ALBATROSSNET European Union Trademark Information

On Monday, February 9, 2015, an european community trademark registration was filed for ALBATROSSNET by NEW ALBATROSS S.R.L. . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 013721477. The current status of this trademark filing is Registered. The correspondent listed for ALBATROSSNET is ITALBREVETTI S.R.L.   of   Via Salvo D'Acquisto, sn, Pontedera (PI), IT 56025 . The ALBATROSSNET trademark is filed in the category of Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water , Clothing Products , Machinery Products .
Status Date:
Thursday, July 2, 2015
Application Number: 013721477
Filing Date: Monday, February 9, 2015
Registration Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Type of Mark: Word
Kind of Mark: Individual
Mark Distinctiveness: Yes
Filing Language: Italy
Secondary Language: Not Available
Last Applicant/Owner:
Via Salvo D'Acquisto, sn
Pontedera (PI)
IT 56025

Classification Information

Class Code: 012
Class Description: Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water
Goods & Services: Couplings for land vehicles; Air vehicles; Aircraft; Air balloons; Air bags [safety devices for automobiles]; Transmission shafts for land vehicles; Masts for boats; Car sun blinds; Boat hooks; Anti-theft alarms for land vehicles; Ambulances; Suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; Anti-theft devices for vehicles; Non-skid devices for vehicle tyres; Tipping apparatus, parts of trucks and waggons; Cable transport apparatus and installations; Aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances; Head-rests for vehicle seats; Ships (Timbers [frames] for -); Axles for vehicles; Trailer hitches for vehicles; Railway couplings; Motor coaches; Camping cars; Motor coaches; Cars; Cars; Anti-theft alarms for vehicles; Torsion bars for vehicles; Boats; Baskets adapted for cycles; Tipping bodies for lorries (trucks); Concrete mixing vehicles; Bicycles; Bicycles; Connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines; Railway wheel tires [tyres] (flanges of -); Cars for cable transport installations; Gearboxes for land vehicles; Inner tubes for pneumatic tyres; Inner tubes for bicycles, cycles; Inner tubes for pneumatic tires; Platform cars; Vans [vehicles]; Bells for bicycles, cycles; Bells for bicycles, cycles; Rowing boats; Hoods for vehicles; Caravans; Sack trucks; Hose carts; Golf cars [vehicles]; Fork lift trucks; Tilt trucks; Handling carts; Cleaning trolleys; Golf carts; Carts; Carts; Human-powered trolleys and carts; Bodies for vehicles; Automobile bodies; Baby carriages; Rolling stock for funicular railways; Crankcases for land vehicle components [other than for engines]; Caissons [vehicles]; Anti-skid chains; Chains for bicycles, cycles; Transmission chains for land vehicles; Transmission chains for land vehicles; Automobile chains; Cycle stands; Brake shoes for vehicles; Rims for vehicle wheels; Tyres for motor vehicles; Tyres for bicycles, cycles; Barges; Spikes for tires [tyres]; Cycle cars; Mopeds; Security harness for vehicle seats; Treads for vehicles [roller belts]; Security harness for vehicle seats; Hydraulic circuits for vehicles; Hoods for vehicle engines; Torque converters for land vehicles; Tyre casings; Spare wheel covers; Horns for vehicles; Rims for wheels of bicycles; Equipment for repairing inner tubes of tyres; Sleeping berths for vehicles; Reduction gears for land vehicles; Hub caps; Anti-glare devices for vehicles; Tires (Non-skid devices for vehicle -); Steering gears for ships; Disengaging gear for boats; Dredgers [boats]; Screw-propellers for boats; Headlight wipers; Saddle covers for bicycles or motorcycles; Seat covers for vehicles; Linings for vehicles; Brakes for vehicles; Clutches for land vehicles; Funnels for ships; Funiculars; Minibuses; Lorries (closed); Boat hooks; Bands for wheel hubs; Boat davits; Brake facings for vehicles; Interior trims for vehicles; Hydroplanes; Seaplanes; Direction signals for vehicles; Gears for cycles; Gearing for land vehicles; Sprinkling trucks; Locomotives; Motors for land vehicles; Cranks for cycles; Handlebars for bicycles; Mobile stock for railways; Propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; Transmission mechanisms, for land vehicles; Buggies; Shock absorbing springs for vehicles; Vehicle suspension springs; Scooters [vehicles]; Side cars; Motorbikes; Cycle cars; Jet engines for land vehicles; Electric motor for land vehicles; Motors for cycles; Motors for land vehicles; Vehicle wheels (hubs for -); Boats; Portholes; Paddles for canoes; Hot air balloons; Air balloons; Airships; Special baskets for bicycles; Windshields; Parachutes; Mudguards; Vehicle bumpers; Wheeled transporters for babies; Brake pads for automobiles; Pedals for cycles; Inclined ways for boats; Balance weights for vehicle wheels; Tyres; Vehicles tyres; Pumps (Air -) [vehicle accessories]; Pumps for bicycles; Pontoons; Ski carriers for use on vehicles; Luggage carriers for vehicles; Oarlocks; Doors for vehicles; Tailgates (Am.) Elevating -, Power -[parts of land vehicles]; Vehicle running boards; Screw-propellers for boats; Screw-propellers; Boat hooks; Bicycle spokes; Vehicle wheel spokes; Axle journals; Oars; Buffers for railway rolling stock; Luggage nets for vehicles; Dress guards for bicycles, cycles; Rearview mirrors; Trailers [vehicles]; Adhesive rubber patches for repairing inner tubes; Casters for trolleys [vehicles] [carts (Am)]; Wheels for land vehicles; Wheels for land vehicles; Freewheels for land vehicles; Ships' hulls; Ships' hulls; timbers; Launches; Ski lifts; Safety seats for children, for vehicles; Vehicle seats; Ejector seats (for aircraft); Chairlifts; Brake segments for vehicles; Horns for vehicles; Anti-theft alarms for vehicles; Reversing alarms for vehicles; Bells for bicycles, cycles; Saddles for bicycles, cycles or motorcycles; Sleighs [vehicles]; Spoilers for vehicles; Treads for retreading tires [tyres]; Caps for vehicle petrol (gas) tanks; Frames for bicycles; Vehicle chassis; Funiculars; Spoke clips for wheels; Windscreen wipers; Rudders; Aerial conveyors; Tractors; Undercarriages for vehicles; Tricycles; Tubeless tires [tyres] for bicycles, cycles; Turbines for land vehicles; Carts; Carriages; Valves for vehicle tires [tyres]; Air cushion vehicles; Air vehicles; Vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail; Snowmobiles; Electric vehicles; Refrigerated vehicles; Military vehicles for transport; Water vehicles; Space vehicles; Remote control vehicles, other than toys; Windows for vehicles; Tramcars; Sports cars; Steering wheels for vehicles; Yachts.
Class Code: 025
Class Description: Clothing Products
Goods & Services: Clothing, footwear, headgear; Gowns; Pinafore dresses; Bath robes; Non-slipping devices for footwear; Sweat-absorbent underclothing (underwear); Motorists' clothing; Bath robes; Swimming costumes; Bandanas [neckerchiefs]; Underwear; Sweat-absorbent underwear; Smocks; Boas [necklets]; Tights; Goloshes; Skull caps; Fittings of metal for footwear; Welts for footwear; Protectors for footwear; Heelpieces for footwear; Footwear; Sports shoes; Stockings; Socks; Lounging robes; Short-sleeve shirts; Shirts; Shirt yokes; Shirt fronts; Bodices [lingerie]; Headgear; Headgear; Headgear; Frames (Hat -) [skeletons]; Top hats; Hats (Paper -) [clothing]; Jackets; Belts [clothing]; Belts (Money -) [clothing]; Tights; Shoulder wraps; Collar protectors for wear; Collars (clothing); Detachable collars; Ready-to-wear clothing; Corsets; Suits; Masquerade costumes; Ties; Ascots; Bonnets; Headbands [clothing]; Pocket squares; Scarves; Detachable collars; Jackets [clothing]; Garters; Gymnastic shoes; Blousons; Skirts; Jumper dresses; Aprons [clothing]; Girdles; Gloves; Ski gloves; Mackintoshes; Pockets for clothing; Wearing apparel; Gymnastic wear; Leather (clothing of imitations of -); Clothing of leather; Jerseys (clothing); Leg warmers; Leggings [trousers]; Liveries; Knitwear [clothing]; Jumpers; Hosiery; Pullovers; Muffs [clothing]; Skorts; Parkas; Clothing of leather; Clothing of imitations of leather; Pelisses; Furs [clothing]; Cuffs; Ponchos; Money belts (clothing); Suspenders; Sock suspenders; Sandals; Saris; Sarongs; Footwear; Espadrilles; Shawls; Sashes for wear; Topcoats; Outer clothing; Underwear; Ankle boots; Boots; Fur stoles; Soles for footwear; Soles for footwear; Heelpieces for footwear; Pockets for clothing; Togas; Footwear uppers; Boot uppers; Tee-shirts; Turbans; Combinations [clothing]; Wooden shoes.
Class Code: 007
Class Description: Machinery Products
Goods & Services: Water heaters [parts of machines]; Drain cocks; De-aerators for feedwater; De-aerators for feedwater; Feedwater regulators; Aerating pumps for aquaria; Aerated water making apparatus; Machines for the production of mineral water; Adhesive tape dispensers [machines]; Aeronautical engines; Air condensers; Air brushes (machines) for spray painting; Sharpening machines; Stamping machines; Sizing machines; Agitators; Agricultural machines; Agricultural implements other than hand-operated; Agricultural elevators; Derricks; Axles for machines; Transmission shafts, other than for land vehicles; Mechanised livestock feeders; Alternators; Couplings for machines; Plunger pistons; Piston rings; Ball rings for bearings; Anti-friction bearing for machines; Apparatus for aerating beverages; Ploughs; Electric arc welding apparatus; Winches; Hauling machines (Net -) [fishing]; Compressed air machines; Compressed air engines; Rams (machines); Elevators [lifts]; Elevator operating apparatus; Vacuum cleaners; Vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants; Vacuum cleaner hoses; Aspirator bags; Suction machines for industrial purposes; Dust exhausting installations for cleaning purposes; Kick starters for motorcycles; Packaging machines; Beaters, electric; Concrete mixers (machines); Beverage preparation machines, electromechanical; Washing machines; Wringing machines for laundry; Bicycle assembly machines; Brewing machines; Tarring machines; Reeling apparatus, mechanical; Coils for machines; Bottle stoppering machines; Bottle washing machines; Bottle sealing machines; Bottle stoppering machines; Paring machines; Mangles; Concrete mixers [machines]; Steam engine boilers; Lasts for shoes [parts of machines]; Shoe polishers, electric; Speed change gear, none for land vehicles; Type casting machines; Carbon brushes [electricity]; Fuel economisers for motors and engines; Carburettors; Carding machines; Hoists; Derricks; Paper production machines; Paper production machines; Crankcases for machines, motors and engines; Transmission chains other than for land vehicles; Elevator chains [parts of machines]; Control cables for machines, engines or motors; Brake segments other than for vehicles; Scissors, electric; Electric door closers; Cylinders for motors and engines; Belts for conveyors; Elevator belts; Belts for machines; Belts for motors and engines; Glue guns, electric; Cultivators [machines]; Controls (Hydraulic -) for machines, motors and engines; Controls (Pneumatic -) for machines, motors and engines; Control mechanisms for machines, engines or motors; Waste compactors; Road rollers; Compressed air machines; Catalytic converters; Torque converters other than for land vehicles; Road making machines; Rack and pinion jacks; Sewing machines; Stitching machines; Leather-working machines; Bending machines; Anti-friction bearings for machines; Air cushion devices for moving loads; Air cushion vehicles (Engines for -); Reduction gears other than for land vehicles; Steam traps; Glaziers' diamonds [parts of machines]; Dynamo brushes; Hydraulic devices for opening or closing doors (parts thereof); Pneumatic door openers or closers (parts thereof); Vending machines; Mechanical machines for dispensing cattle feed; Dividing machines; Drainage machines; Electric motors other than for driving land vehicles; Elevators [lifts]; Lifting apparatus; Elevator chains [parts of machines]; Elevator belts; Spin driers [not heated]; Cultivators (machines); Labellers [machines]; Mowing and reaping machines; Mud catchers and collectors [machines]; Spinning machines; Threading machines; Filtering machines; Foundry machines; Scissors, electric; Type-setting machines [photocomposition]; Crushers [machines]; Brake shoes other than for vehicles; Milling machines; Clutches, other than for land vehicles; Fruit presses, electric, for household purposes; Housings [parts of machines]; Generators of electricity; Sealing joints [parts of engines]; Grating machines for vegetables; Carriage aprons; Cranes [lifting and hoisting apparatus]; Electrogenic safety compositions; Guides for machines; Hydraulic engines and motors; Bailing machines; Colour-washing machines; Mixing machines; Bottle stoppering machines; Stands for machines; Electric machines and apparatus for wax-polishing; Engraving machines; Incubators for eggs; Electromechanical machines for chemical industry; Flour mill machines; Machines for the textile industry; Gear units, other than for land vehicles; Anti-pollution devices for motors and engines; Plaiting machines; Blade sharpening machines; Blades [parts of machines]; Printing machines for use on sheet metal; Rolling mills; Soldering lamps; Dairy machines; Rinsing machines; Washing machines; Washing machines for crockery; Washing machines; Slides for knitting machines; Machines for metal processing; Woodworking machines; Smoothing presses; Grease boxes [parts of machines]; Electric machines and apparatus for cleaning; Machine wheels; Steam engines; Slides for knitting machines; Electric machines and apparatus for carpet shampooing; Crushing machines; Packaging machines; Machines for making pasta; Electroplating machines; Air suction machines; Bottle washing machines; Packaging machines; Rammers [machines]; Fleshing machines; Bellows [parts of machines]; Winnowers; Galvanizing machines; Machine tools; Tedding machines; Mills for household purposes, other than hand-operated; Electric hammers; Knitting machines; Hosiery looms; Handling machines, automatic [manipulators]; Cranks [parts of machines]; Handling apparatus for loading and unloading; Silencers for motors and engines; Hammers [parts of machines]; Electric hammers; Pneumatic hammers; Jacks [machines]; Compressed air guns for the extrusion of mastics; Pump diaphragms; Reapers and binders; Mowing and reaping machines; Mowing and reaping machines; Shaping and moulding machines; Hoists; Waggon lifts; Paring machines; Motorized cultivators; Injectors; Pistons for engines; Speed governors for machines, engines and motors; Silencers for motors and engines; Cylinder heads for engines; Ignition devices for internal combustion engines; Engines for other than land vehicles; Starters for engines; Power transmission chain not for land vehicles; Driving motors other than for land vehicles; Mills [machines]; Milking machines; Belts for conveyors; Engines for boats; Hemming machines; Shovels, mechanical; Pulley blocks; Drilling machines; Journals [parts of machines]; Hauling machines (Net -) [fishing]; Planing machines; Stone-working machines; Compressed air guns for the extrusion of mastics; Air brushes for applying colour; Tube conveyors, pneumatic; Pneumatic transporters; Dust exhausting installations for cleaning purposes; Spraying machines; Pumps [machines]; Loading ramps; Roller bridges; Blade holders [parts of machines]; Drill chucks [parts of machines]; Holding devices for machine tools; Door openers, electric; Wine presses; Presses [machines for industrial purposes]; Swaging machines; Typographic presses; Pressure regulators [parts of machines]; Reducers (Pressure -) [parts of machines]; Pressure valves [parts of machines]; Propulsion mechanisms, other than for land vehicles; Puddling machines; Pulleys; High pressure washers; Central vacuum cleaning installations; Cleaning (machines and apparatus for- ) [electric]; Drill chucks [parts of machines]; Punching machines; Trimming machines; Radiators [cooling] for motors and engines; Oil refining machines; Darning machines; Raking machines; Leather paring machines; Refining machines; Jet engines other than for land vehicles; Regulators [parts of machines]; Trueing machines; Riveting machines; Tambours for embroidery machines; Filling machines; Finishing machines; Bookbinding apparatus and machines for industrial purposes; Dust removing installations for cleaning purposes; Robots [machines]; Rotary printing presses; Machine wheelwork; Taps [parts of machines, engines or motors]; Freewheels other than for land vehicles; Aspirator bags; Gas welding machines; Electric welding pparatus; Electric welding apparatus; Sealing plastics (Electrical apparatus for -) [packaging]; Gas welding machines; Electric welding apparatus; Weeding machines; Glazing machines; Embossing machines; Moving staircases [escalators]; Electric can openers; Earth moving machines; Hangers [parts of machines]; Separators; Sieves [machines or parts of machines]; Grain separators; Stalk separators [machines]; Cigarette machines for industrial purposes; Sealing machines for industrial purposes; Silencers for motors and engines; Blowing engines; Lifting apparatus; Snow ploughs; Sweeping machines; Brushes [parts of machines]; Carbon brushes [electricity]; Dynamo brushes; Brushes, electrically operated [parts of machines]; Filling machines; Fruit presses, electric, for household purposes; Printing machines for use on sheet metal; Printing machines; Die-stamping machines; Die-stamping machines; Stators [parts of machines]; Ironing machines; Road making machines; Wringing machines for laundry; Superchargers; Bearing brackets for machines; Superheaters; Tobacco processing machines; Heel-making machines; Cutters; Electric arc cutting apparatus; Sidewalks [moving pavements]; Tables for machines; Looms; Curtain drawing devices, electrically operated; Earth moving machines; Bobbins for weaving looms; Cylinder heads for engines; Dyeing machines; Typographic machines; Wine presses; Potters' wheels; Lawn mowers; Clippers [machines]; Metal drawing machines; Shredders [machines] for industrial use; Drills (Electric hand -); Feeders [parts of machines]; Transmissions for machines; Conveyers; Tube conveyors, pneumatic; Threshing machines; Straw-cutting machines; Root slicers [machines]; Shredders; Kitchen grinders, electric; Mine borers; Vacuum cleaner hoses; Wind turbines; Turbines other than for land vehicles; Turbocompressors; Hand-held tools, other than hand-operated; Sifters; Valves [parts of machines]; Valves (Clack -) [parts of machines]; Steam engines; Air cushion vehicles (Engines for -); Fans for motors and engines; Grating machines for vegetables; Air brushes for applying colour; Glass-working machines; Vibrators [machines] for industrial use; Machine fly-wheels; Vulcanisation apparatus; Pumps (Vacuum-) [machines]; Churns; Lathes (machine tools).

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