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How Much Does A Patent Cost

How Much Does a Patent Cost? (+ the Different Types of Patents)

Joshua Julien Brouard

Joshua Julien Brouard

10 October 20236 min read

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How much does a patent cost

If you're here, you're reading this for one of three reasons:

  1. You're looking to patent an idea for a new invention.
  2. You're looking to buy an existing patent.
  3. You're researching patents for academic reasons.

Whatever your purpose, you'll undoubtedly find this article helpful. So please sit back, relax, and let me take you through an informative journey.

Let's start with the primary question about patent applications:

"How do I patent my idea?"

How much does it cost to patent an idea?

Spencer Keller, a patent attorney at Trademarkia, had this to say:

“Patenting is often seen and described as a large expense, but it’s often one of the greatest investments a business owner can make. Putting a number on an "average" patent investment is hard to do. Price can depend on numerous factors such as the firm chosen and the complexity of the underlying technology. 

Often, firms charge a flat rate for an initial filing and charge flat rates for subsequent work. The initial filing can range from $5k-$15k depending on the different variables described above.

 To see a patent application through from filing to grant, between professional fees and government fees, one can expect to spend at least $8k, but inventors should budget $15k-$20k as the USPTO typically will issue one or more rejections that must be responded to. 

The sheer cost of entering the patent space highlights the importance of searching for the law firm that meets your goals and needs.”

With this in mind, let's face it: patent applications are costly.

But that's only the case if you're not thinking long-term. Consider how when someone invests in a retirement plan. Their financial advisor might suggest that their contributions are too low and ask them to increase their investment.

(Okay, so I may be speaking from personal experience.)

While I (or this hypothetical person) may feel like I or they are losing out right now, at the end of the day, I'll be happy that I've made these contributions. A similar kind of thinking can be applied to patents.

Whether you're looking to start a business or sell your invention to the highest bidder, the return on investment (ROI) will make it well worth it.

Okay, so how much does it cost to get a patent for an idea?

Well, it varies. For instance, design patents are cheaper than utility patents.

And the complexity of the invention will also affect how much it costs to patent.

Check out our patent website for a comprehensive pricing list. Go to patent services at the top of the page and select the service you're interested in.

If you want a figure, though, expect to pay a few thousand dollars at the least.

But let's get more specific about the cost of patent protection:

So, what does a provisional patent cost?

A provisional patent application is a preliminary application used for utility patents. So, it follows that these types of patents aren't available for design patents.

Although it's a temporary solution, it's an efficient way to ensure protection "in the meantime." It protects for 12 months in the form of patent pending.

During this time, you must apply for a utility patent.

Now that we understand it better, what does a provisional patent application cost?

Because these are for utility patents, they're costly. However, they're worth it. You can learn more about their costs on our provisional patent services page.

And if you'd like to know what a non-provisional utility patent costs, read on:

What does a utility patent cost?

A great candidate for a utility patent: the steam locomotive.

The cost of a non-provisional patent application will vary depending on the firm you opt for. However, with us, you can expect to pay $1,500 for the first step and then $7,000 + government fees. 

While this may be costly for you, the ROI potential of patents is very high.

But what about design patents? let's start exploring this next:

What does a design patent cost?

A design patent application is much more affordable than a utility patent for apparent reasons. With a design patent, you're only protecting the aesthetic elements of the invention.

For example, the original curvy Coca-Cola bottle that we've all become familiar with was protected by a design patent.

So, what does a design patent cost?

A design patent will cost you $899 + government fees.

Finally, if you're here because you're looking to protect a plant patent, then check out the following heading:

What does a plant patent cost?

If you're looking through this article because you cross-breed different plant types:

Firstly, well done!

And secondly, by working with us, you'd be in good hands. The best way to get an exact figure on the cost of a plant patent is by contacting us. 

You can do this by:

  • Calling or leaving us a WhatsApp on 1-877-794-9511
  • Dropping us an email at [email protected]

Is it worth getting a patent?

You may be on the fence about getting a patent, that’s natural. But hopefully Kyle Roof, co-founder of POP, Internet Marketing Gold, and HighVoltage SEO can be of assistance:

“Navigating the SEO maze, I crafted a unique method to isolate and test ranking variables. This breakthrough led me to patent it (#10,540,263). The benefits? Firstly, it safeguarded my intellectual property, ensuring no one could replicate my approach without acknowledgment. 

Secondly, it boosted my credibility in the SEO community, positioning me as an innovator. Lastly, the patent opened doors for collaborations and partnerships, amplifying my reach in the industry. I'm still known as the guy who has a patent in SEO. Imagine that.

If you're on the fence about patenting, jump in. It's not just protection. It CAN be a launchpad for opportunities.”

Are there maintenance fees for patents?

Once the Patent Office has approved your application and you officially are a patent owner, you'll have to pay maintenance fees at fixed intervals over the patent's 20-year lifespan.

You'll have to pay maintenance fees to the Patent Office:

  • 3.5 years after registration
  • 7.5 years after registration
  • 11.5 years after registration

Is a patent attorney worth it?

You may be divided on the idea of hiring a patent lawyer to get your patent protected. Trust me, I understand that. But it's vital.

Patent lawyers can not only ensure that your patent application is successful (and that the cost to file a patent doesn't go to waste), but they're also well-equipped to negotiate with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on your behalf. 

Just like you'd not hire a general handyman to build a bridge, you'd not expect anyone other than a legal professional to deal with your intellectual property.

"I want to get started: how do I conduct a patent search?"

What might be a good first step if you feel ready to file your patent application?


You can conduct a Google patent search on Google Patents. You can even add filters to make it more specific.

Alternatively, you could use the USPTO patent search on the Patent Office website. This is also an efficient way to ensure that your idea is original.

Building a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio



Patents are just a part of any business' intellectual property portfolio (as you can see in the above video).

Trademarks also have an essential role and should be considered to ensure that nobody "leans on" your brand, potentially ruining your good reputation and costing you customers.

And remember, while registration takes time, be it patent or trademark:

Rome wasn't built in a day. 

Ready to start the patent filing process? Read our “Patent Filing 101” guide! 


What is the cheapest way to get a patent?

When considering the question of "how much does it cost to patent something," remember there is no cheap way to get a patent, as all patent applications must be filed through the USPTO. Speak to one of our qualified patent attorneys — they can help address any financial concerns.

How much do patents sell for?

Patents can be extremely valuable. And there is no fixed price for a patent. You can expect them to be valued at anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000. But this price can be negotiated. You can contact us to book a meeting with one of our patent agents by calling or sending a WhatsApp to 1-877-794-9511. Alternatively, email [email protected].

Why are patents so expensive?

Patents are expensive because of their inherent value, ensuring that you have "sole custody" of an invention for 20 years. This gives you a lot of time to profit from it and establish yourself as the original creator of the invention.

Is it worth it to patent an idea?

Yes, it's worth patenting an idea. If you want to keep competitors from benefiting from your invention, then you'd want to seek patent protection. Secondly, while patents are expensive, if your goal is to sell your invention, then getting your invention patented could earn you ten times (or more) what you paid to get it registered.

What are the three types of patents?

There are three kinds of patents. The first is a utility patent, which, as the name suggests, protects the way an invention is used — its utility. Secondly, you get design patents. These cover purely aesthetic features of an invention. Finally, we have plant patents. These protect the key characteristics of a new and unique plant.

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