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Does Realityos Trademark Indicate Apple Arvr Headset Launch At Wwdc 2022

Does RealityOS Trademark Indicate Apple AR/VR HeadSet Launch at WWDC 2022?



03 June 20223 min read

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Does RealityOS Trademark Indicate Apple AR/VR HeadSet Launch at WWDC 2022?

Rumors and References of RealityOS in Apple's Source Code

Rumors of Apple launching its AR/VR headset "RealityOS" have been around for a while. They started after people noticed the name references of RealityOS in the Apple source code.

Presentation of RealityOS to Apple's Board of Directors and Possibility of June Launch

Apple CEO Tim Cook has discussed augmented Reality Prospects in the past. A few days ago, the RealityOS was presented to Apple's board of directors, increasing the possibility of a June launch. Is it possible that Apple plans to launch RealityOS two days after WWDC 2022, where Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is the major keynote speaker? A recent report indicates that Apple will launch the AR/VR headset soon.

Discovery of Two New US Trademarks for 'RealityOS'

Parker Ortolani, a consumer product manager at the Verge, Polygon, and the Vox Media Podcast Network, discovered two new US trademarks for “RealityOS.” Parker spotted the two trademarks while digging around Trademarkia, a trademark search engine.


Apple's AR/VR headset, known as RealityOS, has been the subject of rumors and references in the company's source code. The recent presentation of RealityOS to Apple's board of directors has increased the possibility of a June launch. Additionally, the discovery of two new US trademarks for RealityOS further supports the anticipation of its release.

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