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By: Mikla Foods Canada, Inc.

Driving directions to Mikla Foods Canada, Inc. and product information about TASTY BATTERS is provided. TASTY BATTERS is a product created by Mikla Foods Canada, Inc. in  Suite 102 350 Creditstone Road, Concord, , L4K3Z2. The TASTY BATTERS  is a product related to Cookie dough. The TASTY BATTERS product is now being marketed in the United States for sale. The TASTY BATTERS is in the category of  Staple Food Products .

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Or, contact the owner Mikla Foods Canada, Inc. of the  TASTY BATTERS trademark by filing a request to communicate with the Legal Correspondent   for licensing, use, and/or questions related to TASTY BATTERS. The correspondent of the TASTY BATTERS is  EDMUND J. HAUGHEY of FITZPATRICK, CELLA, HARPER & SCINTO, 1290 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS FL 17, NEW YORK, NY 10104-3800 .

by: jea... .
What were the marketers thinking when they put small black printed directions on a dark blue background - impossible to read!!
by: ack... .
The most disgusting tasting cookie I have ever eaten. They had a fishy taste... gag...makes me gag just typing this. There has to be a serious issue with this dough...quality is not good! WIll never use again nor recommend.
by: kay... .
Very good BUT how are people supposed to read the directions - tiny black print on blue paper. Even with magnifier, can't read oven temp. Going by trial and error.
by: lhe... .
I bought the chocolate chip tub from a coworker for her son's fund raiser. I guess the tip off should have been when I tasted a bit of the raw dough and I had to spit it out. I baked a few anyway, still disgusting! They tasted like chemicals and preservatives. Never again! Next time I will just give a donation, however this company should no longer be in business.
by: mar... .
I recently bought a tub of chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough from Tasty Batters, and they were delicious!! I would love to buy more tubs for when guests come over because they are so easy to thaw and bake! Please let me know where I can buy more!
by: Jun... .
Would be -0- stars but won't let you submit without selecting at least 1 star. This cookie dough is absolutely gross! Was purchased as a fundraiser to help a friend. Would rather just give them the cash directly next time. Absolutely the worst tasting chocolate chip cookies EVER! I've had better from a convenience store. Do not EVER use this as a fundraiser. Folks will have a negative impression rather than be proud to have helped. Anyone asks you to buy, you are better on passing. Totally inedible products!
by: fun... .
Best cookie for dieting, just one bite and I spit it out and threw away the rest. Most disgusting cookie I have ever come across. They came out flat no matter which shelf, regardless how long they were baked. Never again! What a waste of money. I will give my granddaughter the money for her school next time rather than support this horrible stuff they try to pass off as cookie dough!
by: DC1... .
I bought 3 tubs of these cookies from my grand childrens school fundraiser! These are the WORST cookies ever!!The chocolate chip cookies were not even edible. Next we tried the peanut butter ones and they too were awful, needless to say we didn't even try the third tub. I threw all 3 tubs away. $45.00 down the drain. I will never buy these cookies again. A lot of people I talked to at school did the same thing, threw them away. We are pleading with the school not to ever use tasty batters again. The cookies tasted like chemicals, chocolate chips were so stale, peanut butter was so old you could taste the rancid oil in them. I am asking buyers to please NOT bother using this company. The bakers should really taste their own product then they would see what we are talking about!
by: tl.... .
I bought the Katydids and white cherry chocolate macadamia cookies. Both tubs $15 each. These are, by far, the worst cookies I have ever tried. The macadamia nuts taste old and the batter in each taste like chemicals. Total waste of $30 from a school fundraiser!!!
by: shw... .
I paid $1.99 per package at my local salvage grocery for these cookies. Got the triple crowns and peanut butter chocolate chunk. I can't believe Tasty Batters is still in business selling such crap!! Worst cookies ever! Am planning to complain to them just for the heck of it. And get my refund from the grocery store.
by: hen... .
the fudge brownie delight cookies are the worst cookies on earth. no wonder they use them for fund raisers. I paid $15.00 for crap
by: pla... .
Worst cookie I have ever had. Purchased the Frozen Peanut Butter dough in the tub. The cookies had no flavor. Not enough sweet, not enough peanut flavor. The cookie looked okay after it was cooked. What a terrible disappointment, the fund raisers are the real losers. Don't purchase this product.
by: jam... .
The absolute worst cookies I have ever purchased from a fundraiser. unfortunately I bought 4 tubs!!! I DO NOT recommend these at all!!!
by: kla... .
worst cookies - not even the dog wold eat them - had to throw them out - what a wast of 15.00 dollars! Next time I will just make a donation to the school instead .
by: ela... .
We tried the chocolate chunk and they're pretty good.my two year old is very picky and she even liked them. thanks :-)
by: d_l... .
These cookies cam3 out disgusting!! We had to throw them all away. Yuck!!
by: h.w... .
We tried the white chocolate cherry and the perfectly pecan delights and they are really good cookies! I liked the Pecan ones better then the cherry but both surprisingly yummy.. the batter looks like they would be bad cookies but I baked them and they come out perfectly.
by: rav... .
It was terrible. It tasted like dog crap on a stick. Do not buy
by: www... .
I bought the peanutbutter chocolate chip cookie dough it is very nasty this company is wrong for selling this product its the worst when ppl are trying to help the children NASTY should give money back will put the word out about this product it sucks stay with NESTLE VERY UNHAPPY COMPANY SHOULD STOP MAKING
by: Lor... .
Just bought the chocolate chip cookie dough for $15 from a friends daughter and they are terrible! Don't waste your money, just go to your local grocery store and get a package of nestle !
by: Dex... .
I bought the shortbread cookie for my child's school fundraiser. Tasted the batter, worst cookie ever. No flavor. Baked a batch, again worst cookie ever. No flavoring listed on the ingredients. Waste of money
by: Myc... .
Absolutely discusting! Worst cookie dough ever! Wish we hadn't bought is!! We will NEVER buy this again! Worst dough ever!
by: lin... .
There's only 2 cookies that would rate a 5 star review from me. One is the Samoa cookie sold by the girl scout and the other is the Cranberry Nut Breakfast (dough) made by the Tasty Batters. Keeblers puts out a pretty close Samoa clone, so I can pretty much obtain that year round. Unfortunally, I can only obtain the Cranbery Nut Breakfast dough when they are available through fund raising at my granddaughters school. Now I have to wait an entire year before I can get this again. LOVED the taste, Not too greasy, not too dry, it was just perfect. I haven't tried the other varieties of cookie dough from this company, but I HIGHLY recommend the Cranerry Nut Breakfast dough.
by: jac... .
Worst cookie dough I ever had, I will never buy these again, even for a fundraiser.
by: bar... .
FALSE FALSE!!! The order form i filled out said they were Paula Deen cookies!!!These cookies are terrible and the schools should stop selling them!
by: rmi... .
bought 2 tubs from kids at school....worst cookies ive ever eaten! Son't know whats missing but omg are they horrible. doesnt even taste like cookie dough! after baked they are greasy and tasteless; like something is missing!!! never again
by: reg... .
Tasty Batters need their behind kicked for selling this mess. Absolutely thee worst.
by: Pie... .
These are the worst cookies I've ever eaten! We bought the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Fudge Brownie Delight. They were both terrible. They fall apart so you can't even pick them up and the flavor is terrible. I've bought Red Apple cookie dough in the past and couldn't wait to get these. What a disappointment! I will never buy Tasty Batters again. It's really bad when you want to support schools but the products are not good.
by: hat... .
Worst cookie dough I've ever had. Threw the tub away after the first batch of cookies.
by: lda... .
Wished I had read these reviews before spending $15 on 36 cookies. 5 people here tried them worst cookies we ever ate.
by: hol... .
Absolutely worst cookies ever!!!!
by: btm... .
Worst cookie dough if have ever bought in my 47 years of life. Will never buy again.
by: apr... .
this is the 2nd year I bought these cookies thinking the 1st year I just got a bad tub well guess what I got 2 bad tubs again this year. Really? is this the best you can do for 15.00 a tub. I will never again buy these again!!!
by: cbr... .
The White Chocolate Cherry Delights have macadamia nuts in them! It would be nice to put that in the damn title instead of the small ass printed ingredients! Thanx to you my fiancé had about 6 of them and guess what he's allergic to nuts! So I'll never be buying your cookies again! It's really a shame cause we buy your cookies to help our daughters school fundraising.
by: Mjm... .
I have never written a review like this, but I just baked some of this cookie dough. The chocolate chip is NASTY!! I have never met a chocolate chip cookie I didn't like but these are disgusting! The white chocolate macadamia nut is o.k., but I have had much better. Seriously, why a waste of $30!
by: dur... .
We bought three different varieties: Paula Deen Gooey Buuter, Fudge Brownie Delight and Triple Chocolate Chip. All varieties baked up well, but the taste was horrible! There is an awful artificial after-taste to the cookies. We threw away all of the remaining cookies and cookie dough.
by: rox... .
I was livid when I tried baking the cookie dough I bought with my hard earned money, only to get dry, tasteless cookies. I immediately dialed Tasty's customer service department to give them a piece of my mind. I was ready to fight with a sweet lady genuinely apologized for my trouble and offered me several choices to replace my dough. While I wish I liked the dough, I was really happy to know that a company out there still cares about their customers. I will definitely give this fundraiser another shot!
by: gog... .
UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!I have bought alot of cookie mixes from my grandchildren fundraisers at their school. These Tasty Batters have to be the worst goodies ever. I bougth 5 different types from granddaughter's lacrosse team this year. On the triple chocolate bad greasy taste and wet in the middle. Don't get me started on the KatyDids, I tried to bake this AM, the batter was so dry I couldn't even form a ball with a cookie scoop. The only way I could bake them was to add warm water to the batter to form a ball. NO taste at all. the same goes for the Caramel Apple, Gourmet Oatmeal cookies, The Cranberry Breakfast Cookies,So Greasy tasting. What a disappointment. Bring on the Otis Spunkmeyer,Savory Sweets Cookie Cube. All the cookies I bought were in the tubs so DIFFICULT to get the dough out to form cookies.Paula Deen should be embarrassed to have her name on these cookies.
by: cal... .
I'm surprised by some of these negative reviews. Our school's PTA has sold this cookie dough for the last 6 years without a problem. I've bought a bunch of tubs myself and my friends and family are always pleased!
by: cct... .
The sugar free Oatmeal Cookie dough was terrible! This is the first and last time I will ever purchase I will purchase any sugar free cookie dough and I'm not sure I will ever try their product again. I was pressed for time and thought this would be easy to take to a party and messed with the dough and ended up spending 2 hours in the kitchen trying to fix the dough to make cookies that were presentable to take to a party of 30. The cookies were flat hand bad & were tasteless. They were way too much trouble in the end. I could have made better ones from scratch!
by: she... .
Hi I order cookie dough for my son's school fundraiser from tasty batter. I personally ordered the triple crown preportioned and the chocolate chunk. I have tried to cook a few cookies from each box with no success. They are probably the worst cookies I have ever made. The came out really flat almost greasy and the middles were raw. I have tried to separate times and varied the cooking times by a few minutes and still have the same horrible result. I am actually embarrassed that I had coworker buy these, I am hoping that mine was just a spoiled batch and theirs is better.
by: jen... .
My child's school sold Tasty Batters cookie dough last year and her cheerleading squad sold it this spring. While I was hesitant to buy or sell this dough after last year's "taste issues", I was pleasantly surprised when I baked the cookies again last weekend. Apparently they listened to customer comments and made some MAJOR changes. I will be happy to help my child sell these cookies in the future!
by: bhc... .
These are not even 1 star. Absolutely AWFUL!!!! What a ripoff for my grandsons school. I can't believe you would charge kids for this product and claim it is a fundraiser. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!
by: fat... .
Worst cookies ever. If you close your eyes, you will not be able to taste the difference between the peanut butter and the chocolate brownie cookies. I work in food ingredients and this stinks of a lack of quality control and cheapening of the product. I refuse to give them to my friends and family.
by: Iri... .
Bought a box and 2 tubs from my niece for a fundraiser. They are awful! Driest cookie I ever had! Not even a glass of milk will help!!!!!!!!
by: l_a... .
Great products, great profits and great service! The cookie dough wasn't stellar this year, but my GAO rep did everything I asked to ensure my customers were satisfied and my profits were not affected. GAO has always treated me right, which is why my school will continue to do business with them for years to come.
by: che... .
IF there was a zero, that's what I would put.My daughter sold these for a fundraiser. Thank God we made ours before taking them to others. The were not edible. We opened the second package to make sure we didn't get a dud, just as bad, my dog refused it. We ended up paying for all the cookies, and tossing them . Go for Otis, it cost more but they are really good.
by: sro... .
I baked the red, white, cranberry delight and we love them! Since it is just the two of us, I am keeping them sealed tight in a freezer bag and I plan to make nine at a time. We also got the tub of chocolate chewing cookies that you roll in confectioners sugar. They are just OK but I found Paula Dean's recipe online and I want to try making them myself.
by: dan... .
horrible..bought them from a school fundraiser. $15.00 per tub.I threw them out. Told my sister we could do better than that for the school and being from the Untited States it sure would be nice to have a US company provide the cookie dough.
by: mpa... .
I bought some chocolate chip cookies from a neighbor. Baked them over the holidays. They weren't the best I had ever had. I called the 800 number to express my opinion. Wow...what service! They shipped me another tub of dough right away! I baked it up over the weekend and I have to say, these cookies were some of the best I've had!
by: lau... .
I bought three tubs from a girl in my neighborhood. I baked the first batch and was a little disappointed in how they baked. I called the 800 number on the tub and was promptly shipped 3 new tubs - no questions asked. I've baked all 3 new tubs and everybody has THOROUGHLY enjoyed them!
by: ter... .
I purchased the Snickerdoodles and white and red cranberry cookies. I've baked the Snickerdoodles; absolutely horrid. I tossed them and the rest of the bucket. I don't think I want to try the others and waste the gas to bake them!! Tasty Batters should be ashamed of themselves, at $15 per tub. YUCK!!
by: cre... .
I purchased choc chunck, peanut butter, & white choc chip macadamia nut cookie dough from my daughter's school. They were ALL HORRIBLE!! I will never order these cookies again!!
by: EVI... .
I purchased the chuck chocolate chip cookies from my daughters school and I have NEVER had such HORRIBLE tasting cookies! Dry and missing a main ingredient!!! What a waste of money!!!!
by: shr... .
Where can I buy more of the Red and White Cranberry Delight? One of the best tasting cookies we have tasted. We would also like a list of the other cookies you make.
by: mar... .
.absolutely the worst tasting cookies ever..I purchased them for a fundraiser and will never give again ..in fact I'm contacting the school and letting them know. Every cookie dough I have purchased is dryed out. I think the dough is old and past freezer life when sold. I can't imagine a dough that is suppose to fall apart and crumble if you just pick it up. Definately the worst cookies ever and I have gotten nothing but complaints from everyone that purchased them. Dry and sand like dough just not edible
by: dav... .
Terrible. Bought these from a friends daughter and when I opened them to bake they were all smashed must have been while in the packaging stage...did ya ever hear of quality control? Not worth the money.
by: cry... .
These were the worst cookies ever. I bought the chocholate chunk/chip and baked a few for my husnband and me and we were very disappointed. They tasted like they were missing an ingredient, one that was important in adding flavor. They were also dry. Definitely not worth $15, when the store brand is much cheaper and much tastier. I plan on tossing the rest as I would be embarrassed to make these for people. I would love to have my $15 back, but all I know is that I will not be ordering again.
by: tin... .
Worst cookies ever. Wouldn't even bake right. Bought to support my kid's band. Never will again.
by: lad... .
I spent a small fortune on this cookie dough this year because both my daughters were selling it. I purchased several different flavors; however, all the cookie dough was dry and not worth what I spent. I was very disappointed. I will never purchase this brand again.
by: grm... .
These cookies are the best in the world! So light and Delicious!
by: Jac... .
I bought a tub of this from a co-worker's daughter. The dough was very dry and crumbly. It was hard to work with and tasted awful. I even tried kneading some vegetable oil in them when I made a second batch. The dryness improved, but they still tasted like they had way too much flour in them. I don't know who to complain to, but I will never buy them again.
by: kel... .
Not impressed with the cookie dough. I bought 3 flavors @ $15 each to support my daughter's school. The cookie dough seems VERY dry.
by: rhn... .
Paula Deen needs to get her name off of these tasteless cookies.
by: pan... .
Mmmmm...delicious! We bought 6 tubs as we've always run out in the past! Love these cookies!
by: cil... .
i purchased 3 different kinds of tasty batter cookies. All are disguisting. Served some for thanksgiving without trying them first. Needless to say, most people took one bite and threw the rest out. I pitched the rest of them. will not buy again. I need to call the company and tell them they are overpriced and gross.
by: lea... .
I purchased the Paula Deen Loaded Oatmeal Cookie Dough from a child selling cookie dough for a school project. It was sooo good. It reminded me of cookies that my Grandmother used to make. They taste just like the Holidays!!!
by: pcl... .
These things blowwwwwww!!!!! Worst cookie ever. Gt loves them though....he has no taste buds. This company should be forced to change their name to "Nasty Batters"
by: sdl... .
I could hardly bake these fast enough. I baked the white chocolate mac and peanut butter this past weekend and WOW they were gone before they cooled... the kids wanted more. Luckily I have a chunky chocolate and PB to go!!!!Good cookies!!!
by: deb... .
I recently bought two tubs of the katydid cookie dough from my niece for a school fundraiser. These were by far the WORST cookies I have ever eaten in my life! The cookie dough comes in a tub, they are hard to scoop out, crumbly, and tasteless. I have had sugar free cookies that taste better. Extremely disappointed.
by: cyn... .
These were the worst cookies I have baked! Do not buy them. The peanut butter is crumbly without flavor and the cranberry nut breakfast cookies are tasteless. Just donate money to the kids, but don't waste your time baking them. I am throwing mine out in the trash where they belong
by: dma... .
After reading all the reviews I was very hesitant to use the bucket of Sugar Cookie dough I had purchased, so I added some lemon extract to a portion of the batter and baked the cookies as directed. They came out delicious! Next batch I added cinnamon and a bit of ginger (both ground) and they turned out very good. It's an easy, quick and tasty way to whip-up a batch of cookies!
by: zip... .
I just received the dough - Katydids- last week. Took it out today to bake and the dough is really hard and crumbly. I don't have much faith that the cookies will turn out much better. PLEASE improve the quality and taste of your dough if you expect to help these children raise money. YUCK!
by: icu... .
I purchased the Peanut Butter cookie dough from a neighborhood child's fundraiser. It was dry and didn't bake well. I am rating this a 5 because I called the 800 number on the cookie dough to complain and they were AMAZING! They offered to replace the cookie dough for me. I have received my replacement order and baked it and the cookies are great! It's hard to find good customer service these days, but this company has it!
by: tar... .
Tasty Batters also known as Great American Opportunities offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Please email greatamerican@gafundraising.com or call 800-251-1542 for a replacment!
by: lib... .
Very good cookies. I bought these from a friend's child's fundraiser. Cookies we great and loved the fact I could just scoop out a few, bake, and enjoy. Plus, I was happy to support our schools!
by: tam... .
purchased the chunky chocolate cookie dough and it was great. the directions were easy to follow and the cookies baked nicely and plenty of chocolate chunks in each cookie scoop.
by: Kbw... .
Bought peanut butter cookie dough and it was horrible. When cooked it was dry and nearly tasteless.
by: KEN... .
Bought the Extreme Chocolate Tasty Batters dough and it was amazing. Full of reese pieces!!!! These cookies baked up fluffy and the kiddos loved them....
by: das... .
Bought 3 tubs of White Chucky Macadamia Cookie Dough and it is the worst I've ever tried. Following the directions in a tested over they just ran and were flavorless! I feel REALLY ripped off!!
by: che... .
Horrible to say the least cookie dough was dry and when baked had no flavor. This is a rip off!
by: kri... .
The cranberry nut cookies were great! They baked up fine and were moist and chewy.
by: mpa... .
I've had the Chunky Choc and the Oatmeal. They were great with that big glass of milk! I would buy these again to support the kids fundraiser.
by: hou... .
These cookies are awful!Hold old is this stuff.The dough doesn't scoop out because it's dry and brittle.I'll be sure to post on Facebook to warn my friends.Just write a check to the school's fundraiser and cut out the middleman.
by: kwe... .
My nephew was selling tasty batters cookie dough so I purchased several tubs. Glad to see Paula Deen dough available and gave it a try. The ooey gooey butter cookie -- you can't go wrong! Baked up a really good cookie! Also had a cranberry delight that was awesome!
by: dsk... .
Snickerdoodle cookie dough sucks. Baked as per directions, were dry & crumbly. Kids refused to eat so through all in trash.
by: moo... .
HORRIBLE! WORST COOKIES EVER!!! Bought 4 tubs of cookies from my niece for her school fundraiser; figured I could bake them for upcoming events; I felt so bad feeding them to our guest; I've never had a disgusting cookie BUT this brand totally topped that! NEVER again will I buy from anyone selling these NASTY cookies! Save your money people!
by: mis... .
I HAD to give a 1/5 but it's actually a -10/5!!! I am mortified that I sold these cookies to my friends!!!!! They taste old and stale.....I would be EMBARRASSED to be associated with these cookies......VERY SAD PAULA DEEN!!!!!!!!
by: bco... .
Worst cookie I have ever tried to eat. Will never buy again.
by: msc... .
My daughters school was selling this cookie dough as a fundraiser so I bought two. I took the sheet to work and my co-worker ordered cookies as well. I thought it was just me until my coworkers starting complaining about how bad the cookie dough was. This is absolutely the worst cookie I have ever eaten in my life. To think, I thought the Paula Deen oatmeal cookie would be good. I am sure she does not know what she has put her name on.
by: nad... .
I was trying to raise money for my schools theatre program, my mother ordered $45 dollars worth of cookies. Never before in my life have I had a bad cookie, until now. When I took these cookies out of the packet they where hard and tasteless, like a hockey puck. I typically like cookie dough...Not this time. When you cook them it gets even worse. They become dry and crumbly when you cook them. I would rather eat carrots than these cookies. I hate carrots.
by: Rdr... .
Absolutely the worst ever cookie!!! And you put Paula deans name on the order form then find a disgusting cookie. Not good for fundraising
by: suz... .
Horrible, awful cookies. I got the chocolate with Resses Pieces. Dough was extremely hard and the cookies tasted horrible. The company WAS nice enough to send me a new dough bucket, however it sat on the UPS truck for 2 days and was completely thawed when delivered. They said it was still fine to eat because it's pasteurized but I'm not risking it.
by: big... .
I thought I was going to be one of only a few people to tell the company how bad the cookies are! But I guess I will have to just get in line!!!!!! How can you mess up a chocolate chip cookie?
by: Wtr... .
OMG! these have to be the worst cookies ever! I purchased three different cookies and made one batch and threw it away along with the two other unbaked dough and I've never thrown out cookie dough!
by: jmd... .
I have ordered these twice from a school fundraiser the cookies are horrible, need to offer your money back if not satified.
by: mpk... .
I ordered the Katydids bucket (the kind that you have to scoop out). While I don't mind spending $15 to help a kid out, I do mind that I spent that much on a bucket of cookies that won't scoop. I thawed them out, and when I tried to scoop them, they just crumbled.
by: mcc... .
Rated as "zero" The picture look so good. The worse cookie I've tried. What a huge was of money. How could you still be in business?
by: rni... .
These have to be the worse cookies I ever tried. I feel sorry for the kids selling these for the schools.
by: boo... .
I don't think it is worthy of a star rating. Bur since it won't let me enter without a rating, I guess I will have to do so. It is really a -star.I have tasted of two of the three boxes I bought. What is wrong with these cookies, they are HORRIBLE They won't even stay together to bake they crumble and taste awful. would like to know where to reach and get a refund. They are not editable.
by: ddt... .
Obnoxiously nasty cookie dough, bought 4 boxes of different flavors and all were unedible, tasted like rancid lard!.The date codes on the boxes were a year old....I Wouldnt feed this to my dog!
by: kj.... .
I would have given it a zero, but the website wouldn't allow it. They were terrible cookies and I felt bad that we had friends and relatives buy the cookie dough.
by: che... .
Horrible. I bought 4 boxes to help out the school and these were not worth the price that I paid for them.
by: bow... .
68 Yrs old and have eaten cookies for 66 yrs that i know of. best oatmeal cookies i've ever had.
by: mis... .
I bought the sugar free oatmeal cookies and they were delicious. I rate it a 3 because I did feel I had to add raisins on the top before baking for a little bit of added extra flavor. But overall I liked them. I guess because I don't eat sugar this was a good sugar free treat.
by: ann... .
Last year the peanut butter cookies were the best I have had in long time this year very poor. I baked them and got rid of them. No flavor what so ever. so unhappy after paying that price.
by: bre... .
I bought two different favors from my granddaughter that her school were selling, they were the most displeasing cookies I ever tried to bake,worst yet,I was baking these for my stepson's cancer benefit,but they are not fit to feed to a dog. Won't make that mistake again,the next time I will go to Walmart and buy my cookie dough.
by: kat... .
-0 is my rate on your cookies, they have no taste what so ever , they all have the same taste blaa, put all the varies on a tray you could not taste any different/ different names - all the same dough,they are TERRIBLE the WORST, what a rip off/ you couldn't give them away
by: don... .
These cookies are terrible, I purchased them in the past and they were ok, the past 2 times they were flat, and tasteless. They are the worst cookies I have ever made. I'm sorry I bought them.
by: 2ha... .
This is the poorest cookie dough we have every purchased as a school's fundraising. I will NEVER make a purchase from your company. I would rather make a donation to the kid's school. I would rate your product a ZERO on a scale of 0 to 10.







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