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Manchester United Trademark Champions

Manchester United Crowned Champions of Trademarks, as Erling Haaland Obtains First Marks

Lindokuhle Mkhize

Lindokuhle Mkhize

19 July 20234 min read

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Manchester United trademark champions

In a thrilling season of the FA Cup Final, Manchester United has emerged as the champions. The club reclaimed its position at the top of English football. With over 650 marks, Man United has football's most considerable brand portfolio. They have even recently been crowned global trademark champions.

Adding to the excitement was Erling Halaand. The maestro from Manchester City filed applications for his first trademarks. This move showcases the young talent's marketability and recognition.

In this blog, we analyze Man. United's significant trademark portfolio and history. Read on to explore the success of this global football club.

Erling Halaand obtains first marks

The trademarks associated with Haaland are the famous celebration figure and autograph. This demonstrates the club's commitment to maximizing the commercial potential of their players. Haaland brings his exceptional skills on the pitch but also his marketability.

Manchester United football club

The current manager is Erik ten Hag, who took over from interim manager Ralf Rangnick. These interim managers lead the team during transitional periods between permanent managers.

Manchester United have achieved significant success during their history, such as:

  • a record 20 premier league title
  • 12 FA Cups and six League Cups
  • a record 21 FA Community Shields

Fun Fact: The UEFA Champions League title is the ultimate club competition. And Manchester United have won the European football trophy three times.

Manchester United trademark champions

United's journey to becoming trademark champions is a testament to their:

  • rich history
  • global reach
  • iconic branding

The club's trademark portfolio of intellectual property associated with the team is iconic.

Today, Old Trafford is famous for its electric atmosphere and rich history. It has hosted countless memorable matches between football clubs. These fixtures included domestic and international fixtures. It continues to be a symbol of the football club's identity and tradition.

Manchester united's global brand value

The club's trademark portfolio is a treasure trove of intellectual property. It includes their famous crest, name, and various logos associated with the team.

United's consistent presence in top competitions ensures they are in the spotlight. The club competes in events such as the Premier League and the Champions League. This level of success enhances the club's reputation and elevates its brand value.

Manchester United's filed or registered trademarks

As mentioned before, the key filed or registered trademarks associated with the club's trademark portfolio include the following:

1. Crest: The club's iconic crest with the red devil and the ship. This registered trademark represents the identity and history.

2. The name "Manchester United": The club's logo, including the stylized letters "MUFC." These registered trademarks protect the club's brand identity.

3. The Red Devil: The symbol of the red devil is often seen on merchandise and promotional materials. This is also a registered trademark associated with Manchester United.

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