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Trademark For Yeet

Who Owns the Trademark for Yeet? (It’s Complicated!)

Joshua Julien Brouard

Joshua Julien Brouard

16 February 20242 min read

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Who Owns the Trademark for Yeet? (It’s Complicated!)

Image of a man yeeting a ball

To "yeet" something means to throw it carelessly. The object thrown may also "yeet", i.e. fly with a lot of force. You may also have heard the slang word used as an exclamation for when something remarkable happens.

But where does this word come from? Is it trademarked? And if so, who owns the trademark for “Yeet” (spoiler alert — it's a wrestler!)?

 In this article, I'm going to explore precisely this.

The origin of yeet

Interestingly, the word "yeet" actually originated back in 2014.

Remember Vine (the now archived website)? Well, the term was originally a choreographed dance on the platform.

However, the internet did as it does, and the word transformed into something else:

A celebration, particularly involving things (or even people) flying through the air.

So, who owns the trademark for "Yeet"?

This is where things get complicated.

A quick search on the Trademarkia search engine shows me that the word mark for "Yeet" has been registered by multiple people and businesses.

(All for different trademark classes, of course.)

The most recent of these (at the time of writing this) is a pending registration by Kasey Scott Huffman for entertainment services, including professional wrestling exhibitions.

(Here's where it gets interesting.)

WWE's Jey Uso — the "Yeet" catchphrase

(Left — Jey Uso, the man who popularized “yeet” in the WWE.)

Due to Huffman's trademark claim, the WWE has previously put Uso's "Yeet” catchphrase on hold.

Despite using the phrase many times, the wrestler's claim didn't protect him from trademark infringement.

And Huffman's claim is strong, having stood since 2001.

However, as of early December 2023, it appears that the WWE has come into an agreement with Huffman, allowing them to not only continue using the phrase in shows but also continue the sale of Uso's "Yeet" shirts.

Protect your trademark, protect your brand.

Even the WWE is not immune to issues that stem from a lack of trademark protection.

From this, we can see that protecting your brand is vital, particularly now as businesses and personal brands continue to expand globally.

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Did WWE buy the rights to Yeet?

It appears that the WWE has come into an agreement with the trademark owner of "Yeet", allowing them to continue to use it. Whether they purchased the rights or not is unclear.

Can WWE use Yeet again?

Yes, the WWE can use the Yeet trademark again, indicated by a continued sale of Uso's "Yeet" shirts.

Whose trademark is Yeet?

The Yeet trademark is owned by Kasey Scott Huffman, a professional wrestler. 

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