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Freebies Ideas For Small Business

The Top 7 Freebies Ideas for Small Business Owners

Joshua Julien Brouard

Joshua Julien Brouard

15 August 20236 min read

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Freebies ideas for small business

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    Freebies work wonders for small businesses looking to grow, attract new business, and retain current clientele. That's why I've taken the time to put together seven freebie ideas for the small business owner that will help you achieve your strategic objectives.

    Let's begin.

    1. A gift with or before every purchase

    While this idea may only work for some organizations, certain small businesses may be able to encourage repeat purchases by offering gifts with each purchase.

    A great example of this is if you run a cupcake business. Say a client ordered a dozen custom-made cupcakes, and you added three free smaller cupcakes of different flavors to their order. Not only will the customer feel like they've gotten a good deal, but there's also a chance that they may purchase one of those flavors in the future (particularly if they especially enjoyed one of those added flavors).

    Alternatively, you could offer free samples in-store (or online) for customers to try. The free sample may also be the motivation new customers need to make a proper purchase. A study by Brigham Young University found that free samples do increase sales.

    And if you don't have free samples to give, you can also try free consultations, such as if you're a consultancy service.

    2. Loyalty discounts

    There's a reason why many retail stores are implementing these: they work exceptionally well.

    Loyal customers are rewarded for repeat business by discounted offers on future purchases. Not only do the rewards have a psychological impact, creating a feeling of achievement, but they're also an incentive to continue to purchase from your business.

    Customer loyalty is a powerful tool.

    3. Sweepstakes

    Now, you may not want to run sweepstakes every week. But a monthly or even bi-yearly sweepstakes can help create new business. Here's how:

    Imagine you're running a new catering business, and you need help to get new business. An online sweepstake can help you get your feet off the ground by:

    • Helping you boost brand awareness by stipulating that people must share the post on social media to enter.
    • Letting you showcase your services to the winners, who (should you do a good job) may offer positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.
    • Growing your social media following through likes and shares.

    In short:

    If used strategically, a sweepstake can be very effective.

    4. Free branded merchandise

    A mug is something someone may use for years every single day. The same can be said about a stylish T-shirt or hat. Even a pen can sometimes be used (at least until it runs out of ink).

    And that's the power of branded merchandise.

    By either handing out free branded merchandise outside your business or offering it with each purchase, you'll do extra free promotional marketing without lifting a finger.

    5. Charity with purchases

    Another great way to appeal to people is to offer to support a charity with about 5-10% of the value of every purchase made. Not convinced? Millennials showed the largest increase in giving among every generation.

    Appealing to the new socially and environmentally-conscious generation is a great way to encourage repeat sales and improve your brand's image.

    6. Free trials

    No list of freebie ideas is complete without mentioning free trials. And we all know how common these are. Just think back to the number of free trials you've signed up for (this may take a while).

    And consider how many you just ended up paying for because you found the features quite useful or because you used the service often. That's the power of free trials. They're always worth considering.

    When it comes to small business freebies, this is a win-win for you and the potential customer.

    7. Free mini-courses

    Another trendy freebie idea is to offer free mini-courses on subjects that relate to your services. Not only will this set you up as an authority on the subject matter, but it'll also help make potential customers comfortable with you and your services.

    In addition to this, you could also try the following:

    • Hosting free webinars to show off your expertise.
    • Offering free tools that relate to your services (such as a basic keyword tool if you're offering SEO services) to build familiarity with your brand.
    • Offering a free template that people can use (such as legal document templates if you're a law firm). Free templates can also help establish you as an authority.

    Freebies ideas for small business owners: craft a catered strategy

    Now not all of the above suggestions will work for your organization. That's a given. But I'd suggest you choose those that best fit your business models. Freebies are a remarkable business strategy that many business owners benefit from (and hopefully that you will soon benefit from too).


    What can I add as a freebie for my small business?

    There are several freebie ideas that you can add to your business. But the appropriate choice depends mainly on the type of business you run. A free mini-course may be a great way to get your name out there for a digital marketing business. But a clothing business may find that loyalty discounts are the best freebies for their business.

    What makes a good freebie?

    A good freebie is one that achieves one or several of the following:

    • It attracts potential customers.
    • It inspires loyalty and repeat purchases.
    • It creates trust and familiarity with the brand.

    How do you make a freebie that converts?

    Freebies that convert offer a "taste" of what a customer would get if they decided to purchase your product or use your service. Free trials are a great example of this.

    How effective are freebies?

    Freebies are highly effective because of one simple reason: people like free things. And by encouraging people to try your products or use your products for a reward of discounts, you'll improve your revenue in the long term.

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    Joshua Julien Brouard

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