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China Trademark Registration

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Entertainment in the nature of on-going television programs in the field of outdoorsman culture

NOTE: This BLUE COLLAR ADVENTURES mark has a greater likelihood of registration in China if it satisfies the following conditions: (1) it is not confusingly similar to other marks in China, (2) it does not dilute a famous mark in China, (3) it is not generic or descriptive, (4) if there are no unregistered, common law trademark holders that are using this trademark in commerce today in China, (5) if the description and classification of your use of BLUE COLLAR ADVENTURES is different than other non-abandoned registered marks having the same name in China, and (6) if the filing of this mark does not violate other laws in China. Though no guarantees, you can apply to register the BLUE COLLAR ADVENTURES mark in China now if these conditions are satisfied >>

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Trademarks are names, logos, or short slogans that help distinguish a good or service from other goods and services in a particular geographic area. Once a trademark is issued by a government agency, the protection lasts indefinitely in most countries – so long as you use your mark in commerce. Filing for trademark protection through one of Trademarkia's attorney or law firm advertisers is easy! See why law firm and attorney advertiser services are superior to other options >>

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Trademarkia can also automatically provide you with reminders and keep you up to date of your status after you file your trademark application. Trademarkia’s automated reminders help you so that you don’t have to deal with government bureaucracy or forget important dates.

In the Standard Package, filing a trademark application is easy and painless. You will be guided through a simple workflow to fill out the information needed to publish your trademark on Trademarkia or file your trademark with the government. If you select the government option, a licensed trademark attorney will represent you in the filing your trademark after performing a conflict check.