Diana Ekins

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Diana Ekins is a Nevada-based IP attorney who joined LegalForce RAPC worldwide in 2023. Diana enjoys helping creative entrepreneurs establish protectable trademarks by combining her knowledge of intellectual property, business ownership, and online marketing. Diana's pursuit of a career in intellectual property law began in Reno, Nevada where she worked as a musician and television, music, and event producer, facing intellectual property issues regularly. Diana received her first business license at the age of 15 to play saxophone in a professional capacity, and has experience and education in the fields of law, theatre, advertising and broadcast journalism, gemstones and jewelry, fashion and fashion shows, music production, television production, film production, podcasts and radio production, photography, mixed martial arts, e-commerce, social media marketing, and live conventions.

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Trademark LawIntellectual Property Law

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California Western School of Law in San Diego

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