BIMBO European Union Trademark Information

On Thursday, February 26, 2015, an european community trademark registration was filed for BIMBO by Grupo Bimbo, S.A.B. de C.V. . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 013776935. The current status of this trademark filing is Application opposed. The correspondent listed for BIMBO is LERROUX & FERNÁNDEZ-PACHECO   of   Claudio Coello, 124 4º, Madrid, ES 28006 . The BIMBO trademark is filed in the category of Meats and Processed Food Products , Staple Food Products , Natural Agricultural Products , Light Beverage Products , Advertising, Business & Retail Services , Restaurant and Hotel Services , Pharmaceutical Products .
Word Mark: BIMBO
Status Date:
Application opposed
Monday, July 20, 2015
Application Number: 013776935
Filing Date: Thursday, February 26, 2015
Registration Date: Not Available
Type of Mark: Figurative
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: Yes
Filing Language: Spain
Secondary Language: Not Available
Last Applicant/Owner:
Claudio Coello, 124 4º
ES 28006
Logo Design Information
Design Feature:
(1) Two lines or bands
(2) Thick lines, bands
(3) Wavy lines or bands, zigzag lines or bands

Classification Information

Class Code: 029
Class Description: Meats and Processed Food Products
Goods & Services: Potato chips; French fries; Potato crisps (in packets); Potato crisps in the form of snack foods; Rosti [fried grated potato cakes]; Potato fritters; Potato flakes; Filled potato skins; Fish with chips; Frozen french fries; Potato flakes; Low-fat potato chips; Soy chips; Yucca chips; Potato chips; Potato crisps in the form of snack foods; Filled potato skins; Instant mashed potato; Mashed potato; Potato fritters; Prepared nuts; Peanut butter; Coated peanuts; Roasted peanuts; Meat extracts; Eggs; Edible oils and fats; Crayfish, not live; Coconut oil; Flaxseed oil for culinary purposes; Corn oil; Palm kernel oil for food; Palm oil for food; Sesame oil; Edible oils; Olives, preserved; Garlic [preserved]; Ajvar [preserved peppers]; Albumen for culinary purposes; Alginates for culinary purposes; Clams, not live; Ground almonds; Aloe vera prepared for human consumption; Anchovy; Peas, preserved; Bacon; Lobsters, not live; Potato fritters; Preparations for making bouillon; Stock; Animal marrow for food; Meats; Poultry, not live; Game; Pork; Meat, preserved; Meat, preserved; Meat extracts; Fruit peel; Caviar; Onions, preserved; Sauerkraut; White of eggs; Coconut, desiccated; Isinglass for food; Colza oil for food; Cranberry sauce [compote]; Fruit, stewed; Broth concentrates; Jams; Potato flakes; Whipped cream; Silkworm chrysalis, for human consumption; Croquettes; Crustaceans, not live; Curd; Rennet; Dates; Pickles; Fruit salads; Vegetable salads; Weed extracts for food; Fish fillets; Canned fruits; Frosted fruits; Fruit preserved in alcohol; Preserved fruits; Fruit, stewed; Shrimps, not live; Gelatine; Meat jellies; Sunflower oil for food; Soya beans, preserved, for food; Lard for food; Coconut oil and fat [for food]; Fat-containing mixtures for bread slices; Fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; Edible fats; Beans, preserved; Fish meal for human consumption; Liver; Bone oil, edible; Fish roe, prepared; Snail eggs for consumption; Powdered eggs; Hummus [chickpea paste]; Jellies; Fruit jellies; Ham; Vegetable juices for cooking; Kefir [milk beverage]; Kimchi [fermented vegetable dish]; Spiny lobsters, not live; Prawns, not live; Lentils, preserved; Chocolate nut butter; Butter; Buttercream; Peanut butter; Coconut butter; Margarine; Shellfish, not live; Mussels, not live; Ginger jam; Marmalade; Sausages; Mousses (Fish -); Mousses (Vegetable -); Cream [dairy products]; Edible birds' nests; Olive oil for food; Oysters, not live; Raisins; Tahini [sesame seed paste]; Liver pâté; Pectin for culinary purposes; Gherkins; Sea-cucumbers, not live; Fish; Fish preserves; Salted fish; Canned fish; Piccalilli; Foods made from fish; Non-alcoholic eggnog; Meats; Fruit pulp; Apple purée; Tomato purée; Cheese products; Fruit-based snack food; Salted meats; Sausages; Sausages in batter; Suet for food; Sunflower seeds, prepared; Seeds, prepared; Mushrooms, preserved; Sour cream; Soup (Preparations for making -); Soups; Whey; Tofu; Tomato juice for cooking; Tripe; Truffles, preserved; Vegetables, cooked; Vegetable preserves; Vegetables, dried; Milk shakes; Milk beverages, milk predominating; Ferments (Milk -) for culinary purposes; Milk; Protein milk; Condensed milk; Soya milk [milk substitute]; Lecithin for culinary purposes; Kefir [milk beverage]; Milk products; Fermented milk; Ryazhenka [fermented baked milk]; Yoghurt.
Class Code: 030
Class Description: Staple Food Products
Goods & Services: Flour; Cereals; Bread; White bread; Sandwich bread; Buns, Toasted bread; Bread coatings; Sweet bread; Sandwiches; Toasted sandwiches; Ice cream sandwiches; Sandwiches containing fish; Sandwiches containing chicken; Sandwiches; Frankfurter sandwiches; Hamburgers contained in bread rolls; Toasted cheese sandwich; Wrap [sandwich]; Hot dog sandwiches; Cheeseburgers [sandwiches]; Toasted cheese sandwich with ham; Sandwich spread made from chocolate and nuts; Hamburgers contained in bread rolls; Hot dogs (prepared); Rice crisps; Vegetable flavoured corn chips; Wholewheat crisps; Snack food products consisting of cereal products; Quesadillas; Snack food products made from maize flour; Taco chips; Tacos; Spring rolls; Ready to eat savory snack foods made from maize meal formed by extrusion; Pre -cooked foodstuffs and savoury snacks, namely snacks based on corn, cereals, flour and sesame, crackers, dumplings, pancakes, dishes based on pasta, rice and cereals, tarts and pastry dishes, sandwiches and pizzas, spring and seaweed rolls, steamed buns, dishes based on corn tortillas; Salts, seasonings, flavourings and condiments; Snack foods made from corn; Snack foods made from wheat; Sesame snacks; Crisps made of cereals; Puffed corn snacks; Filled baguettes; Sandwiches containing meat; Sandwiches containing fish; Pre-packaged lunches consisting primarily of rice, and also including meat, fish or vegetables; Prepared meals containing [principally] pasta; Pies [sweet or savoury]; Enchiladas; Crackers flavoured with spices; Pre-baked pizzas crusts; Flavoured popcorn; Chocolate-based ready-to-eat food bars; Cake dough; Candy; Ices and ice creams; Sugar; Honey; Syrups and treacles; Yeast; Baking powder; Salt; Mustard; Vinegar; Sauces (condiments); Spices; Ice; Cocoa; Rice; Tapioca; Sago; Meat tenderizers, for household purposes; Gluten additives for culinary purposes; Marinades; Sea water for cooking; Peppers [seasonings]; Capers; Culinary herbs; Farinaceous foods; Dressings for salad; Gruel, with a milk base, for food; Star aniseed; Aniseed; Aromatic preparations for food; Oat-based food; Oats (Crushed -); Oats (Crushed -); Oats (Crushed -); Saffron [seasoning]; Sugar; Candy; Palm sugar; Cereal bars; High-protein cereal bars; Stick liquorice [confectionery]; Cocoa-based beverages; Drinking chocolate; Baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for baking purposes]; Rusks; Buns; Puddings; Cocoa; Cinnamon [spice]; Candy; Soft caramels; Barley (Crushed -); Husked barley; Cereals; Beer vinegar; Bubble gum; Chocolate; Chowchow [condiment]; Chutneys [condiments]; Cloves [spice]; Noodle-based prepared meals; Condiments; Oats (Crushed -); Chips [cereal products]; Maize flakes; Fruit sauces; Whipped cream (Preparations for stiffening -); Puddings; Cream of tartar for culinary purposes; Turmeric; Curry [spice]; Couscous [semolina]; Candy; Sweeteners (Natural -); Empanadas; Pasties; Essences for foodstuffs, except etheric essences and essential oils; Spaghetti; Ice cream (Binding agents for -); Sausage binding materials; Thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs; Malt for human consumption; Starch for food; Leaven; Ferments for pastes; Ribbon vermicelli; Ribbon vermicelli; Wheat flour; Cake dough; Petit-beurre biscuits; Crackers; Wheat germ for human consumption; Glucose for culinary purposes; Gluten prepared as foodstuff; Waffles; Fruit jellies [confectionery]; Groats for human food; Bean meal; Halvah; Cheeseburgers [sandwiches]; Flour; Ices and ice creams; Ice, natural or artificial; Garden herbs, preserved [seasonings]; Grits; Infusions, not medicinal; Royal jelly; Syrups and treacles; Ginger [spice]; Meat gravies; Ketchup [sauce]; Cocoa beverages with milk; Chocolate beverages with milk; Yeast; Flaxseed for human consumption; Macaroons [pastry]; Macaroni; Maize flour; Maize, milled; Maize, roasted; Cake dough; Malt for human consumption; Maltose; Peanut confectionery; Dough; Cake dough; Mayonnaise; Marzipan; Syrups and treacles; Candy mints; Mint for confectionery; Honey; Mustard meal; Mousses (Chocolate -); Mousses (Dessert -) [confectionery]; Muesli; Nutmeg; Bread; Unleavened bread; Gingerbread; Breadcrumbs; Buns; Potato flour; Almond paste; Fondants; Paste (Soya bean -) [condiment]; Farinaceous food pastes; Cake dough; Meat pies; Rice cakes; Petits fours [cakes]; Lozenges [confectionery]; Pesto [sauce]; Pepper; Allspice; Pizza; Baking powder; Powders for ice cream; Cake mixtures; Pralines; Ham glaze; Frosting [icing] (Cake -); Confectionery for decorating Christmas trees; Cake dough; Bee glue; Quiches; Ravioli; Rice-based snack food; Cereal-based snack food; Liquorice [confectionery]; Relishes; Spring rolls; Popcorn; Flavourings, other than essential oils, for beverages; Flavourings, other than essential oils, for cakes; Sago; Celery salt; Cooking salt; Salt for preserving foodstuffs; Soya sauce; Tomato sauce; Sauces [condiments]; Sauces for use with pasta; Sandwiches; Spices; Semolina; Grits; Sherbets [ices]; Sushi; Tabbouleh; Tacos; Tapioca; Tapioca flour; Tarts; Tortillas; Pancakes; Vanilla [flavoring] [flavouring]; Vanillin [vanilla substitute]; Vinegar; Yoghurt (Frozen -) [confectionery ices]; Lollipops; Prepared grains; Starch; Bakery products and yeast.
Class Code: 031
Class Description: Natural Agricultural Products
Goods & Services: Grains and agricultural, horticultural and forestry products not included in other classes; Live animals; Fresh fruits and vegetables; Seeds; Natural plants and flowers; Foodstuffs for animals; Malt; Malt albumin for animal consumption [other than for medical use]; Dried alfalfa for animals; Algarovilla for animal consumption; Food for aquarium fish; Oat-based food for animals; Cereal based foodstuffs for animals; Foodstuffs containing phosphate for feeding animals; Foods containing liver for feeding cats; Foods containing liver for feeding dogs; Foods containing chicken for feeding cats; Foods containing chicken for feeding dogs; Foods flavoured with liver for feeding cats; Foods flavoured with liver for feeding dogs; Foods flavoured with chicken for feeding cats; Foods flavoured with chicken for feeding dogs; Foods flavoured with beef for feeding cats; Foods flavoured with beef for feeding dogs; Foods containing beef for feeding cats; Foods containing beef for feeding dogs; Foodstuffs for animals on a milk basis; Foods in the form of rings for feeding to cats; Foods in the form of rings for feeding to dogs; Canned foodstuffs consisting of meat for young animals; Canned or preserved foods for animals; Animal foodstuffs in the form of pieces; Canned foodstuffs for cats; Canned foodstuffs for dogs; Milk-based foodstuffs for animals; Animal foodstuffs containing air-cured hay; Animal foodstuffs consisting of soya bean products; Foodstuffs for animals containing botanical extracts; Animal foodstuffs containing hay; Pet food; Pet foods in the form of chews; Foodstuffs for farm animals; Animal foodstuffs derived from air-cured hay; Animal foodstuffs derived from hay; Animal foodstuffs in the form of pellets; Foodstuffs for marine animals; Foodstuffs for dairy animals; Foodstuffs for poultry; Food for wild birds; Foodstuffs for horses; Foodstuffs for puppies; Food for goldfish; Foodstuffs for pigs; Animal foodstuffs for the weaning of animals; Foodstuffs for cats; Foodstuffs for cats based on or consisting of fish; Foodstuffs for sheep; Foodstuffs for fish; Foodstuffs for dogs; Cheese flavoured foodstuffs for dogs; Food for racing dogs; Foodstuffs for chickens; Food for rodents; Foodstuffs for calves; Formula animal feed; Poultry grit; Natural rice for use as animal fodder; Oats for consumption by animals; Processed oats for consumption by animals; Beverages for pets; Beverages for canines; Salt licks; Lime for animal forage; Stall food for animals; Ground bait [live or natural]; Mash for fattening livestock; Processed cereals for consumption by animals; Cat treats [edible]; Dog treats [edible]; Rabbit food; Preserved crops for animal feeds; Yeast extracts for animal consumption, malt extracts for animal consumption; Oat biscuits for consumption by animals; Sweet biscuits for consumption by animals; Biscuits made from cereals for animals; Biscuits made from malt for animals; Biscuits for animals; Biscuits for puppies; Dog biscuits; Savory biscuits for animals; Brine shrimp for fish food; Wheat germ for animal consumption; Edible treats for animals; Edible pet treats; Groats for poultry; Grains for animal consumption; Rice meal for forage; Oatmeal for consumption by animals; Soy bean meal [animal feed]; Flaxseed meal for animal consumption; Peanut meal for animals; Fish meal for animal consumption; Oilseed meal for animals; Meal for animals; Meal for consumption by animals; Baled air-cured hay; Cuttlefish bones; Cuttle bone for birds; Digestible chewing bones for dogs; Chewing bones for dogs; Bones for dogs; Digestible chewing bones and bars for domestic animals; Edible bones and sticks for pets; Cuttle bone [for cage birds]; Artificial milk prepared for use as a feeding stuff for calves; Powdered milk for puppies; Powdered milk for kittens; Milk for use as foodstuffs for animals; Milk for use as foodstuffs for dogs; Pulses [foodstuffs for animals]; Active dried yeast for animals; Yeast for animal consumption; Yeast for animal fodder; Flax meal [fodder]; Malt for animals; Maize (Processed -) for consumption by animals; Maize for consumption by animals; Wildlife seed mixtures; Nutrients [foodstuffs] for fish; Edible chews for animals; Straw; Straw [forage]; Cereal cakes for animals; Yeast tablets for consumption by animals; Strengthening animal forage; Mixed animal feed; Animal foodstuffs derived from vegetable matter; Animal foodstuffs in the form of nuts; Synthetic animal feed; Food preparations for cats; Feeding preparations for bees; Food preparations for dogs; Cereals preparations being food for animals; Animal feed preparations; Milled food products for animals; Cereals products for consumption by animals; Egg laying poultry (Preparations for -); Edible chewing products for domestic animals; Edible chews for dogs; Livestock fattening preparations; Wheat proteins for animal food; Starch pulp [animal feed]; Bird food; Distillery waste for animal consumption; Residues from malt treatment for use as an animal feed; Salt for cattle; Mineral salts for cattle; Rice bran [animal feed]; Bran mash for animal consumption; Flaxseed for animal consumption; Bird seed; Cereals (Residual products of -) for animal consumption; Feeding substances for bees; Milk substitutes for use as foodstuffs for animals; Oat cakes for consumption by animals; Rape cake for cattle; Peanut cake for animals; Maize cake for cattle; Soy sauce cakes [animal feed]; Oil cake; Bees; Bumblebees; Abalones [live]; Smolt [live]; Ark-shells [live]; Short-necked clams [live]; Live clams; Edible aquatic animals [live]; Live game; Pet animals; Live laboratory animals; Menagerie animals; Live animals; Herrings, live; Live arthropods for the control of pests; Tuna, live; Live poultry; Pet birds; Tunny [live]; Sea breams [red snappers, live]; Lobsters, live; Live horses; Squid [live]; Squid [live]; Crayfish, live; Crabs [live]; Cocoons for silkworm breeding; Cocoons for egg production; Snails [live]; Fishing bait, live; Carp [live]; Live baits; Pigs; Boars for breeding purposes; Live coral; Live aquarium coral; Live aquatic creatures; Crustaceans, live; Animal embryos; Beef cattle; Silkworms; Fish spawn; Fish eggs for hatching; Silkworm eggs; Eggs for hatching, fertilised; Live insects; Spiny lobsters, live; Sea basses [live]; Live mammals; Blue mussels [live]; Shellfish, live; Oysters, live; Turkey hens [live]; Live fish; Goldfish; Aquarium fish; Live fish [not for food]; Live fish for food purposes; Sea-cucumbers, live; Dogs; Bee pollen (Unprocessed -); Bee pollen being raw material for industrial use; Chicks; Bred stock; Live octopuses; Live birds; Salmon, live; Sardines [live]; Sardines, live; Live cuttlefish; Soft-shelled turtles [live]; Live cows; Fresh seaweed; Seaweed for human or animal consumption; Fungi; Plants; Fresh mugwort (Yakssuk) in the nature of live plants; Horticultural mulches; Horticultural mulches made from cocoa shell waste; Maize; Fresh corni fructus (Sansuyu) in the nature of live plants; Agricultural produce (Unprocessed -); Agricultural products not included in other classes; Forestry products not included in other classes; Horticultural products not included in other classes; Pets (Aromatic sand for -) [litter]; Litter for birds; Cat litter and litter for small animals; Animal litter made from hydrated calcium silicate; Bark for use as animal litter; Hay; Litter for domestic animals; Litter for dogs; Bedding material for fowl; Bedding materials for animals; Straw litter; Chopped straw for animal bedding; Sanded paper for use in animal cages; Sanded paper for use in bird cages; Pets (Sanded paper for -) [litter]; Sanded paper for domestic animals (litter); Bark-based products for use as animal litter; Fuller's earth for use as animal litter; Peat litter for animals; Woodshavings for use as animal bedding.
Class Code: 032
Class Description: Light Beverage Products
Goods & Services: Non-alcoholic beverages; Waters; Flavoured waters; Aerated water [soda water]; Seltzer water; Lithia water; Bottled water; Glacial water; Mineral water (Non-medicated -); Flavoured mineral water; Bottled drinking water; Still water; Waters [beverages]; Table waters; Sparkling water; Mineral water [beverages]; Soda water; Flavoured carbonated beverages; Tonic water [non-medicated beverages]; Carbonated nonalcoholic drinks; Colas; Ginger ale; Root beer; Colas; Lemonades; Bitter lemon; Lowcalorie soft drinks; Fruit flavored soft drinks; Non-dairy milk; Soya-based beverages, other than milk substitutes; Almonds (Milk of -) [beverage]; Milk (Peanut -) [nonalcoholic beverage]; Lemon water; Orange water; Quinine water; Aperitifs, nonalcoholic; Non-alcoholic cocktail bases; Smoothies; Non-alcoholic rice punch (sikhye); Non-alcoholic cinnamon punch with dried persimmon (sujeonggwa); Whey beverages; Frozen carbonated beverages; Aloe vera drinks, non-alcoholic; Smoked plum beverages; Guarana drinks; Energy drinks; Energy drinks [not for medical purposes]; Isotonic drinks; Isotonic beverages [not for medical purposes]; Sports drinks containing electrolytes; Non-alcoholic beverages containing fruit juices; Non-alcoholic beverages with tea flavor; Non-alcoholic malt free beverages [other than for medical use]; Sports drinks; Beverages containing vitamins; Nonalcoholic honey-based beverages; Cocktails, non-alcoholic; Ramune (Japanese soda pops); Cider, nonalcoholic; Sherbets [beverages]; Sorbets in the nature of beverages; Part frozen slush drinks; Alcohol free wine; Sarsaparilla [non-alcoholic beverage]; Frozen fruit-based beverages; Beer and brewery products; Non-alcoholic beer flavored beverages; Beers; Imitation beer; Malt beer; Black beer [toastedmalt beer]; Non-alcoholic beer; flavoured beers; Low alcohol beer; Wheat beer; Beers enriched with minerals; Lagers; Shandy; Beer-based cocktails; Kvass [non-alcoholic beverage]; Porter; Stout; Preparations for making beverages; Concentrates for use in the preparation of soft drinks; Essences for making flavoured mineral water [not in the nature of essential oils]; Essences for making beverages; Hops (Extracts of -) for making beer; Hop extracts for use in the preparation of beverages; Extracts for making beverages; Orgeat; Malt syrup for beverages; Beer wort; Malt wort; Grape must, unfermented; Pastilles for effervescing beverages; Powders for effervescing beverages; Powders used in the preparation of fruit-based beverages; Liqueurs (Preparations for making -); Aerated water (Preparations for making -); Mineral water (Preparations for making -); Lime juice cordial; Cordials; Squashes [non-alcoholic beverages]; Lemon squash; Orange squash; Syrups for beverages; Syrups for making flavoured mineral waters; Syrups for making fruit-flavored drinks; Syrups for making non-alcoholic beverages; Syrups for lemonade.
Class Code: 035
Class Description: Advertising, Business & Retail Services
Goods & Services: Advertising; Commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; Computerised file management; Business management for food companies; Business administration; Business appraisals; Efficiency experts; Business information; Administrative processing of purchase orders; Services consisting of the recording, transcription, composition, compilation or systemisation of written communications and recordings, as well as the compilation of mathematical or statistical data; Support, assistance, advice, guidance and consultancy relating to the organisation, administration, operation, conducting and conveyancing of businesses and/or companies involved in the marketing of foodstuffs and beverages; Wholesaling, retailing, sale via global communications networks, direct sale, and the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of foodstuffs for human and animal consumption, grains and agricultural, horticultural and forestry products, fresh fruits and vegetables, dietary supplements and beverages of all kinds, enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods via physical or electronic media; Sale of promotional articles including keyrings, badges, jewellery, stationery, caps, T-shirts, scarves, cutlery, tableware and household and home accessories; Sales promotion by means of loyalty cards and memberships that award bonuses, discounts and prizes; Marketing and advertising consultancy and services; Market research and surveys; Commercial and business information; Auditing and accounting; Organisation of trade fairs and exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; Import and export services; Consultancy in the field of franchise-issuing; Business promotion of own goods and the goods of others.
Class Code: 043
Class Description: Restaurant and Hotel Services
Goods & Services: Rental of furniture, linens and table settings; Rental of carpets; Rental of lighting apparatus (Domestic -); Rental of beds; Rental of glassware; Rental of cutlery; Rental of quilts; Rental of lighting apparatus; Hiring of mats; Hire of interior matting; Rental of futon; Hire of interior lighting; Hire of interior tables; Rental of internal furnishings; Hiring of furniture for conferences; Hiring of furniture for presentations; Hiring of furniture for exhibitions; Rental of floor coverings; Hire of bed linen; Hire of interior chairs; Rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware; Rental of crockery; Provision of food and drink; Catering; Charitable services, namely providing food and drink catering; Outside catering services; Catering services for the provision of food; Hotel catering services; Corporate hospitality (provision of food and drink); Rental of cooking apparatus; Rental of water dispensers; Rental of drinking water dispensers; Rental of kitchen worktops; Rental of bar equipment; Rental of cooking equipment for industrial purposes; Rental of non-electric ovens for cooking; Drink dispensing machines (rental of); Cookery advice; Salad bars; Snack-bars; Catering in fast-food cafeterias; Cocktail lounge services; Delicatessens [restaurants]; Food sculpting; Providing accommodation for functions; Provision of information relating to bars; Provision of information relating to restaurants; Provision of information relating to the preparation of food and drink; Arranging of meals in hotels; Arranging of wedding receptions [food and drink]; Pizza parlors; Preparation of meals; Providing personalized meal planning services via a website; Providing of food and drink via a mobile truck; Booking of restaurant seats; Making reservations and bookings for restaurants and meals; Restaurant services; Grill restaurants; Carvery restaurant services; Take-out restaurant services; Tea rooms; Agency services for reservation of restaurants; Public housing services; Bar services; Hookah bar services; Wine bar services; Self-service restaurants; Cafeterias; Mobile catering services; Club services for the provision of food and drink; Canteens; Contract food services; Takeaway services; Consulting services in the field of culinary arts; Consultancy services relating to baking techniques; Consultancy services relating to food; Consultancy services relating to food preparation; Wine tasting services (provision of beverages); Ice cream parlour services; Hospitality services [food and drink]; Restaurant information services; Personal chef services; Services for the preparation of food and drink; Banqueting services; Food preparation services; Accommodation reservation services [time share]; Restaurant reservation services; Reservation services for booking meals; Services for providing foods and drink; Fast food restaurant services; Restaurant services incorporating licensed bar facilities; Restaurant services provided by hotels; Hotel restaurant services; mobile restaurant services; Bistro services; Night club services [provision of food]; Providing reviews of restaurants; Temporary accommodation; Nurseries, daycare and elderly care facilities; Preschooler and infant care at daycare centers; Providing assisted living facilities [temporary accommodation]; Day-nurseries [crèches]; Mobile creches; Retirement homes; Day-nurseries [crèches]; Event facilities and temporary office and meeting facilities; Providing accommodation for meetings; Hire of temporary office space; Rental of meeting rooms; Hiring of rooms for social functions; Room rental for exhibitions; Provision of temporary work accommodation; Provision of conference facilities; Provision of conference, exhibition and meeting facilities; Providing convention facilities; Provision of trade show facilities [accommodation]; Provision of facilities for board meetings; Providing conference rooms; Provision of facilities for conventions; Arranging of wedding receptions [venues]; Accommodation services for meetings; Provision of facilities for exhibitions; Providing facilities for exhibitions and trade fairs; Hotels, hostels and boarding houses, holiday and tourist accommodation; Accommodation bureaux [hotels, boarding houses]; Providing temporary trailer park facilities; Tourist camp services [accommodation]; Providing campground facilities; Provision of hotel accommodation; Provision of information relating to hotels; Hostels; Resort hotels; Information relating to hotels; Arranging of accommodation for holiday makers; Arranging of accommodation for tourists; Tourist inns; Making hotel reservations for others; Booking of campground accommodation; Reservation of tourist accommodation; Hotel reservations; Boarding house bookings; Booking of hotel rooms for travellers; Travel agency services for reserving hotel accommodation; Booking agency services for holiday accommodation; Booking agency services for hotel accommodation; Travel agencies for arranging accommodation; Travel agency services for making hotel reservations; Youth hostel services; Hotel accommodation services; Resort lodging services; Camp services (Holiday -) [lodging]; Consultancy services relating to hotel facilities; Boarding houses; Hotel services; Motels; Booking services for hotels; Electronic information services relating to hotels; Resort hotel services; Services for reserving holiday accommodation; Tourist homes; Rating holiday accommodation; Assessment of hotel accommodation, temporary accommodation in houses; Rental of temporary accommodation; Rental of portable buildings; Room hire services; Rental of rooms as temporary living accommodations; Rental of rooms for social events; Hire of pavilions; Rental of tents; Temporary room hire; Provision of information relating to the booking of accommodation; Operating membership accommodation; Provision of caravan park facilities; Arranging temporary housing accommodations; Room reservation services; Room booking; Accommodation letting agency services [time share]; Accommodation booking agency services [time share]; Accommodation bureau services; Travel agency services for booking accommodation; Agency services for the reservation of temporary accommodation; Accommodation services for functions; Holiday accommodation services; Charitable services, namely providing temporary accommodation; Creche services provided in shopping locations; Hospitality services [accommodation]; Accommodation exchange services [time share]; Emergency shelter services [providing temporary housing]; Booking of accommodation for travellers; Provision of temporary furnished accommodation; Boarding for horses; Cattery services; Services for the housing of pet fish; Services for the housing of pet birds.
Class Code: 005
Class Description: Pharmaceutical Products
Goods & Services: Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations; Food for babies; Cod liver oil; Fish oil for medical purposes; Albuminous foodstuffs for medical purposes; Dietetic foods adapted for invalids; Food for medically restricted diets; Dietetic foods for use in clinical nutrition; Dietetic foods adapted for medical purposes; Food for diabetics; Antioxidants; Dietetic sugar for medical use; Dietary supplemental drinks; Vitamin drinks; Dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes; Cereals prepared for use as invalids' foods; Flaxseed oil dietary supplements; Flaxseed dietary supplements; Health food supplements made principally of minerals; Health food supplements made principally of vitamins; Health food supplements for persons with special dietary requirements; Dietary supplements for infants; Dietary and nutritional supplements; Dietetic confectionery adapted for medical purposes; Diastase for medical purposes; Vitamin preparations in the nature of food supplements; Multi-vitamin preparations; Appetite stimulant preparations; Preparations for use as additives to food for human consumption [medicated]; Vitamin preparations; Bread products for diabetics; Nutraceuticals for use as a dietary supplement; By-products of the processing of cereals for dietetic or medical purposes; Sugar substitutes for diabetics; Mineral dietary supplements for humans; Wheat germ dietary supplements; Mineral food supplements; Vitamin supplements for use in renal dialysis; Herbal dietary supplements for persons special dietary requirements; Dietary supplements for humans; Medicated supplements for foodstuffs for animals; Nutritional supplements; Vitamin supplements; Vitamin and mineral supplements; Appetite suppressants for medical purposes; Dietetic substances for babies; Dietetic substances adapted for medical use; Asthmatic tea; Artificial tea [for medicinal use].

Trademark Record History

Status Date: Record Status Description
8/24/2016 Representative - Change of name and professional address - Published

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