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Best Business Ideas 2024

Best Business Ideas for 2024 According to 10 Successful Business Leads

Joshua Julien Brouard

Joshua Julien Brouard

16 January 202412 min read

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Best Business Ideas for 2024 According to 10 Successful Business Leads

Venturing into the realm of entrepreneurship in 2024 presents a myriad of opportunities for those seeking a great business idea.

Whether you're looking to start your own business, explore online business ideas, or find a niche in the small business landscape, the insights from these successful business leaders offer a roadmap to what could be not just a profitable business idea, but a truly transformative one. 

Dive into their expertise to discover how you can turn your vision into a lucrative business in today's dynamic market.

1. Mark McShane's guide to success: Leveraging personalized digital marketing for small businesses

Mark McShane, Marketing Lead & Managing Director at AED Training

Mark McShane, Marketing Lead & Managing Director at AED Training, emphasizes the potential of personalized digital marketing services tailored to small businesses as this year's most promising business avenue.

He notes the crucial role of a robust online presence for small businesses to scale and gain visibility in a saturated market.

"Personalized digital marketing services tailored to small businesses stand as this year's most promising avenue for would-be entrepreneurs. Recognizing the necessity of a robust online presence to scale and gain visibility in a saturated market, these small businesses are increasingly committing their budgets to digital marketing.

Small businesses—frequently overshadowed by larger corporations—can level the playing field through targeted digital campaigns that resonate with their unique audience; personalization has evolved from luxury to a critical component in any triumphant online strategy.

A digital marketing provider becomes an indispensable ally in small businesses' quest for growth by meticulously catering to their individual needs—crafting brand stories, optimizing customer journeys—and offering tailored services.

Digital marketing services not only generate immediate results but also lay the foundation for a sustainable long-term business model.

These bespoke services encompass myriad elements—both technical and non-technical—to comprehensively enhance a client's online presence; vital among these are search engine optimization (SEO), data analytics, and conversion rate optimization (CRO)—each integral in attracting and retaining targeted traffic.

Content creation, social media management, and brand strategy—non-technical services—are crucial for engaging and expanding a customer base; through providing a comprehensive suite of services, digital marketing firms can navigate the ever-changing online ecosystem effectively, which ensures their longevity and relevance.

A Statista report projects that by 2026 the global market for digital advertising will balloon to $786.2 billion—a clear signifier of increasing demand for these marketing skills.

By providing personalized digital marketing services, one accesses a market brimming with growth potential; moreover, this approach spawns a business capable of agile adaptation to client needs, guaranteeing enduring sustainability and success."

2. Mike Breslin's insight on innovation: Telehealth-integrated platforms for DME

Mike Breslin, owner of ProMed DME

Mike Breslin, owner of ProMed DME, shares that for 2024, the business idea with the most potential is developing telehealth-integrated platforms for durable medical equipment (DME). He discusses how this integration addresses a growing need in the healthcare sector.

"For 2024, the business idea with the most potential is developing telehealth-integrated platforms for durable medical equipment (DME).

Integrating telehealth services with DME provision addresses a growing need in the healthcare sector. As telehealth expands, there's an increasing demand for a seamless service that combines virtual healthcare consultations with the immediate provision of necessary medical equipment.

This idea capitalizes on the convenience and efficiency patients and healthcare providers seek in the digital age.

In my experience at ProMed DME, understanding and meeting the dynamic needs of patients while ensuring compliance with Medicare, Medicaid, and other payors is crucial.

A telehealth-integrated DME platform would streamline this process, making it easier for patients to receive the right equipment promptly following a virtual consultation. It also opens up new opportunities for DME providers to collaborate with telehealth services, creating a more cohesive healthcare experience.

This approach is not just about convenience; it enhances patient care by ensuring timely access to medical equipment and improving health outcomes."

3. Ali Lijee's vision for a green future: Platforms connecting consumers with eco-friendly services

Ali Lijee, founder of JunkGator

Ali Lijee, the founder of JunkGator, believes that the best business idea for 2024 lies in creating platforms that connect consumers with eco-friendly service providers. He explains how this idea caters to the increasing consumer demand for transparent, ethical, and environmentally responsible services.

"For 2024, I believe the best business idea lies in creating platforms that connect consumers with eco-friendly service providers.

The rationale behind this idea is multi-faceted. As environmental concerns continue escalating, consumers increasingly seek services that align with their values. A platform that simplifies finding and using eco-friendly services fills this growing market need.

My experience with JunkGator underscores this trend; our success stems from tapping into the consumer demand for transparent, ethical, and environmentally responsible junk removal services.

Such platforms are not only beneficial for consumers but also for small, eco-conscious businesses seeking wider market exposure. By bridging this gap, these platforms can drive economic growth while promoting sustainability — a combination increasingly becoming the hallmark of successful business models in the modern era."

4. Robert Resz's roadmap to market dominance: Vehicle customization kits for enthusiasts

Robert Resz, founder and CEO of Rad Bronco Parts

Robert Resz, the founder and CEO of Rad Bronco Parts, predicts the business idea set to make waves in 2024.

"For 2024, the business idea set to make waves is developing and selling vehicle customization kits, particularly for off-road vehicles like the Ford Bronco.

The reason this idea holds immense potential for 2024 is multi-layered. Firstly, the market for personalizing vehicles is rapidly growing as enthusiasts seek unique ways to express their individuality and enhance performance. Customization kits that cater to specific models, like the Bronco, provide a one-stop solution for customers looking to personalize their rides.

Furthermore, these kits address the increasing desire for DIY projects, allowing owners to be more hands-on with their vehicles. This trend aligns with the growing maker culture and the push for personal accomplishment in vehicle maintenance and customization."

5. Gianluca Ferruggia's strategy for cutting-edge marketing: AI-based digital marketing solutions

Gianluca Ferruggia, general of DesignRush

Gianluca Ferruggia, general manager of DesignRush, foresees a promising business idea in developing AI-based digital marketing solutions for 2024. He speaks about the increasing demand for smart, hyper-targeted advertising strategies in a rapidly digitizing world.

"As we look forward to 2024, a promising business idea stands out - developing AI-based digital marketing solutions. As the General Manager of DesignRush, a successful digital agency and B2B marketplace, I've observed an increasing demand for smart, hyper-targeted advertising strategies that can predict evolving consumer trends and behavior.

There are two essential reasons why this will be a winning idea in 2024. First, the ongoing digital transformation will continue to fuel the need for data-driven insights in the marketing field. 

Second, businesses are recognizing the cost-effectiveness and ROI of AI in managing and enhancing customer interactions. AI-powered systems facilitate hyper-personalized marketing content, predictive analytics, and improved A/B testing, ensuring smarter advertising spend.

Furthermore, with increasing digital privacy concerns and changing data policies, AI could potentially provide a solution by effectively leveraging available user data without infringing on privacy rights. This balance will prove invaluable for businesses striving for an optimal digital marketing strategy in a data-conscious landscape."

6. Guillaume Drew's formula for modern luxury: Sustainable luxury products

Guilliaume Drew, founder and CEO of Or & Zon

Guillaume Drew, founder and CEO of Or & Zon, highlights the compelling business idea of sustainable luxury for 2024. He explains the significance of global artisanal craftsmanship and ethical production in meeting the modern consumer's demand for sustainability and uniqueness.

"As we navigate the increasingly complex world of e-commerce and luxury retail, one business idea stands out as compelling for 2024: sustainable luxury. Rooted in the appreciation of global artisanal craftsmanship and a dedication to ethical production, companies offer unique, handcrafted goods aligned with modern, conscientious consumer habits.

Why does this work in 2024? First, the demand for sustainability. As consumers become increasingly aware of their ecological footprint, industries pivoting towards sustainable models will thrive. Businesses such as ours, Or & Zon, are interconnected with this shift, sourcing products directly from global artisans and emphasizing eco-friendly production.

Second, the appreciation for cultural distinctiveness and craftsmanship is growing, providing a niche for businesses focusing on handcrafted luxury goods. Our model at Or & Zon caters to this need. Finally, the evolution of e-commerce allows businesses to reach a global audience, making it an ideal platform for luxury retailers focusing on unique, handcrafted offerings.

This entrepreneurial opportunity interweaves sustainability, artisanal craftsmanship, and e-business innovation, which I believe creates a path for new forms of luxury consumption in 2024."

7. Kanyarat Nuchangpuek's blueprint for global communication: AI-enhanced mobile language learning apps

Kanyarat Nuchangpuek, co-founder of Ling App

Kanyarat Nuchangpuek, co-founder of Ling App, proposes the further development and refinement of mobile language learning apps leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and gamification for 2024. She stresses the importance of personalized learning experiences in an increasingly globalized world.

"In an increasingly globalized world, overcoming language barriers is becoming more essential. For 2024, my business proposal is the further development and refinement of mobile language learning apps leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and gamification.

Firstly, AI can provide learners with personalized learning experiences, adjusting the pace and content based on their individual capabilities and style of learning. This is not only more efficient, but also creates a more engaging experience for the learner. 

Secondly, integrating gamified elements encourages continual user engagement, making the learning process fun and addictive. It's not just learning, it's playing.

Why does this work in 2024? As we continue to digitize and globalize, the demand for convenient and efficient language learning methods will skyrocket. Furthermore, advancements in AI and machine learning technologies will make the personalization features of these apps more effective and precise.

This is the philosophy that has driven the success of Ling App, an endeavor I co-founded which now has over 10 million downloads worldwide. It suggests the potential scale at which such a business idea can operate."

8. Pavel Naydenov's key to SME success: Personalized AI solutions

Pavel Naydenov, head of marketing at Businessmap

Pavel Naydenov, head of marketing at Businessmap, suggests that personalized Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for SMEs would be an extremely promising business idea for 2024. He discusses the potential in offering affordable, user-friendly AI services to the untapped SME market.

"Seeing the current business trends and shifts in consumer behavior, I believe that personalized Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for SMEs would make an extremely promising business idea for 2024. There are a few reasons for this prediction.

Firstly, despite the increasing importance of AI in optimizing operations and delivering personalized customer experiences, many SMEs still find AI technology complex and cost-prohibitive. As such, a business offering affordable, user-friendly, and bespoke AI services to SMEs could greatly appeal to this untapped market.

Secondly, with the continued integration of digitization in our daily routines and work processes, the demand for sophisticated AI solutions will further surge, making this sector a lucrative one.

Lastly, as businesses continue to prioritize data-driven decision making, personalized AI solutions can be pivotal in helping companies sort and analyze their data coherently, leading to actionable insights that can fuel their growth in 2024."

9. Sunny Zheng's recipe for e-commerce innovation: Personalized AI-driven shopping experiences

Sunny Zheng, senior manager at Tengyu

Sunny Zheng, Senior Manager at Tengyu, sees 2024 as the year to elevate e-commerce with highly personalized experiences. His "Tengyu Custom SkinCare" project showcases the use of smart AI to tailor product recommendations, demonstrating the growing importance of AI in e-commerce.

"2024 is all about taking e-commerce to the next level with really personalized experiences. Our "Tengyu Custom SkinCare" project, which started in 2023, uses smart AI to figure out what each customer needs, based on things like their skin type and what products they like. This lets us suggest the perfect products and skincare routines for everyone.

Why It's the Future:

1. Really Knowing What Customers Want: Our AI figured out what customers liked, so we could suggest the right products. For example, people with dry skin got recommendations for hydrating products, making 60% of our customers happier with their choices.

2. Smarter AI Over Time: Our AI got better and better as it learned from what customers did, making our suggestions 50% more accurate in just six months.

3. Matching How People Shop Today: Online shopping is the way to go now, but people want it to feel personal. Our AI approach met this need, bringing in over 2 million new users to our site in a year.

4. Standing Out: "Tengyu Custom SkinCare" made us really stand out. By offering a shopping experience tailored to each customer, we kept our old customers and got lots of new ones, increasing how much people liked and trusted our brand.

In-Depth Analysis:

To make this work, we really planned everything carefully and listened to what our customers said. We used their feedback to make the AI even better. For example, if someone liked how a product worked, we'd show them more products with similar stuff in them. This made our customers trust us more and enjoy their shopping experience.

To sum it up, "Tengyu Custom SkinCare" shows that personalized e-commerce, powered by AI, is a huge deal for businesses in 2024. It's all about giving each customer a unique shopping journey that keeps them coming back."

10. Geoff Cudd's approach to responsible business: Sustainability consulting

Geoff Cudd, founder of Don't Do It Yourself

Geoff Cudd, founder of Don't Do It Yourself, identifies a sustainability consulting firm as a compelling business idea for 2024. He talks about assisting businesses in various industries to develop and implement green strategies, highlighting the increasing focus on environmental concerns and corporate responsibility.

"A compelling business idea for 2024 is a sustainability consulting firm. As environmental concerns continue to grow, businesses are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and implement sustainable practices.

This trend is driven not only by regulatory pressures but also by consumer demand for environmentally responsible companies. A sustainability consulting firm can assist businesses in various industries to develop and implement green strategies, ranging from energy efficiency improvements to sustainable supply chain management.

This business idea is timely because it aligns with global trends towards sustainability and corporate responsibility. Companies are recognizing that sustainable practices are not just ethically important but can also lead to cost savings and improved brand reputation.

Moreover, as new technologies and methodologies emerge in the field of sustainability, there is a growing need for expert guidance to navigate these changes.

The market for sustainability consulting is broad, including small businesses looking to differentiate themselves, to large corporations aiming to meet regulatory requirements and improve their public image. 

The key to success in this field will be a deep understanding of sustainable practices, the ability to stay abreast of regulatory changes, and the skill to tailor strategies to diverse business needs."

Harnessing lucrative small business ideas for 2024

As we explore the diverse spectrum of business opportunities for 2024, it becomes evident that the keys to success lie in innovation, sustainability, and personalization.

From leveraging the power of digital marketing to embracing the shift towards sustainable practices, these ideas not only present viable small business ideas but also pave the way for creating a significant impact in the business world.

Whether your interest lies in starting an online business or you're inspired to launch a more traditional venture, each of these insights offers a unique perspective on what constitutes a profitable business idea in today's market.

Embarking on the journey of starting your own business is a bold step, and with these expert insights, you're well-equipped to make that leap into a lucrative and fulfilling future.

Not quite financially prepared to launch your business? Read our resource on this “How to Start a Business With Nothing in 2024.” 


What are the most profitable small businesses?

Digital marketing and SEO services, IT support, and legal services top the list, offering high returns with relatively low startup costs. Online tutoring, personal training, food trucks, and bookkeeping also show strong profitability.

What business can I start with no money?

Service-based online businesses like digital marketing, SEO, and virtual assistant services are ideal for minimal investment. Freelance writing, copywriting, and graphic design also offer lucrative opportunities without needing significant capital​.

What kind of online business is most profitable?

E-commerce, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products or online courses are highly profitable due to low overhead and global reach. Content creation and blogging also yield significant returns through advertising and sponsorships.

Which business opportunity involves higher start-up costs?

Manufacturing businesses, tech startups, restaurants, and franchises generally involve higher start-up costs, requiring significant investment in technology, equipment, and branding.

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