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Spencer R. Keller

Practice statement

Spencer Keller is a Patent Attorney based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Spencer’s patent experience and expertise involve a wide range of tasks and technologies including patent drafting, licensing, and examining for biomedical, cannabis, biofuel, and business method related inventions. Prior to working with Trademarkia, Spencer obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from Northern Arizona University, where he worked on various projects such as independent research into a possible link between mold spores and ALS, and grant writing for various university ventures. Spencer then attended Texas A&M University School of Law on a full academic scholarship where he graduated in 2021 with a Juris Doctorate and a concentration certificate in intellectual property law. While are Texas A&M, Spencer was a published member of the Law Review Journal. As a Law Review staff member, Spencer’s research into cannabis-related intellectual property practice was published and subsequently cited by numerous scholars and textbook publications. After law school, Spencer worked for Global Patent Solutions where he worked on numerous USPTO contracted projects including PCT patent examination. Spencer is now back on the private side of IP law helping clients identify and prosecute patentable inventions within their portfolio while ensuring their current patents are not being infringed upon by others.

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Patent Law

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United States

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Texas A&M University

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