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By: Medix Health LLC

Driving directions to Medix Health LLC and product information about ACTALIN is provided. ACTALIN is a product created by Medix Health LLC in  2200 NW Corporate Blvd Suite 401, Boca Raton, FL, 33431. The ACTALIN  is a product related to Dietary supplement; nutritional supplement; dietary supplement and nutritional supplement for thyroid support. The ACTALIN product is now being marketed in the United States for sale. The ACTALIN is in the category of  Pharmaceutical Products .

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I first suspected I had a thyroid problem in 2012 but I was turning 50 and my husband had been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and I have 5 children aged 10-19 and I am self-employed so all my symptoms (weight gain, foggy brain, tiredness, inability to focus, no libido, etc. could be attributed to any or a combination of all these factors so when my blood tests revealed my TSH levels were normal my Dr. concluded my thyroid was fine and it was menopause and stress that were causing all my symptoms. ln 2013 I continued to gain weight (30 lbs.) even with improving my eating and exercise habits and introducing meditation and yoga to combat stress. My throat ached slightly and it became gradually worse as time went on until one morning in Dec. I awoke to find substantial swelling under my chin and sore to the touch so I went to see my Dr again. He ordered complete blood work and throat Ultrasound. The Ultrasound report concluded I have a multi-nodular goiter in my thyroid. Largest nodules are 1 right lobe 13mm and 2 left 8mm each and treatment is to repeat ultrasound in 8-10 months to recheck the gland for stability. My Dr. referred me to Endocrinologist Apr. 16/14 who I am stil awaiting an appt. to see. My blood test revealed my TSH levels are normal so my Dr. concluded that my thyroid is still functioning adequately and when I suggested an iodine deficiency he said no that isn’t an issue in NA. So I went home and thoroughly researched this multi-nodule goiter and thyroid gland function. My T3 and T4 have not been tested and I don’t know if hormone is being transferred properly into my bloodstream but while researching Actalin popped up so I watched the video and it made sense. The information provided tied into all my research results so I through caution to the wind and ordered a trial bottle. It arrived within the week and within 2 days of taking it I started to feel a drastic improvement in libido (which I have not felt since 2012). I thought I had sexually died along with my husband but somehow this Actalin had awoken me sexually and I brought my husband back to life and we have had great sex several times in the last week for the first time in 3 yrs (since he became ill). I also felt more energy, clarity etc. and it gave me the boost I needed to focus more on seriously improving my eating and exercise habits. I started a 3 day sugar detox, no carbs/gluten, lots of veggies and protein, 64 oz. water /day and 30 min. brisk walking/day. I lost 7 lbs. in 1 week, the bloated feeling is gone, and although I am still 50 lbs overweight I feel so much better. On day 8 of taking Actalin I got a shock when I discovered that I had started my period. I am 51 yrs. old and have not had a period for 2 yrs. Although I didn’t miss them it is obvious that my hormone production has been compromised (possibly due to thyroid dysfunction). It’s just too coincidental that after a week of taking Actalin my sex drive returned, and I menstruate for the first time in 2 years and my brain fog has substantially lifted, and I am better able to focus, and I have been able to lost weight . Actalin has brought on a chain of positive change in my life and it has only been 10 days since I started taking it. I feel like I have come out of a dark cloud into the light again. I am hoping it also has a positive impact on decreasing/eliminating these multi-nodule goiters and it’s not too late for a natural cure but time will tell. I don’t understand how Dr’s can say your thyroid is functioning perfectly fine when there are abnormal growths of this size and nature showing up. I think this is a red flag to their being a problem or those would not be there. I am surprised that my Dr. (young, fairly open minded and quite knowledgeable would not know more about thyroid health being that thyroid dysfunction is such a prevalent problem. I was concerned that adding iodine to my diet at this stage could potentially make my condition worse (as I read it
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Dietary supplement; nutritional supplement; dietary supplement and nutritional supplement for thyroid support




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