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Filed on: 1/9/2009
Toys, games, and playthings, namely, aerobic steps; aerodynamic disk for use in playing catching games; baby rattles; baby rattles incorporating teething rings; backboards for basketball; bags especially designed for surfboards; bags for skateboards; bags specially adapted for sports equipment; balance beams for gymnastics; balloons; barbells for weight lifting; baseball bases; baseball bat cases; baseball bats; baseball batting gloves; baseball batting tees; baseball gloves; baseball mitts; baseball pitching screens; baseballs; baseballs not soft; basket balls; basketball hoops; basketball nets; basketball table top games; basketballs; bath toys; batting gloves; beach balls; body boards; bowling bags; bowling balls; boxing gloves; cases for tennis balls; catchers masks; catchers' mitts; cheerleading pompoms; Christmas stockings; Christmas tree decorations except confectionery or illumination articles; Christmas tree ornaments, namely, bells; Christmas tree ornaments except confectionery or illumination articles; Christmas tree ornaments with a music feature; covers for golf clubs; covers for ski bindings; crib mobiles; dart boards; dog toys; exercise and gymnastic banners; exercise bars; exercise benches; exercise equipment for lateral movement in a skating motion; exercise equipment, namely, manually operated jogging machines; exercise equipment, namely, rowing machines; exercise equipment, namely, stairstepping machines; exercise equipment, namely, abdominal boards; exercise equipment, namely, chest expanders; exercise equipment, namely, chest pulls; exercise equipment, namely, rotary abdominal boards; exercise machines; exercise platforms; exercise treadmills; exercise weights; exercising equipment, namely, powered treadmills for running; exercising equipment, namely, pulleys; exercising equipment, namely, weight lifting machines; exercising pulleys; field hockey balls; field hockey goalie pads; field hockey sticks; fins for body boards; first baseman's mitts; flippers for use in scuba diving; flying discs; foot balls; football chest pads; football elbow pads; football knee pads; football leg pads; football or soccer goals; football shoulder pads; footballs; goalkeepers' gloves; golf accessory pouches; golf bag covers; golf bag pegs; golf bag tags; golf bags; golf ball markers; golf ball retrievers; golf ball sleeves; golf balls; golf club bags; golf club covers; golf club grips; golf club heads; golf club inserts; golf club shafts; golf clubs; golf flags; golf gloves; golf irons; golf putter covers; golf putters; golf putting aids, namely, putting cups; artificial putting greens for indoor use, and putting cups that return golf balls, green markers and divot fixers; golf tee markers; golf tees; golf towel clips for attachment to golf bags; grip tapes for baseball bats; grip tapes for golf clubs; grip tapes for rackets; gut for tennis rackets; gymnastic apparatus; gymnastic horizontal bars; gymnastic parallel bars; gymnastic training stools; gymnastic vaulting horses; hand balls; hand grips for golf clubs; head covers for golf clubs; hockey gloves; hockey pucks; hockey sticks; home plates; horizontal bars for gymnastics; ice hockey goalie pads; ice hockey sticks; ice skate blades; ice skates; inline skates; kick board flotation devices for recreational use; knee guards for athletic use; knee pads for athletic use; lacrosse ball bags; lacrosse balls; lacrosse sticks; leg guards for athletic use; mobiles for children; nets for ball games; paddle ball games; paddle balls; paddles for use in paddle ball games; pet toys; playground balls; plush toys; pucks; punching bags; putting practice mats golf implement; racket cases for tennis or badminton; racket grip tape; rackets for tennis or badminton; rackets for tennis, racquetball, squash; racquet ball gloves; racquet ball racket covers; racquet balls; rubber balls; rubber baseballs; scuba fins; shin guards for athletic use; shoulder pads for athletic use; skateboard wheels sold separately or sold as a unit with skateboards; skateboards; ski bags; ski bindings; ski cases; ski covers; ski edges; ski poles; ski ropes; ski scrapers; ski sticks; ski wax; skis; sleds for use in downhill amusement rides; snow boards; snow saucers; snow shoes; snow skis; snowboards; soccer ball goal nets; soccer ball knee pads; soccer balls; soccer goals; soft tennis balls; softball bats; softball gloves; softball mitts; softballs; sport balls; sporting goods and equipment for speed training, namely, rings, cones, speed ladders, coaching sticks, training arches, ankle bands, resistance chutes, hurdles; spring boards sporting articles; springboards for gymnastics; squash balls; squash racket covers; squash rackets; squeezable squeaking toys; squeeze toys; starting blocks for sports events; starting blocks for track sports; stationary exercise bicycles; stationary exercise bicycles and rollers therefor; stress relief balls for hand exercise; stuffed toy animals; stuffed toy bears; stuffed toys; surf boards; surf fins; surfboard fins; surfboard leashes; surfboard wax; surfboards; swim boards for recreational use; swim fins; swimming equipment, namely, racing lanes; swimming equipment, namely, starting blocks; swimming gloves; swing sets; table tennis balls; table tennis bats; table tennis nets; table tennis paddle cases; table tennis paddles; table tennis post sets; table tennis rackets; table tennis tables; teddy bears; tee ball sets; tennis balls; tennis balls not soft; tennis nets; tennis nets and uprights; tennis racket covers; tennis racket presses; tennis racket strings; tennis rackets; tennis racquets; tennis uprights; volley balls; volleyball game playing equipment; volleyball nets; volleyballs; wake boards; water skis; water wing swim aids for recreational use; waterski bindings; waterski bridles; water ski carrying cases; water ski gloves; water ski handles; water ski rope bridles; water ski rope handles; water ski ropes; water ski tow harnesses; waterski tow ropes; waterskis; weight lifting belts; weight lifting benches and bench accessories; weight lifting gloves; workout gloves; yoga mats; sports balls; hand grips for clubs; field hockey sticks, ice hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks and sports rackets of all types; snowboards; skateboards; and padding for basketball goals, padding for lacrosse goals, padding for soccer goals, padding for ice skating goals, gymnastic apparatus pads, pads for baseball backstops, football goal post pads; elbow pads for athletic use, field hockey goalie pads, football chest pads, football leg pads, football shoulder pads, hand pads for athletic use, ice hockey goalie pads, knee pads for athletic use, shin pads for athletic use, shoulder pads for athletic use; skateboard riser pads ABANDONED - NO STATEMENT OF USE FILED
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