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Hyundai Genesis Fragrance Trademark Filing

Genesis Evolves: Hyundai's Bold New Fragrance Venture



01 February 20242 min read

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Genesis Evolves: Hyundai's Bold New Fragrance Venture

Genesis car and perfume bottle.

Rev your engines and inhale deeply, car enthusiasts! Hyundai is not just accelerating on the tarmac anymore. With a fresh trademark filing for "Genesis" in the world of perfumes and air fragrances, Hyundai is adding an unexpected twist to its luxury car brand.

Let's dive into what this means for the Genesis line and how Hyundai is shifting gears from the showroom to the scent world.

Hyundai's new scent of luxury: the Genesis trademark

Hyundai Motor Company has recently filed a trademark under the name "Genesis," but it's not for what you might expect.

This time, they're venturing into the realm of Class 003: cosmetics and cleaning products, specifically targeting perfumes, air, and room fragrance preparations. 

This bold move, filed on January 10, 2024, represents a significant expansion of the Genesis brand beyond its established luxury car lineup.

Genesis vs. Hyundai: A distinct identity

For car lovers who've admired Hyundai's evolution, Genesis has always stood out as the embodiment of luxury and innovation.

As Hyundai's luxury vehicle division, Genesis has carved a niche with its sophisticated design and advanced technology.

Now, with this new trademark, Genesis seems to be exploring how luxury can transcend beyond vehicles and enter into lifestyle products, potentially offering a holistic luxury experience that extends from the driver's seat to the living room.

Why fragrances? Hyundai's strategic expansion

But why would a renowned car manufacturer like Hyundai delve into fragrances? It's all about brand extension and enhancing customer experience.

Imagine the elegance of a Genesis car encapsulated in a fragrance, offering a sensory experience that complements the visual and tactile luxury of the vehicles.

This strategic move could be Hyundai's way of deepening customer loyalty and reaching new markets, all while reinforcing the luxurious essence of the Genesis brand.

The future of luxury branding

Hyundai's latest trademark filing for "GENESIS" in the fragrance sector is more than just a leap into a new product line; it's a bold statement about the future of luxury branding.

As Genesis extends its aura from the automotive world into our daily lives, it invites us to imagine a world where luxury is not just driven, but also lived. 

So, gear up for an aromatic journey with Genesis, where luxury meets lifestyle in every breath you take.

Hyundai's Genesis Trademark

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