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Shareefah Parks

Practice statement

Shareefah Parks – a Guyanese-based Attorney-at-Law practicing Law in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, who joined the Legal Force RAPC Worldwide in 2023. Shareefah has worked extensively for the past 10 years in both the Public and Private sector with a primary focus on Criminal, environmental, civil, family, and dispute resolution. Notably, over the past three years of her career, Shareefah has had an enriched career in Client relations, where she served as an Environmental Law working with a vast number of complainants and having their matters resolved in a professional and timely manner. She brings her years and wealth of experience interacting with clients and her passion and commitment to excellence to the world of Intellectual property with the Trademarkia team.

Practice area

Criminal LawEnvironmental LawCivil LawFamily and Corporate Law

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Client Relations Attorney


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The University of Guyana

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