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Apple Patent Whispers Potential For Earbud Improvements

Apple Patent Whispers Potential For Earbud Improvements



27 August 20154 min read

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Apple Patent Whispers Potential For Earbud Improvements

Earbuds will stay where they belong - in your ears

For starters, the earbuds may actually stay where they belong – in your ears. According to CNET, the earbuds currently slip out of your ears while you exercise or commit extensive head banging while listening to your favorite song. I personally can attest to these complaints as my earbuds have interrupted my morning workout numerous times. (Me angry in the morning is not a pretty sight either) Needless to say this new patent, along with my morning mocha, will make my mornings much more pleasant which is quite literally music to my ears. 

Hear the sound of music; not the wind, babies crying, etc.

Also, look forward to turning down the volume on distracting background noise. A recent Apple patent application filed details various earbud sensors with noise-canceling technology that somewhat resembles what we know as selective hearing. Basically, the headphones allow us to hear only what we want we hear by detecting background noise then configuring your audio to adjust accordingly.

The sensors can detect sounds as subtle as the wind. Furthermore, bone-conduction technology can detect the sound of your voice by measuring vibrations from your vocal chords – kind of cool. 

This feature ensures that the person on the other end of your phone call will actually hear you and not the babies crying or dogs barking in the background. Also, Siri will not say, 'sorry I don't quite understand you' as often.

Tangle free & tear free

Many of us are familiar with that birds nest of earbud wire that magically forms in your pocket or purse. ( Sorry Apple, very few of us actually take the time to wrap our earbuds up carefully after each use.) 

We are also all familiar with that ball and chain feeling we get as we reluctantly tether ourselves to our phone each time we place our earbuds in our ears. Finally, we can be tangle and tear free. With Apple's recent patent application filed, look forward to the potential for wireless functionality. With this patent, I personally will feel as free as the songbirds singing in my ears – I can't wait.


In conclusion, the future of earbuds looks promising with features such as secure fit, noise-canceling technology, and wireless functionality. These advancements will enhance the user experience, making listening to music or making calls more enjoyable and hassle-free.

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