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Winking Could Be The Future Of Online Purchase Authentication

Winking' Could Be The Future of Online Purchase Authentication



18 March 20164 min read

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Winking' Could Be The Future of Online Purchase Authentication

Introduction to the patent application

Amazon earlier this month filed a patent application to enhance security when making online purchases by using a selfie and a wink. The patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is for an “Image Analysis for Authentication.”

Benefits of the technology

The system would use face pics for identification and a nod, wink or another requested movement to verify the customer and finalize the purchase, according to the patent application reported by the New York Daily News.

The facial recognition technology authenticates the customer without passwords, which can be stolen, and aid in defeating identity theft. "We're very excited to see biometrics and increased payment security getting such attention and welcome developments to the technology that this announcement may bring to help our members stay safe while shopping online," Brian Ziff-Levine, director of cards and payments at First Tech Federal Credit Union told E-Commerce Times.

How to use it

The system would work this way: An Amazon customer has his or her picture on file with Amazon, and the system would verify the picture when the customer makes a purchase. To complete the sale and prevent thieves from holding up a picture of the customer, the system would require the buyer to wink or make some other movement to verify the customer’s identity and complete the purchase.

Amazon customers could access the facial recognition technology with a number of electronic devices, including notebook computers, portable media players, smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices, according to E-Commerce Times.

Other companies with similar technology

Amazon is not the first company interested in facial recognition technology. For example, this summer MasterCard will launch an Identity Check system to U.S. banks and banks in Canada, parts of Europe and the United Kingdom, E-Commerce Times reported. And last year, Apple received a patent for a facial recognition feature, reported BioMetric


Amazon has filed a patent application for an "Image Analysis for Authentication" system that uses facial recognition technology to enhance security during online purchases. The system verifies the customer's identity by matching their face with a stored picture and requires them to perform a specific movement, such as a wink, to complete the purchase. This technology aims to eliminate the need for passwords and prevent identity theft. Other companies, such as MasterCard and Apple, have also shown interest in facial recognition technology.

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