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France Trademark Registration Services Overview*

France Trademark Registration

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World class global trademark attorneys at leading law firms.

Law firms and attorneys who advertise on Trademarkia consist of some of the largest trademark filers in the world. You can file and register your trademark in 100+ countries in the world through Trademarkia’s attorney and law firm advertisers, including in the United States, China, Japan, the European Union, Korea, and many others. With the Plus Package, you follow step-by-step instructions designed by world class global trademark attorneys at leading law firms.

It's easy and the protection lasts indefinitely in most countries

Trademarks are names, logos, or short slogans that help distinguish a good or service from other goods and services in a particular geographic area. Once a trademark is issued by a government agency, the protection lasts indefinitely in most countries – so long as you use your mark in commerce. Filing for trademark protection through one of Trademarkia's attorney or law firm advertisers is easy! See why law firm and attorney advertiser services are superior to other options >>

Automated reminders keeps you up to date

Trademarkia can also automatically provide you with reminders and keep you up to date of your status after you file your trademark application. Trademarkia’s automated reminders help you so that you don’t have to deal with government bureaucracy or forget important dates.

In the Plus Package, it includes everything in the Standard package plus: (1) One year of trademark notice monitoring (a $175 value), (2) Cease and desist letter forms package, (3) Form of Transfer Agreement.

You will receive a workflow, expert knowledge and tips by top international trademark attorneys that enable you to prepare a description of your mark, identify the class it falls under, and provide all the information necessary for our law firm and attorney advertisers to file your application. Our law firm and attorney advertisers will also do a direct conflict search of your mark. In addition, you receive 1 year of notice monitoring, a draft of a sample cease and desist letter form and a form for a transfer of trademark agreement.