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Top Trademark Attorneys

Top Trademark Attorneys



09 January 20175 min read

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Top Trademark Attorneys

Introduction to USPTO

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) is a government agency and a branch in the U.S. Department of Commerce. The primary role of the USPTO is to register trademarks and grant patents for the protection of inventions. As a government agency it serves the interests of businesses and inventors with respect to their products and inventions as well as service identifications.

Importance of USPTO to Public Interest

Moreover, the USPTO is a government agency that by its very nature is important to the public interest. The agency has a duty to disclose their records as a means of public information for all to have and access. Because ultimately through the public dissemination of patent and trademark information the USPTO aids and encourages innovation as well as scientific and technical advancement in the United States.

USPTO Website and Features

The USPTO website allows the public to search for registered patents and trademarks in addition to allowing the public to see who the attorney of record is on trademark applications and registrations.

Trademarkia's List of Top Trademark Attorneys for 2016

Utilizing public information on the USPTO’s Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (“TSDR”) site, Trademarkia was able to compile a list of the top trademark attorneys for 2016. These are the attorneys who are the attorney of record on the most applications and/or registrations for 2016.

Top Three Attorneys and Their Achievements

And we are proud to announce that the top three attorneys who filed the most applications and/or registrations in 2016 were all LegalForce RAPC attorneys! (And 9 out of the top 25 correspondents and/or attorneys who filed the most applications and/or registrations were current or former LegalForce RAPC attorneys! That’s quite a feat!)

Importance of Experience for Trademark Attorneys

Applying for and registering trademarks is the best way for a trademark attorney to gain experience. (And according to Albert Einstein, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”)

List of Top Trademark Attorneys

Check out the list of top trademark attorneys who filed the most applications and/or registrations in 2016 below.

**Denotes current LegalForce RAPC attorney.,*Denotes former LegalForce RAPC attorney.

Raj Abhyanker (1,505 Marks) **,Ruth Khalsa (1,087 Marks) **,Jessica Tam (985 Marks) **,Peng Xiao Pan (958 Marks),Ivy Xu (829 Marks),Zhou Emei (794 Marks),Laura Figel (756 Marks) **,Devan Orr (754 Marks) **,Luke Brean (707 Marks),Kao. H Lu/Chun-Ming Shih (698 Marks),Chad Belville (642 Marks) *,Samen Chen (617 Marks),Emilie Bo (615 Marks),Ye Lifang (612 Marks),Ross Kader (591 Marks) *,Bryan Liang (561 Marks),Joshua M. Gerben, (555 Marks),Lawrence E. Abelman (533 Marks),Peng Geng (491 Marks),Thomas Dunlap (470 Marks),Renuka Rajan (452 Marks) **,Gene Bolmarcich (436 Marks),Jonathan Grant Morton (430 Marks),Bing Li (407 Marks),Marcos Eduardo Garciaacosta (406 Marks) *


As you can see, when you file a registration with LegalForce RAPC, you are getting the benefit of experience.

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