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26 1 18 1

on 11 Jul 2023

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"Edificio Inditex" Arteixo

A Coruña



Serial Number

79337979 filed on 12th Jan 2022

Registration Number

7102462 registered on 11th Jul 2023

in the Principal Register

Correspondent Address

Ricardo Fischer

ArentFox Schiff LLP

1717 K Street, NW

Washington DC 20006

Filing Basis

1. filing basis filed as 66 a



26 1 18 1

Containers for household or kitchen use; combs; hair brushes; brush-making materials; cleaning cloths; beverage glassware; porcelain ware, namely, porcelain mugs, cake toppers, jars for jams and jellies, plates, dishes; earthenware, namely, mugs, vases, jars for jams and jellies, plates, dishes; bottle openers; cruet sets for oil and vinegar; cocktail stirrers; sugar bowls; trays for domestic purp Read More

Classification Information

Class [028]
Toys and Sporting Goods Products

Games, namely, tabletop games, card games, dice games, electronic games other than those adapted for use with television receivers only, and construction games; toys, namely, plush toys, toy action figures, toy cars; electronic video game apparatus; gymnastic and sporting articles, namely, gymnastic apparatus, ball pitching machines, football and soccer goal nets; decorations for Christmas trees; toy masks; climbers' harness; party favors in the nature of small toys; baseball gloves; boxing gloves; fencing gauntlets; golf gloves; puppets; physical body-training apparatus; Christmas trees of synthetic materials; elbow guards being sports articles for athletic use; knee guards being sports articles for athletic use; kites; kaleidoscopes; rocking horses; building games; toy air pistols; chess games; flippers for swimming; archery implements; swimming floats; novelty toys for practical jokes; balls for games; toy building blocks; body boards; skittles being games; stationary exercise bicycles; golf bags, with or without wheels; marbles for games; dice; checkers being games; checkerboards; darts; discuses for sports; flying discs being toys; dominoes; counters being discs for games; skis; special covers for skis; special covers for surfboards; horseshoe games; hockey sticks; soap bubble-making wand and solution sets; board games; toys for domestic pets; scale model vehicles; skateboards; toy mobiles; golf clubs; billiard cues; roller and ice skates; toy scooters; stuffed toys; spinning tops being toys; piñatas; games or sports articles for swimming pools, namely, air floats, inflatable toys; punching bags; jigsaw puzzles; conjuring apparatus, namely, magic tricks; rackets; parlor games; surfboards; sailboards; chessboards; sling shots being sports articles; games articles, namely, playground slides; trampolines being sports articles; toy vehicles; remote-controlled toy vehicles; toy drones; appliances for gymnastics; table football tables

Class [027]
Floor Covering products

Carpets; door mats; floor mats; beach mats; bathroom mats; linoleum for flooring; wall hangings, not of textile; wallpapers; coverings for floors and artificial hard surface coverings for surfaces; underlay for carpet backings; floor coverings; yoga mats; rugs being carpets

Class [026]
Lace, Ribbons & Embroidery and Fancy Goods

Lace trimmings; embroidery; garment tapes being haberdashery; needles; sewing pins; artificial flowers; hair ornaments in the form of combs, hair wraps and hair clips; hairpieces; trimmings for clothing; boxes for needles; haberdashery, except threads, namely, ribbons, bows, and braids; hair bands; armbands; brooches as clothing accessories; shoelaces; ornamental novelty badges; needle cases; buckles being clothing accessories; hair pins; novelty badges for wear not of precious metal; stitch markers in the form of numerals or letters for marking linen; hair slides; competitors' numbers not of textile; haberdashery in the nature of heat-adhesive patches for decorating textile articles; trouser clips for cyclists; barrettes; fastenings for suspenders

Class [025]
Clothing Products

Clothing, namely, shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, hats; headwear; footwear; motorists' clothing, namely, jackets, trousers, vests, gloves; clothing for cyclists, namely cyclists' jerseys, bicycle shorts, athletic shoes, bicycling gloves; bibs not of paper; headbands being clothing; bath robes; bathing suits; caps being headwear; bath sandals; scarves; sports footwear; beach shoes; shawls; belts being clothing; money belts being clothing; wet suits for water-skiing; neckties; foulards being clothing; sports caps; gloves being clothing; raincoats; mantillas; stockings; socks; neckerchiefs; pajamas; soles for footwear; suspenders; layettes being clothing; capes; sports jerseys; mittens; ear muffs being clothing; inner soles; wristbands being clothing; dress shields; beach wear; dressing gowns; pockets for clothing; tights; aprons being clothing; masquerade costumes; uniforms; visors being headwear; esparto shoes or sandals; bath slippers; academic caps being headwear; blouses; bodysuits being clothing; berets; lace boots; boots; studs for football boots; half-boots; shirts; shirt yokes; shirt fronts; T-shirts; short-sleeved tee-shirts; bodices being lingerie; vests; jackets; fishing vests; stuff jackets; slips being underwear; detachable collars; clothing of leather, namely, jackets, trousers; clothing of imitation leather, namely, jackets, trousers; shower caps; slippers; skirts; trousers; top coats; trench coats being clothing; gymnastic shoes; jerseys being clothing; pullovers; sweaters; muffs being clothing; parkas; pelerines; leggings being trousers; knitwear being clothing in the nature of cardigans; clothing for gymnastics, namely leotards, legwarmers, headbands; underwear; sandals; saris; underpants; hats; wimples being clothing; togas; leg gaiter straps; suits; turbans; dresses; slippers; shoes

Class [024]

Fabrics and fabric substitutes for the manufacture of household linen; household linen; curtains of textile or plastic materials; bed linen; table linen of textile; bath linen; labels of cloth; linings of textile for clothing; wall hangings of textile; handkerchiefs of textile; shrouds; towels of textile; traveling rugs; net curtains; curtain holders of textile; textile flags, not of paper; textile pennants, not of paper; duvets; unfitted loose covers for furniture; cushion covers; mattress covers; pillowcases; glass cloths being towels; tablecloths, not of paper; face towels of textile; sleeping bags in the nature of sewn sheeting; fabric for footwear; bed covers; bed blankets; shower curtains of textile or plastic; coverlets being bedspreads; fitted toilet covers of textile materials; textile place mats, not of paper; non-paper tablecloths made of textile; textile table runners

Class [021]
Houseware and Glass Products

Containers for household or kitchen use; combs; hair brushes; brush-making materials; cleaning cloths; beverage glassware; porcelain ware, namely, porcelain mugs, cake toppers, jars for jams and jellies, plates, dishes; earthenware, namely, mugs, vases, jars for jams and jellies, plates, dishes; bottle openers; cruet sets for oil and vinegar; cocktail stirrers; sugar bowls; trays for domestic purposes; tea infusers being balls and clips; candy boxes; water bottles, sold empty; shaving brushes; non-electric coffee makers; candy boxes; bread bins; shoe horns; candlesticks; non-electric candelabras for candlesticks; pipettes for wine tasting; baskets for household use; household utensils, namely, strainers; clothing stretchers; piggy banks, not of metal; cases being soap holders; pitchers; bird cages; toilet cases being toilet roll holders; works of art of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, fired clay or glass; toothpick holders; bread baskets; pepper pots; plates; dusters; shaving brush stands; trouser presses; perfume sprayers and vaporizers sold empty; household utensils, namely, graters; crumb trays; coasters not of paper and other than table linen; table utensils in the nature of table mats, not of paper or textile; boot jacks; salt cellars; coffee services in the nature of tableware; tea services in the nature of tableware; napkin holders; kitchen boards for cutting; cups; teapots; flowerpots being planters; toilet utensils, namely toilet brushes; thermally insulated containers for food or beverages; toothbrushes; non-electric fruit presses for household use; perfume atomizers, sold empty; sanitary boxes being litter boxes for cats; cages for pets; mangers for animals; buckets; dish covers; indoor aquariums; lunch boxes; drinking bottles for sports; jars being carboys; isothermal bags being insulated bags for food or beverages; containers of glass for household use; shoe brushes; stew-pans; pots; closures for pot lids; boxes of glass; hand-operated coffee grinders; metal boxes for dispensing paper towels for household use; cookie jars; tea caddies; cheese-dish covers; candle rings; jugs; lazy Susans being table utensils; kitchen ladles; earthenware saucepans; dishwashing brushes; traps for rodents; ceramic ware for household use, namely, mugs, cake toppers, jars for jams and jellies, plates, dishes; beer mugs; fitted picnic baskets, including dishes; cookery molds; fruit cups of glass; corkscrews; sieves being household utensils; cups of paper or plastic materials; drinkware; trash cans; mixing spoons being kitchen utensils; knife rests for the table; basins in the nature of bowls; deodorizing apparatus for personal use, namely, perfume atomizers, sold empty; soap dispensers; funnels; salad bowls; brooms; mops; bottle-cleaning brushes; spatulas being kitchen utensils; spice racks; flasks; frying pans; dishes being tableware; chamois leather for cleaning; decanters; ice cube molds; liquor sets comprising of drinkware; butter dishes; non-electric cooking pots; non-electric portable coolers; toothpicks; candlesticks; rolling pins; perfume burners; saucers; watering cans; biscuit cutters being molds; glass stoppers for bottles; bowls; vases

Class [018]
Leather Products (not including clothing)

Leather and imitation leather; animal skins; traveling trunks and suitcases; umbrellas; parasols; walking sticks; whips; saddlery; bags for climbers in the nature of all-purpose carrying bags; bags for campers in the nature of all-purpose carrying bags; beach bags; handbag frames; frames for umbrellas or parasols; mountaineering sticks; sports bags; net bags for shopping; travel bags; bags being envelopes and pouches of leather for packaging; bags being purses; bags, namely, handbags; traveling cases being leatherware; key cases; attaché cases; coin purses, not of precious metal; leather backpacks for carrying infants; wheeled shopping bags; boxes of leather or leather board; boxes of vulcanized fiber; card cases being notecases for business cards; wallets; satchels being handbags; school satchels; vanity cases sold empty; collars for animals; dog leashes; leather cord; umbrella covers; covers for horse-saddles; haversacks; backpacks; reins; leather laces; suitcase handles; walking stick handles; umbrella handles; whips; horse blankets; walking stick seats; all-purpose carrying bags of leather for use in carrying tools; leather board; bands of leather being leather straps; traveling trunks; textile shopping bags; leather straps; covers and blankets for animals; imitation of leather made from moleskin; chamois leather other than for cleaning purposes

Class [009]
Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products

Navigation apparatus and instruments for boats and vehicles; surveying apparatus and instruments; photographic apparatus and instruments, namely, cameras, stands for photographic apparatus; cinematographic apparatus and instruments, namely, video cameras, projectors; optical inspection apparatus and instruments; weighing apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting electricity; apparatus and instruments for accumulating electricity; sound recording apparatus and instruments; sound transmission apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for sound, image or data reproduction or processing; downloadable or recorded software for the retail sale of clothing, bags, footwear, and accessories; cash registers; calculators; computers; computer peripherals; diving suits; diving masks; ear plugs for divers; nose clips for divers and swimmers; gloves for divers; breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; fire-extinguishing apparatus; computer peripheral devices; anti-glare glasses; pince-nez; optical lenses; chains for pince-nez; contact lenses; cords for pince-nez; optics spectacles; spectacle lenses; spectacle cases; spectacle frames; sunglasses; eyeglass cases; cases for contact lenses; life jackets; clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; gloves for divers; gloves for protection against accidents; encoded magnetic cards in the nature of stored value cards, namely, gift cards; electronic agendas; telephone apparatus; weighing apparatus in the nature of weighbridges; protective helmets; telescopes; chronographs for use as specialized time recording apparatus; pedometers; blank optical compact disks; temperature indicators; downloadable or recorded computer gaming software for entertainment; bar code readers; optical signal lanterns; magic lanterns; optical lanterns; optics magnifying glasses; electric batteries; solar batteries; recorded computer programs for the retail sale of clothing, bags, footwear, and accessories; telephone incorporating intercommunication apparatus; portable radio-telephones in the nature of walkie-talkies; downloadable electronic publications in the nature of books, magazines, journals in the fields of fashion and entertainment; anti-theft alarms, not for vehicles; fire alarms; mouse pads; loudspeakers; sound amplification apparatus; antennas; headphones; teeth protectors in the nature of athletic mouth guards; electronic tags for goods; spectacles for sports; magnets; light-emitting electronic pointers; mobile telephones; apparatus and instruments for astronomy, namely binoculars; scales; cameras for photography; cinematographic apparatus; video cameras; reflecting safety disks for wear for the prevention of traffic accidents; compact disc players; luminous signs; computer memory devices; microphones; dog whistles; radios; audio and video receivers; wrist rests for use with computers; television apparatus; record players; word processing equipment; carrying cases adapted for portable computers; protective covers for laptops; protective covers for mobile telephones; protective covers for smartphones; protective cases and covers for digital book readers; smartphones; smart watches; personal stereos; downloaded or recorded mobile applications for the retail sale of clothing, bags, footwear and accessories

Mark Details

Serial Number

No 79337979

Mark Type

No Service/Collective Mark

Attorney Docket Number


44D Filed


44D Current


44E filed


44E Current


66A Filed


66A Current


Current Basis


No Basis


Design Code(s)

26.13.21 -

Quadrilaterals that are completely or partially shaded

Description of Design Search

The mark consists of a shaded parallelogram positioned vertically, which contains at the bottom of the shape the numbering "26 1 18 1" in stylized font.

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