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Driving directions to Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation and product information about ASTHMANEFRIN is provided. ASTHMANEFRIN is a product created by Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation in  4121 SW 34th Street , Orlando, FL, 32811. The ASTHMANEFRIN  is a product related to Inhaled pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of respiratory diseases and disorders. The ASTHMANEFRIN product is now being marketed in the United States for sale. The ASTHMANEFRIN is in the category of  Pharmaceutical Products .

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by: hol... .
First of all, I have never tried Primatene Mist, because I had never experienced breathing problems until about 2 years ago, just about the time Primatene was pulled from the shelves. My medication is ProAir HFA albuterol sulfate, and I rely upon it religiously. However, it frequently occurs that I need refills before my prescription can be refilled, which resulted in major problems for me. By chance, I happened upon Asthmanefrin, and I decided to purchase it for use as a desperately needed stop-gap just to get me through. Well, I was completely surprised at how well Asthmanefrin helped me to breathe again! Many of the negative reviews I read made me pause before purchasing it, but I figured "what-the-heck"? I'm so glad I gave it a try. Asthmanefrin has been a total god-send to me during the past couple of months, and I have absolutely no problems with it at all. In fact, it has enabled me to drastically reduce the amount of ProAir I use. It seems that most of the criticism I've read has to do with the EZBreathe Atomizer, and I'll readily admit that it is fairly high-maintenance as far as cleaning is concerned. However, I actually find it to be just another small chore to perform in exchange for hours, days, weeks and months of breathing-relief. Very well worth the small amount of effort! I have no problem in recommending this wonderful product to anyone suffering from a breathing disorder.
by: pum... .
I am appalled that this product is so complicated as compared to the ease of use of Primatene Mist. To clean it I need to buy distilled water and soak the cup for 15 minutes after each use. When I used Primatene Mist I could just reach for it in the middle of the night. With this product I have to get up, put on a light, open the vial packet, open the vial, fill the dispenser cap and pour in the vial contents, all the while keeping the unit upright. For $56 I got the unit and 10 doses! One bottle of Primatene at probably $20 lasted a very long time. I can't believe that I can buy air fresheners, bug spray and even spray paint in atomizer form and they can't continue to make Primatene. Plus the fact that the unit requires batteries, that I have to make sure I have available is preposterous. Manufacturer really needs to rethink this product.
by: ase... .
No stars from me. Used Primatene for years, and this is a sorry substitute. Worst of all, when I need to use it, I'm usually running through an airport, or something. Can't open the packets without scissors or sharp knife which I can not bring on a plane or in many other places I go, like the court house. I hope somebody comes out with something better. Wondering why the makers of Primatene didn't change to the type that prescription inhalers use.
by: Pet... .
Ok so I am going to complain even tho I know in part I am responsible for some of what happened. One week ago yesterday my asthma started acting up. I had the Asthmanefrin kit but it would NOT work. By tuesday I was desperate for something so we went to the CVS where we bought it. They didn't have it and wouldn't have any until friday. So we went to Walgreens where we ended up just having to buy a whole new kit. Well, went home and the unit worked but I think by that time the attack had progressed so far there was no rescue from it. Let me slip something else in here that to me seems to be a misleading element of Asthmanefrin; it DOES NOT have albuterol in it which WAS in Primatene and therefore is NOT a comparable replacement RESCUE inhaler to repace Primatene!!!!! Primatine was a one puff to the lungs that HELPED. By friday the attack was so bad my husband called 911 and I was in the hospital with the worst asthma attack I have ever had in my life. Just got home last night and still not 100% and probably won't be for a while to come. I am an over the counter type medicine person. Have used primatene for YEARS. I am always watchful about side effects of medications and all that and quite frankly adverse to taking them if avoidable, I know now that for the severity of my asthma that is not feasible anymore. I still feel that putting this product out there on the market as a "Replacement" for Primatene is wrong and misleading.
by: jac... .
it works, not as mobile as primastine, but comes with a carry bag which helps. gotta clean once a day and replace batteries just as often. $1 per vial gets pricey. but like i said, it works and thats all that matters. im sure they will improve it whithin a year or two
by: dcc... .
AsthmaNefrin is actually BETTER than Primatine Mist. This product has IMPROVED my lung capacity with regular use. It is amazing. No problems with the nebulizer. The people complaining here have probably damaged the mesh -- still, if you contact AsthmaNefrin and explain, they will replace the medicine cup for you, so stop yer whining! This product is AMAZING!!
by: hat... .
It saved me! I gained 30 lbs from inactivity after primatene was gone. This new stuff works the same and is as inexpensive. I have my life back! I can adapt to the few problems with the nebulizer, believe me! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
by: jjj... .
This product has turned out to be a huge let down , Honestly I was expecting more, with the alternative to Primatene advertising . Soon after using a headache that lasted most of the night came on and constant coughing that brought on more asthma . I could never return to a normal life trying to use this contraption even if it worked . Why are Asthmatics being deprived of a handy rescue inhaler like Primatene Mist .. I want my life line back. Please give us a choice , this is America
by: jea... .
Nothing I have tried has come close to Primatene Mist. This contraption is cumbersome and embarrassing to pull out in public. My PM was discreet and easy to use. Quit trying to convince me there is an alternative to PM. There isn't...
by: mon... .
Leaks all the time, batteries go dead quickly, maintenance nightmare, arthritics like me will have hard time with med containers. Really sorry replacement for Primatene Mist. Just wish somebody would realize what they are doing to people. My quality of life has gone down to practically nothing since Primatene was removed from store shelves.
by: haw... .
I would rate it less than one star, but there isn't an option for that. This product does not work, the nebulizer breaks almost after you buy it, And customer service is almost nonexistent. Bring back Primatene!
by: met... .
Asthmanefrin is nothing more than a cash grab by Nephron Pharmaceuticals that was rushed to the market to take advantage of asthma sufferers who have no choice but to buy it. The EZ Breath Atomizer is a cheaply made, poorly designed POS. The top lid doesn't close, the nozzle constantly clogs, the liquid turns brown (i.e. bad) after less than a day, you can't carry it in your pocket, the vials are wasteful....I could go on, but you get my point.
by: spi... .
I appreciate the effort, but it's a really sorry replacement for Primatene. Expensive, difficult and unintuitive to use, ridiculous to take with you on the go, doesn't work as well or as quickly as Primatene did.
by: jbr... .
The delivery system ...EZ Breath is cumbersome, must be kept level, requires excessive maintenance and will not do well in the shirt pocket or purse. The "Vials" are in a tough foil wrapper which is difficult to open with old hands. On the up-side... it's all we have thanks to the politics involved and the lobbies involved.
by: gra... .
NO STARS this product is a horrible replacement for Primatene Mist. When inhaled it cause severe choking wasting the medication. This product is expensive and a rip off. The machine clogs and the medicine turns black. I am wondering if it was even safety tested to inhale.







Inhaled pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of respiratory diseases and disorders




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