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By: Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG

Driving directions to Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG and product information about ROWAN HILL BAKERY is provided. ROWAN HILL BAKERY is a product created by Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG in  Stiftsbergstraße 1 , D-74167 Neckarsulm, , . The ROWAN HILL BAKERY  is a product related to BAKERY GOODS, NAMELY BREAD, CAKES, BISCUITS AND PASTRIES; CONFECTIONERY, NAMELY CHOCOLATE AND CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS, NAMELY CANDIES. The ROWAN HILL BAKERY product is no longer being marketed in the United States. The ROWAN HILL BAKERY is in the category of  Staple Food Products .

Get in contact with the owner, Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG of this ROWAN HILL BAKERY, or visit them at their place of business in the map. Write a review about the product with this ROWAN HILL BAKERY.

Or, contact the owner Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG of the  ROWAN HILL BAKERY trademark by filing a request to communicate with the Legal Correspondent   for licensing, use, and/or questions related to ROWAN HILL BAKERY. The correspondent of the ROWAN HILL BAKERY is  Jonathan P. Osha of Osha Liang LLP, 1221 McKinney Street, Suite 2800 Houston TX 77010 .

by: Fra... .
I bought six white soft rolls on Saturday from lidl march they were very doughy want cooking a bit longer
by: Fra... .
I bought six white soft rolls on Saturday from lidl march they were very doughy want cooking a bit longer
by: Daw... .
Whole meal pitta bread use by date October 2016 there all mouldy and its 25 July 2016
by: grn... .
Buy Brown roles from Lidl, last month all been doughy and under cooked in centre
by: bri... .
bought four thick white toast loaves Saturday new packaging and all the family complained it was sour wet etc. checked found more rapeseed than soya flour and an extended sell by day of one won't be buying again why have you changed it...
by: b.f... .
What have you done to your thick white sliced loaf, I buy eight a week not any more I bought four Saturday new packaging, then when I made the bacon butties all the family complained it's oily/wet, more rapeseed and less soya flour or something it's gone rubbish don't know why, the sell by date as increased by one day, back to Aldi until they change theirs
by: egr... .
i would just like to say that the products for sale at my local store are wonderful, all that we have bought have been at the highest quality, your tea-cakes are superb as all your products are. well done !!! and i would recommend you to anyone
by: dbp... .
Your seeded whole meal bread is the best! Also very good value for money. I eat it every day. Thank you
by: gil... .
What has happened to the 800g seeded white farmhouse? The slices are now too thick for sandwiches unless you enjoy doorsteps! It dries out more quickly and needs longer in the toaster. Bring back the old version please !
by: adr... .
Your seeded wholemeal farmhouse loaf is the best bread I have any eaten and at a bargain price.
by: cli... .
800g seeded white farmhouse sliced loaf:please can you solve the problem of the top of the slice constantly breaking off.which is most annoying when your sandwiches fall apart and you end up with numerous tops of slices in the packet
by: sal... .
your substitute for the best bread ever - the multiseeded loaf that you discontinued, is hopeless - it doesn't keep as well and the top crust keeps on falling off, which is no good for making toast in my bed and breakfast. Please why can't you bring back the old loaf?
by: pau... .
I love your bread especially the seeded white farmhouse. A word of warning though do not eat before a drugs test. Failed my company medical today testing positive for Opiates!
by: ant... .
Found a big peace (almost through half a bread) of brown bread baked into white bread. Funny but next time i will choose different bakery.
by: rit... .
where has yor tasty multispeed bread gone
by: Sta... .
What reason do you have for no longer supplying gun. Multy seeded bread,the substitute is rubbish.
by: car... .
Where is the multiseed bread the alternatives are rubbish.
by: sal... .
I run a B&B in North Wales and always used the multiseed loaf as it was liked by everyone. What has happened? Alternatives are not a patch on the original. Please bring it back!
by: bea... .
whatever has happened to your multi seeded loaf it was tasty longlasting and moist but no longer.It is now dry from fresh does,t last and has got no taste we have been having it for a long time but if it stays how it is now we will no longer be buying it.
by: lan... .
Multiseed bread disappeared - poor alternative
by: gki... .
I wholeheartedly agree with al the previous comments re: new seeded bread recipe, it is like sawdust ! the old was delicious. We wont be buying anymore, disappointed !
by: gin... .
New seeded loaf is awful. The previous one was much better...will not buy again
by: mar... .
What has happened to the original seeded batch loaf, it was delicious, kept well. The new recipe is dire, no taste at all. Please bring back the original, as we will not be buying the current product.
by: par... .
Why has the multiseed bread changed, the new seeded loaf is awful. Please change back
by: dav... .
Since change from blue to brown the wholemeal loaf is no where near as fresh
by: the... .
so disappointed that you are not supplying your multi seeded brown bread to Lidl any more please advise where we can but this
by: Law... .
Wholemeal soft thick slice very good .
by: Law... .
Wholemeal soft
by: nor... .
Please please Rowan Hill. The Multi seed loaf is now , A: Sliced FAR too thick and B: Seems quite hard and stale straight away... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change it back. Its terrible now yet used to be our favourite bread !
by: ben... .
Multiseed batch, used to be my favourite bread, now it seems harder to the touch, slices are too thick could be about 10-12mm thick, currently 15-18mm too thick.
by: min... .
I has been fro some time that the multispeed loaf was thin cut and soft to the touch and flexible like hovis. Lately there has been an alteration in the structure and a staleness from start to finish in the loaf. Please go back to the original formula otherwise you will experience to fall off in sales. I am not the only one commenting on this problem. I run a B&B
by: eil... .
I too have notice a change in the multi-seed bread. It is not as fresh and it doesn't keep as long. Have you changed some of the ingredients?
by: eil... .
I have loved your multiseed bread for a long time. Have you changed some of the ingredients as it doesn't seem as fresh when I buy it now? I have tried buying it at different times of the day, but this doesn't make any difference.
by: Bir... .
I've been eating multiseed for quite sometime now and it's always been really soft and lasts ages. However the last two times that I have bought this loaf it doesn't appear soft and the crusts always seem hard. It has put me off, I'm wondering if Rowan Hill have changed anything in the ingredients.
by: Van... .
We have been eating multiseed for sometime
by: ger... .
White Rolls - Absolute shit. Taste like what one can only guess as poly stripper or worse . They disintegrate in the mouth to a soggy and sticcky wet mushy mess not too far distinct from cum.
by: jac... .
I love your bread but at the Rugby store it is spoilt by their in store bakery
by: mav... .
WHOLEMEAL MEDIUM SLICED, the best, tastist bread I have ever tasted, I buy it from my local Lidl store and not only is it the least expensive, at 47p per 800g, it lasts and lasts. I live on my own so a loaf purchased elsewhere would be mouldy in no time, but your wholemeal does MOT go mouldy even 17 days after the sell by date, (sell by date 02.10.12, still using 19.10.12, with about 8 slices left). Sread with my favourite butter it gives me the best toast I have ever tasted. So thank you Rowan Hill Bakery.











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