; Provision of commercial and business contact information; Relocation services for businesses; Provision of business assistance; Negotiation of contracts [for others]; Negotiation of commercial transactions for third parties; Management of business projects [for others]; Management of a retail enterprise for others; Information about sales methods; Corporate management assistance; Computerised office management; Computerised business management [for others]; Company record-keeping; Company record keeping [for others]; Commercial management; Business strategy development services; Business strategy services; Business services relating to the establishment of businesses; Business services relating to the arrangement of joint ventures; Business risk management services; Business management services; Business organisation; Advertising, marketing and promotional consultancy, advisory and assistance services; Distribution of advertising, marketing and promotional material; Loyalty, incentive and bonus program services; Product demonstrations and product display services; Advertising; Marketing assistance; Brand consultancy services; Retail services relating to food; Advice in the running of establishments as franchises; Advisory services (Business -) relating to the establishment of franchises; Advisory services (Business -) relating to the exploitation of inventions; Advisory services (Business -) relating to the operation of franchises; Business advisory services relating to product development; Business advisory services relating to product manufacturing; Business advisory services relating to the running of restaurants; Business advisory services relating to the running of sandwich bars; Business advisory services relating to the setting up of restaurants; Business advisory services relating to the setting up of sandwich bars; Business advice relating to franchising; Business advice relating to financial re-organisation; Business advisory services relating to company performance; Counselling on business matters; Business management consulting.
Class Code: 009
Class Description: Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products
Goods & Services: Sunglasses; Chains for sunglasses; Clip-on sunglasses; Frames for sunglasses; Lenses for sunglasses; Optical lenses for use with sunglasses; Straps for sunglasses; Eyepieces (Instruments containing -); Unmounted spectacle frames; Spectacles [optics]; Spectacle holders; Reading glasses; Prescription eyewear; Polarizing spectacles; Pince-nez cords; Pince-nez chains; Optical glasses; Monocles; Lenses for eyeglasses; Lens cases; Holders for contact lenses; Glasses cases; Frames for glasses; Eyeglasses; Eyewear; Eyeglass shields; Containers for contact lenses; Contact lenses; Children's eye glasses; Cases adapted for contact lenses; Blanks for contact lenses; Bars for spectacles.

Trademark Record History

Status Date: Record Status Description
8/5/2016 Proprietor - Change of name and address - Published
9/5/2016 Proprietor - Change of name and address - Published
12/10/2018 Representative - Replacement of representative - Published

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