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Derrick Davis

Practice statement

Derrick Davis is a Tennessee-based IP attorney who joined LegalForce RAPC Worldwide in 2022. Derrick enjoys helping businesses navigate the nuances of IP ownership, particularly including issues related to trademark acquisition and enforcement. Derrick’s pursuit of a career in intellectual property law began in Southern Illinois, where he worked as an operating room assistant at a local orthopedic clinic and as a laboratory research assistant within the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Derrick's interest in the relationship between IP and innovation led him to enroll at the University of Tennessee College of Law after obtaining his Physiology from SIU. While at UT Law, Derrick helped clients as a student attorney in the trademark clinic, participated on the patent moot court team, and contributed to books and articles on IP topics. He additionally served as an IP & Commercialization Analyst with the University of Tennessee Research Foundation, where he screened university-funded research for both prospective IP rights and market potential.

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Trademark LawIntellectual Property Law

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United States

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University of Tennessee College of Law

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