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The Complete List Of All 170 Trademarks Filed By Donald Trump

The Complete List of All 170 Trademarks Filed by Donald Trump



27 October 20163 min read

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The Complete List of All 170 Trademarks Filed by Donald Trump

We searched through the list of trademarks owned by Donald Trump using our free trademark search engine, We conducted the search mostly out of curiosity as we keep hearing about the many trademarks he has filed.

After the trademark search, we were shocked to see the the pure volume of trademarks filed by the presidential candidate. The fact that there was 170 trademarks is a big deal – I mean that is a lot of trademarks.  

Details about the trademarks

Many of the trademarks filed by the candidate have to do with his businesses including his hotel, golf courses and winery for example. His website shows the extent of his whole business empire.

Importance of trademarks in business

The future president is a smart business man, and filing trademarks is one thing to support that claim. Trademarks are an extremely important part of running a business. They are vital as they work to protect the brand – the heart and soul of any company. Filing a trademark is also one of the first things you do when you start a company.

Conclusion and personal opinion

So whether or not you love him or hate him, you have to admit, he did know how to protect a brand. Even if the brand happens to be as laughable as Trump Money.


Donald Trump has filed a significant number of trademarks, with 170 trademarks in total. These trademarks cover various aspects of his businesses, including his hotel, golf courses, and winery. Filing trademarks is an important step in protecting a brand, which is crucial for any company. Regardless of personal opinions, it is evident that Trump understood the importance of brand protection.

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