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Hyundai Ogam Five Senses Trademark

Hyundai's Aromatic Journey: From Revving Engines to Brewing Tea?



01 February 20243 min read

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Hyundai's Aromatic Journey: From Revving Engines to Brewing Tea?

Hyundai in a boutique

Gear up, car enthusiasts! Hyundai, the titan of torque and tech, is steering into uncharted territory, and it's not where you'd expect. Forget horsepower; we're talking tea leaves and fragrances.

In a bold shift, Hyundai has filed trademarks for "Ogam Five Senses" under categories as diverse as tea-based beverages and air fragrance products.

Is this a new era for the automotive giant, or just a pit stop in their journey of innovation? Let's buckle up and explore what might be driving Hyundai down this fragrant new road.

The unexpected twist in Hyundai's roadmap

Hyundai, known for its sleek designs and innovative technology in the automotive world, has thrown a curveball that's catching car fans by surprise.

The recent trademark filings under the name "Ogam Five Senses" suggest a venture into realms typically unassociated with carmakers: the world of tea and fragrances.

One of the filings, focusing on tea and tea-based beverages, hints at a possible entry into the food and beverage sector. Meanwhile, the other filing, encompassing air and room fragrances, suggests an interest in the home and lifestyle market.

Why would a car company brew tea and perfumes?

Hyundai showroom with tea and perfume

This move raises eyebrows and questions alike. Why would a brand synonymous with mobility and speed venture into seemingly unrelated markets?

One theory could be brand diversification. 

In an era where companies are constantly seeking new revenue streams, Hyundai might be exploring unorthodox sectors to broaden its brand appeal and reach.

Another speculation revolves around enhancing brand experience. 

Imagine stepping into a Hyundai showroom, where the scent of "Ogam Five Senses" welcomes you, or enjoying a Hyundai-branded tea while discussing your next car purchase.

This sensory branding could be a strategy to create a more immersive and memorable customer experience.

Hyundai's global fragrance ambitions: The Australian connection

Interestingly, Hyundai's trademark journey extends beyond the U.S., marking its footprint in Australia. 

The “Ogam Five Senses” trademark filing in Australia underlines the company's global ambitions.

 This move suggests that Hyundai is not just experimenting with new product categories, but is also keen on exploring international markets for these ventures.

The Australian filing, focusing on air and room fragrances, underlines Hyundai's commitment to expanding its brand presence in various lifestyle sectors across the globe.

Hyundai's beyond-automotive ventures

While Hyundai's venture into tea and fragrances might seem surprising, it aligns with their broader strategy of diversification and innovation.

Hyundai has been transforming car interiors into high-tech havens, focusing on quality and reliability through rigorous testing, and engaging in direct communication with customers to meet their needs and preferences.

Their involvement in sponsorships and partnerships, particularly in sports and cultural events, reflects their aspiration to be more than just a car manufacturer.

These strategies suggest Hyundai's move into new product categories may be part of a larger vision to become a lifestyle brand, integrated into various aspects of daily life.

More than just a car company?

As car fans, it's thrilling to see a beloved brand like Hyundai accelerate into new domains.

While the connection between cars, tea, and fragrances might not be apparent at first glance, it speaks volumes about Hyundai's ambition and willingness to innovate.

Only time will tell if these trademarks will transform into tangible products, but one thing is certain — Hyundai is not afraid to explore new roads, and we're excited to see where this journey takes them.

Hyundai's Ogam Five Senses Trademark

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