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Expert Crowdfunding Tips

Looking for Success? Explore Crowdfunding Tips From Three Experts

Joshua Julien Brouard

Joshua Julien Brouard

23 November 20233 min read

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In a dynamic session at LegalForce in Palo Alto, CA, three seasoned founders, boasting over $730K in successful crowdfunding achievements, shared their knowledge with a group of eager entrepreneurs. Below is a summarized version of their expert crowdfunding tips:

(Watch the videos for the full crowdfunding success stories.)

1. Gtar — simplifying how to learn guitar

Stefan Lindsay's Gtar, a revolutionary digital guitar, achieved remarkable success. On Kickstarter, it far exceeded its initial funding target. Garnering an impressive $353,392, it surpassed the original goal of $100,000.

This innovative musical instrument attracted a wide array of backers. This indicates a strong market interest.

It shows potential for reshaping how people learn and play guitar.

So, what crowdsourcing ideas can we get from Stefan for startups looking for crowdfunding success?

What we can learn from Stefan Lindsay's presentation:

  • Launch at an event with press: Launch your crowdfunding campaign at an event with significant press coverage to magnify your reach.
  • Make an excellent video: A compelling video script that tells a story about your product is crucial.
  • Feel-good factor: Raise money by partnering with causes that make people feel good about supporting you.
  • Act big: Even if starting small, act like a big company to push the limits and portray confidence.

2. Silic — a self-cleaning t-shirt

Aamir Patel, the founder of Silic, made a significant impact in innovative apparel. His development of a self-cleaning t-shirt was groundbreaking. 

It’s designed to repel stains and liquids. This led to a remarkable fundraising achievement on a crowdfunding platform.

Silic's crowdfunding campaign raised an impressive $298,251. This surpassed its modest initial goal of $20,000. This overwhelming response highlighted the market's interest in advanced fabric technologies. And it also marked a notable success for Patel and his company. He set a new standard in the evolution of smart clothing.

So, what can we learn from this crowdfunding campaign's success?

What small business owners can learn from Aamir Patel's presentation:

  • Patent your ideas: Protect your ideas affordably. Consider options like Trademarkia to do this.
  • Focus on quality: Commit to offering the best product without cutting corners.
  • Name drop: Partnering with well-known names or brands can boost consumer interest.
  • Persistence: If a campaign fails, learn from it and try again. A successful campaign is just an attempt away.
  • Gather feedback: Don't rush to market. Instead, get as much feedback as possible before launching.

3. PIXEL — an exciting way to create pixel art

Al Linke is the innovative mind behind PIXEL, an interactive LED display. This product achieved notable success with his Kickstarter campaign. PIXEL, designed as a customizable and dynamic LED art piece, captured the imagination of tech enthusiasts and art lovers alike. 

This led to a remarkable fundraising achievement. Linke's campaign raised a substantial $51,536. This significantly exceeded the modest initial target of $8,000.

This success demonstrated the market's enthusiasm for creative and interactive technology. And it underscored Linke's ingenuity in blending art with digital interactivity.

The product is a milestone in the fusion of technology and creative expression.

What Pixel's presentation can teach us about crowdfunding success:

  • Focus on marketing & PR: When balancing a day job, prioritize marketing and PR efforts.
  • Leverage open source: Use open source software to save time and resources.
  • Plan for success: Have manufacturing and shipping plans in place; be prepared for success.

Harnessing the power of crowdfunding for innovative ventures

In a dynamic session at LegalForce in Palo Alto, CA:

Three successful founders shared their experiences and insights in the world of crowdfunding. Collectively, they raised over $730,000 for their innovative projects.

Stefan Lindsay of Gtar, Aamir Patel of Silic, and Al Linke of PIXEL each brought unique perspectives on:

  • Leveraging media
  • Focusing on product quality
  • Planning for post-campaign success.

Their collective wisdom provides a valuable blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs. The emphasis is on the importance of strategic planning, effective communication, and resilience. The journey from a visionary idea to a successful crowdfunding campaign isn't easy, but it's definitely possible.


How do you effectively crowdfund?

Successful crowdfunding campaigns involve several vital strategies. It starts with a compelling narrative explaining your project or idea. This helps in attracting backers who resonate with your mission. Setting realistic funding goals is crucial, as unrealistic goals can deter potential backers. Once you've selected the right crowdfunding platform, your campaign page should be:


  • Engaging,
  • Use videos,
  • Use images,
  • And have narratives to illustrate the potential of your project.


Regular updates to backers are essential for transparency and building trust. Utilizing social media and other marketing strategies can significantly widen your reach. Offering appealing rewards at different contribution levels can incentivize backing. And engaging actively with your community helps build a loyal following.

What are two crowdfunding mistakes to avoid?

One significant mistake people make when they use crowdfunding sites is a lack of preparation. They may jump into crowdfunding without proper planning and research.


This lack of preparation can lead to a campaign that fails to resonate with potential backers. Another mistake is neglecting backers. This includes failing to communicate regularly or not delivering on promises. Such neglect can damage your reputation. It can also hurt the trustworthiness of your project, making it harder to secure funding.

What percentage of crowdfunding is successful?

According to Fundera, only 22.4% of campaigns achieve success. But, this rate will depend on various factors like:


  • The platform chosen
  • The type of project
  • The campaign's management
  • How well the campaign resonates with its intended audience


Success in crowdfunding is not guaranteed. And it can be influenced by how effectively the campaign is planned and executed.

How do investors get back from crowdfunding?

Returns for investors in crowdfunding depend on the type of crowdfunding. In equity crowdfunding, investors may receive a share of the company's equity. This means they will own a part of the business. Debt crowdfunding involves investors being repaid over time, usually with interest.


Rewards-based crowdfunding offers specific rewards or products in return for investment. These are often not financial. In donation-based crowdfunding, backers support out of belief in the project. This is generally without expecting a financial return.

What are the disadvantages of crowdfunding?

Using a crowdfunding page has several disadvantages. There's always a risk of not meeting funding goals. And the public exposure of an idea can risk intellectual property or give competitors insights. Managing a crowdfunding campaign is time-consuming. It requires significant effort in marketing and communication.


Failure to deliver on campaign promises can damage the creator's reputation. Additionally, crowdfunding platforms often charge fees. And regulatory considerations, especially in equity crowdfunding, need to be managed. These factors make crowdfunding a challenging yet potentially rewarding avenue for raising funds.

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