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Facebook Wins Chinese Trademark Case

Facebook Wins Chinese Trademark Case



12 May 20164 min read

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Facebook Wins Chinese Trademark Case

Introduction to the Case

International trademark cases appear to get sticky, especially in China. Fortunately, this recent trademark case did not get lost in translation.

The Chinese Beverage Company's Argument

Chinese beverage company attempted to argue that the Chinese word for their milk-flavored drinks and porridge, 脸书 or "lian shu," coincidentally happened to translate to the popular brand name we all know and love, "face book",The Chinese beverage company's vision was that everyone could sip on their trademarked "face book" drinks. 

A Chinese trademark court didn't buy it and ruled in favor of Facebook, the popular social network. The beverage company's Marketing Manager, Liu Hongqun, explained to the Wall Street Journal that the Chinese term for “face book” refers to a historical figure in traditional Chinese opera. The Chinese company further argued that the term "lian shu" is very well known in China. The beverage company stated that they were never intending to infringe on the social network's brand.

Court's Decision

Despite the beverage companies plea, no one will be sipping the "face book" drink any more as the popular social network, Facebook, won the trademark case.

Implications for U.S. Companies

This trademark case brings somewhat of a boost of confidence for U.S. companies and startups who are also hoping to uphold their filed trademarks in the Chinese market.

Advice for International Trademark Protection

For those of you who are looking to protect your brand in foreign countries like China, your best option is to be sure to be sure to file your trademark internationally to enforce your trademark protection abroad.


The recent trademark case in China involving a Chinese beverage company and Facebook concluded in favor of Facebook. The court ruled that the Chinese word for the beverage company's products, which coincidentally translates to 'face book,' did not infringe on Facebook's brand. This decision brings confidence to U.S. companies seeking trademark protection in China. To protect your brand internationally, it is crucial to file for trademark protection abroad.

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