Lorena Neira

Practice statement

Lorena is an attorney specializing in intellectual property law, with a particular focus on trademark law and a strong interest in copyrights, committed to providing comprehensive and exceptional legal services to clients in Colombia and Europe. Additionally, She has dedicated efforts to researching and exploring the potential applications of blockchain technology in collective management organizations (CMOs). Her previous experience was as a trademark expert working in the Industrial Property Office in Colombia (Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio). She also worked with a collective of young women to safeguard their most valuable intangible assets by securing their trademarks and preserving their creative works. This collaboration has further reinforced her conviction in the transformative power of intellectual property protection for the success and growth of individuals and businesses.

Practice area

Commercial LawIntellectual Property Law

Licensed State(s)

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Client Relations Attorney


[email protected]

Spanish, English

Externado de Colombia University

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