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By: Jordan Drew Corporation

Driving directions to Jordan Drew Corporation and product information about DUTCH GLOW is provided. DUTCH GLOW is a product created by Jordan Drew Corporation in  c/o SAS Group Inc., 220 White Plains Rd. , Tarrytown, NY, 10591. The DUTCH GLOW  is a product related to Furniture polish. The DUTCH GLOW product is now being marketed in the United States for sale. The DUTCH GLOW is in the category of  Cosmetics and Cleaning Products .

Get in contact with the owner, Jordan Drew Corporation of this DUTCH GLOW, or visit them at their place of business in the map. Write a review about the product with this DUTCH GLOW.

Or, contact the owner Jordan Drew Corporation of the  DUTCH GLOW trademark by filing a request to communicate with the Legal Correspondent   for licensing, use, and/or questions related to DUTCH GLOW. The correspondent of the DUTCH GLOW is  KEVIN J. HARRINGTON of HARRINGTON, OCKO & MONK, LLP, 81 MAIN ST UNIT 215, WHITE PLAINS, NY 10601-1719 .

by: eli... .
DO NOT PURCHASE -- EVER!!!!HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE AND HORRIFIC PRODUCT!!! Do not reveal total cost of order before placing it and there is a good reason they do not -- the price is astronomically high when the order is actually placed!!!!
by: Bar... .
I have not even received the product and feel I am being scammed already. All I wanted to order was the basic product including the nouns as advertised for $10.00 plus shipping and handling of$ 7.95. In my conformation receipt I am being charged an extra $9.95. This is fraudulent.
by: mom... .
Found out my mom has received three shipments from this group. Not sure how they found her or got her credit card number. They found an Alzheimer's patient who is an easy mark.
by: slf... .
This all seems to be a big scam. You have to enter credit info before placing order. Then when you realize you have made a mistake it is too late to cancel. I was charged $33 for s/h. I tried to cancel the order within a half hour and was told I could not. Why wouldn't the rep inform me that $33 would be deducted! I would have kept the item. I cannot afford to lose money like this!!!!!!
by: smi... .
Do NOT phone in your order. That automated voice keeps talking and adding product to your order. Instead of getting the one bottle + one free and shipping I rec'd a large box of six bottles and some cloth for $67.55. And there is nothing the company will do. Can send it back, but shipping is $33 and un-refundable, plus whatever it would cost to send it back. The product does an okay job, but so do other products. Their corporate office personnel are very non-customer satisfaction orientated. I would not advise buying this product by phone.
by: b.t... .
Not happy.! Just found a charge of. 45.75 posted to my account yesterday. I ordered a $10 bottle almost three weeks ago. There's a BIG difference in cost here, plus when item didn't come I picked up off brand at store







Furniture polish




Jordan Drew Corporation
c/o SAS Group Inc., 220 White Plains Rd. , Tarrytown, NY, 10591

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