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Tesla–new Trademark Cyberhammer

Foray into Fitness: Tesla Files for New Trademark for "Cyberhammer"

Amrusha Chati

Amrusha Chati

17 January 20243 min read

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Foray into Fitness: Tesla Files for New Trademark for "Cyberhammer"

Tesla Inc. has never been shy about venturing into unconventional territory. From flamethrowers to tequila, the company's product line extends far beyond electric cars. Now, a new trademark filing hints at yet another unexpected addition to the eclectic Tesla ventures. This time, it's in the fitness equipment category, the Cyberhammer.

On January 9, 2024, Tesla filed a trademark application to the US Patent and Trademark Office. The application covers "exercise equipment, namely, gym hammers for fitness purposes." This suggests that Tesla might be planning to launch a gym hammer for full-body workouts. This hammer will likely be inspired by the design of its futuristic Cybertruck.

What is Cyberhammer?

While the exact details of the Cyberhammer remain mysterious, the name sparks imagination.

What would a Cybertruck-inspired product and a piece of exercise equipment look like? Will it have sharp angles and steel, reminiscent of the Cybertruck's exoskeleton? Or perhaps a more playful take, with a miniature Cybertruck on a handle, perfect for light workout routines?

Tesla's foray into fitness equipment wouldn't be entirely unprecedented. The company has already dabbled in merchandise inspired by its vehicles. For instance, the $50 Cyber whistle sold out in a matter of hours on Tesla's online shop. The Cyberhammer could follow a similar path, appealing to die-hard Tesla fans and fitness enthusiasts alike.

However, this may raise questions about the product's practicality and viability. Traditional gym hammers are typically made of cast iron or rubber for weight and durability.

A Cyberhammer made of stainless steel might be too light for serious workouts. And a plastic version might not hold up to heavy use. Additionally, the niche appeal of a Cybertruck-shaped hammer might limit its sales.

Potential for growth

Despite the uncertainties, the Cyberhammer's potential impact shouldn't be underestimated. Here are some possibilities:

Boosting brand awareness

Even if the Cyberhammer doesn't become a commercial success, it could generate significant buzz and media attention. This could further solidify Tesla's brand image as an unconventional brand.

Expanding the Tesla ecosystem

The Cyberhammer could be the first step in Tesla's entry into the fitness and gym equipment market. This can pave the way for products like treadmills, exercise bikes, and other accessories with a futuristic twist.

Blurring the lines between fitness and entertainment

A playful Cyberhammer could appeal to a younger audience, gamifying workouts and making fitness fun and engaging.

Ultimately, the success of the Cyberhammer will depend on its execution and marketing. Tesla must create a durable, functional, and appealing product that resonates with its target audience. 

This could become a unique and successful addition to the company's growing portfolio. 

However, if the Cyberhammer fails to capture the public's imagination, it might become another quirky footnote in Tesla's history.

One thing is certain: Cyberhammer's filing has sparked the curiosity of many. Maybe it's a fitness revolution in the making. Or maybe it's just a fun marketing gimmick; one thing's for sure: Elon Musk-led Tesla knows how to keep us guessing.

Beyond the Cyberhammer

The Cyberhammer is the latest in Tesla's line of unconventional products. However, the company's core focus remains on electric vehicles and sustainable energy solutions.

The Cybertruck, despite its delayed production timeline, continues to generate excitement and pre-orders.

Judging from the recent trademark filing, Cyberhammer might be a playful aside. But it's a reminder of Tesla's willingness to push boundaries and explore new avenues.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the Cyberhammer and other ventures outside of Tesla's core business. 

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