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Emeril Lagasse New Trademark

"Bam!" Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse Registers New "Emeril's Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen" Trademark

Amrusha Chati

Amrusha Chati

26 January 20243 min read

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"Bam!" Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse Registers New "Emeril's Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen" Trademark

Chef Emeril Lagasse, renowned for his fiery personality and catchphrases like Bam!" and "kick it up a notch!", has secured a new trademark: Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen.

This move signifies the continued growth and national recognition of his signature education program, which fosters a fun and fresh perspective on food for elementary and middle school children.

Beyond his culinary prowess, Lagasse has long championed food education. In 2010, he established the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, dedicated to inspiring healthy lifestyles and creating opportunities for underprivileged children.

The Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen program, launched in 2016, embodies this mission by integrating hands-on gardening and cooking experiences into school curriculums.

The program provides schools with grants to build teaching kitchens and establish gardens. It also offers a comprehensive K-8 curriculum aligned with national academic standards, featuring over 100 kid-friendly recipes adapted from Lagasse's repertoire. Teachers receive training on implementing the program effectively, ensuring a cohesive and impactful experience for students.

Kicking it up a notch with a trademark

Securing the trademark elevates Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen to a new level. It protects the program's intellectual property, fosters brand recognition, and opens doors for potential expansion and partnerships.

The trademark has been registered under the following trademark classes in the USPTO:

Class [041]: Education and Entertainment Services

Providing educational programs in the field of teaching gardens and teaching kitchens in schools; organizing and developing teaching gardens and teaching kitchens in schools for educational purposes.

Class [036]: Insurance & Financial Services

Providing financial support for teaching gardens and teaching kitchens in schools.

Class [035]: Advertising, Business & Retail Services

Charitable services, namely, organizing and developing projects to promote awareness of the culinary arts through teaching gardens and teaching kitchens in schools.

Benefits of a trademark

Here's how the trademark benefits the program:

1. Enhanced Credibility and Trust: The trademark serves as a symbol of quality and assurance for schools considering the program. It signifies a legitimate and well-structured initiative backed by a reputable organization.

2. National Recognition and Expansion: The trademark helps establish Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen as a leading player in the field of food education. This recognition can attract more schools across the country, fostering the program's national reach.

3. Potential Partnerships and Funding: The trademark opens doors for collaborations with other organizations and brands that share the program's goals. Such partnerships can lead to increased funding opportunities and program development.

4. Protection of Intellectual Property: The trademark safeguards the program's unique name, curriculum, and methodology. This protection prevents unauthorized use and ensures the integrity of the Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen experience.

A lasting impact

According to the celebrity chef, the impact of Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen goes beyond culinary skills. Children gain valuable life lessons through gardening and cooking, including:

Appreciation for the source of food: Students learn about agriculture, sustainability, and the journey of food from farm to table.

Development of life skills: Gardening and cooking require patience, teamwork, and problem-solving, fostering valuable life skills.

Understanding of nutrition and healthy eating: The program emphasizes healthy eating habits, equipping children with the knowledge to make informed food choices.

Building confidence and self-reliance: Mastering culinary skills empowers children to cook for themselves and others, boosting their confidence and independence.

Currently, six schools across the US benefit from the program, reaching thousands of students. With the secured trademark, the program is poised for further growth and impact, cultivating a generation of food-savvy and empowered individuals.

As Lagasse himself proclaims, "Let's get cookin'!" And with the Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen program, he's not just encouraging kids to cook, he's nurturing a love for food, healthy habits, and valuable life skills, one delicious bite at a time.

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