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Debunking Is Trademarkia A Scam

Is Trademarkia a Scam? Debunking Hearsay.

Joshua Julien Brouard

Joshua Julien Brouard

25 March 20245 min read

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Is Trademarkia a Scam? Debunking Hearsay.

In the competitive world of intellectual property services, comparisons are often drawn between Trademarkia and similar services like LegalZoom and Trademark Engine.

Such comparisons, unfortunately, sometimes lead to misconceptions about the nature and legitimacy of our services.
(And questions like “is Trademarkia legit?” Or concerns such as “is Trademarkia a scam?”)

This article is dedicated to dispelling these misunderstandings and providing a clear picture of how Trademarkia operates for the peace of mind of our clients and prospective clients.

Understanding how Trademarkia operates

Trademarkia's logo

Trademarkia is not a scam: 

A commitment to legal integrity and professionalism is at the core of Trademarkia's operation.

As the client-facing website of Legalforce RAPC, a law firm, we stand apart in the industry.

Unlike some competitors, your trademark filing will be personally handled by a licensed trademark attorney.

This professional touch is the Trademarkia difference.

Want to book a call with a trademark attorney? Go to our attorneys' page and schedule a consultation.

Misleading Trademarkia reviews from competitors

A common concern arises from competitor reviews posted on their websites or YouTube channels. 

Often, these come from small firms or individual attorneys attempting to discredit Trademarkia. 

They typically claim that our business practices are shady or assert that we provide services without involving licensed attorneys. 

Both of these claims are baseless. 

As we've stated before, every trademark filing and intellectual property service we offer is handled by a licensed trademark attorney. 

Considering our global operations, isn't it wise to choose an experienced firm like ours for your intellectual property protection?

Trademarkia's comprehensive $99 subscription package

One of the queries we frequently encounter revolves around our trademark application packages, specifically the $99 subscription package.

Let's clarify what this entails:

For an initial fee of $99 (for the filing service) plus a minimum of three quarters of our trademark watch service at $99 per quarter (with the first quarter free), our attorneys will consult with you to ensure the proper registration of your trademark.

This trademark watch service is a proactive measure to:

  • Identify potential trademark infringement
  • Act swiftly in safeguarding your reputation
  • Deter competitors from exploiting your trademark

If the subscription is canceled after the second watch payment, the total cost will be $99 + $198 (two-quarters of the watch service) + USPTO fees (currently $350), totaling $647.

This investment secures not just the federal registration of your trademark but its ongoing protection against infringement.

Learn more about our specific pricing options on the Trademarkia website.

Transparency in fees

The questions “is Trademarkia a scam” or “is Trademarkia legit” often come up because of concerns about potential hidden fees.

Let us assure you that our fee structure is transparent.

The only additional charges you might encounter are in specific legal scenarios, such as opposition against your trademark or necessary corrections requested by the USPTO.

It's important to remember that the trademark process is a legal one, and while our attorneys strive to streamline it, certain complexities may arise.

Have concerns about how it all works? Don't worry! We've got your back.

Contact our customer service at [email protected] or call/WhatsApp us at +1 877-794-9511.

The importance of the advisory email

A key component of our service, regardless of whether you select the $99 subscription package, the $299 standard plan, or the $499 premium plan, is the advisory email you will receive from a licensed trademark attorney.

This communication is not just a simple procedural step.

In this email, you'll gain insights into your trademark application's likelihood of success.

In it, an attorney will guide you on the most strategic steps forward, including the possibility of registering your trademark under a different class, if necessary.

The advisory email also includes a personalized video by the attorney explaining the contents of the email.

Understanding the contents of this email is crucial.

It's crafted to give you a clear understanding of your trademark's legal position.

We encourage you to engage with this email actively, as it embodies the personalized attention and expert guidance that sets Trademarkia apart.

In addition, keep in mind that if you need to file under two different classes:

The second class will be treated as a separate application, and you'll have to pay for it separately.

Fair cancellation policy for trademark subscriptions

Our cancellation policy is designed with fairness in mind.

If you decide to cancel your trademark registration services subscription before the prescribed period of your trademark watch period (after the second watch payment of our $99 subscription bundle), a charge for the standard $299 unbundled package will be applied.

However, if cancellation occurs before you have received legal services, our team is committed to processing a prompt refund.

Need to process a refund? No problem!

Just contact [email protected].

Choosing the right trademark application plan for your needs

Selecting the appropriate trademark application plan is a decision that goes beyond cost —

It's about identifying what aligns best with your specific needs.

  • $99 subscription plan: This plan is particularly advantageous for ongoing protection. It includes the trademark watch service, a proactive measure to safeguard against infringement.
  • $299 standard plan: Offering a comprehensive solution for many, this plan includes everything except the trademark watch service and the extensive trademark search, which is a feature of our premium plan.
  • $499 premium plan: Designed as an all-encompassing package, the premium plan combines the benefits of the other plans and includes a one-year free trademark watch service (followed by a $99 quarterly fee). With a one-time fee of $499 (+USPTO fees), it's tailored for those seeking extensive coverage and peace of mind.

Each plan is structured to meet different levels of need and investment, ensuring that every client can find a solution that suits their particular situation.

Learn more: Want to understand the trademark registration process better? Get all you need to know on our blog. 

International filing fees

Fees will vary from region to region.

What we've mentioned so far speaks only to US trademark filings.

Government and trademark application costs will differ.

There’s a good chance we’ve got a team working in your country of origin. 

Search for www.trademarkia.(your-country’s-domain-extension) to find out!

Trademarkia merges technology and attorney services

At Trademarkia, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to intellectual property. 

While we offer conventional legal services for budding entrepreneurs and serial creatives, we pride ourselves on our differentiating legal-tech solutions.

Not so long ago, we released Trademarkia AI - a pioneer in the world of legal automation. 

Not only can our tool detect similarities between trademarks, but:

It can also assess the general registrability of a trademark and offer you your estimated chances!

Trademarkia’s search engine - making trademark registration easy!

Have you seen our free trademark search engine? It’s like Google, except instead of results from the internet:

We offer users the ability to search through millions of registered trademarks, absolutely free. 

This is a useful preliminary search to do before you register your trademark. 

Of course, while this is something you can do yourself, we always suggest having a comprehensive suggest conducted by a licensed trademark attorney. 

Is Trademarkia a scam? Certainly not.

Despite our best efforts, we understand that some clients may still have certain reservations.

But if that's the case, get in touch with us.

Having served over 100,000 clients for over a decade, we’re more than ready to assist! 

Contact our customer service at the email or number provided above, or email me at [email protected].

I'd be glad to help!


Is Trademarkia reliable?

We’d like to think so! Trademarkia is trusted by thousands of business owners, young entrepreneurs, and creatives to register their intellectual property. Unsure? Just take a look at our ShopperApproved reviews

Are Trademarkia and LegalForce the same?

Trademarkia and LegalForce are not the same company. Each is a separate legal entity. While LegalForce is a law firm, Trademarkia is a legal tech company.

How long does it take to register a trademark?

Typically, the trademark registration process takes between 12 to 18 months. While it’s a complex process, our trademark attorneys are ready and qualified to take you through it, step-by-step.

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