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When Lawyers Sue Lawyers Forcing The Bar To Wake Up

WHEN LAWYERS SUE LAWYERS: Forcing the Bar to Wake Up



19 March 201811 min read

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WHEN LAWYERS SUE LAWYERS: Forcing the Bar to Wake Up

The Taboo of Lawyers Suing Their Peers 

When you go to Google and search for “Lawyers who sue other lawyers,” the results are sparse. This rarity underscores a long-standing taboo in the legal profession. As a California lawyer who has recently filed a dozen lawsuits against more than two dozen attorneys and their firms, I'm challenging this taboo. These lawsuits allege offenses ranging from unfair competition to breach of fiduciary duties, and they also target three state bar associations and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

My defense is simple: somebody had to take action. My goal is to make legal advice more accessible and affordable, particularly for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The primary hurdle is the legal industry itself, with its outdated regulations crafted more for protectionism than client protection.

Challenges at LegalForce and Trademarkia 

As the CEO of LegalForce and Trademarkia, I've seen firsthand how these regulations stifle innovation and increase costs. Despite our success in trademark search and registration, we face constant challenges due to the legal profession's inefficient and archaic rules.

The Impact of Bar Association Regulations 

As a practicing lawyer, I'm hampered by bar rules that restrict fundraising abilities, forbid equity sales to non-lawyers, and impose costly, quality-neutral requirements. These regulations put me at a disadvantage compared to non-lawyer rivals like LegalZoom, which operate under fewer constraints.

LegalZoom: The Major Competitor 

LegalZoom's approach, using lower-paid, non-lawyer staff for most client requests, highlights the inefficiencies in the current system. If allowed to operate like LegalZoom, I could significantly reduce my rates at LegalForce. However, deviating from bar rules could lead to severe professional consequences.

Suing for Change and Fair Competition 

The lawsuits I've filed aim to challenge the anticompetitive and outdated regulations of the bar, the questionable practices of some firms, and the dubious methods of LegalZoom. This is a step towards justice and fair competition, ensuring that legal services are accessible to all, especially small businesses that form the backbone of our economy.


The ongoing issue of lawyers suing other lawyers is crucial for prompting necessary reforms in the legal profession. These outdated rules and regulations not only raise costs unnecessarily but also hinder the expansion of legal practices and the reduction of rates. The restrictions on lawyers in matters like raising capital and equity sales prevent them from competing fairly with non-lawyer firms. The filed lawsuits serve as a means to seek court rulings and clarifications on these anticompetitive measures and practices, ultimately aiming to provide quality legal counsel at rates affordable for all.

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